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- an intriguing article that talks about how to make work an acceptable and enjoyable part of life and the fact that work and life can go together because work is part of life itself. It's like you're saying the word 'No' when you're producing the first syllable. Almost all words, except when the syllables or word endings above are preceded by the consonant 's', are pronounced with a 'ZH' sound. Now, it's kind of wrong to pronounce words in a way that's not stated in the dictionary because then, it makes them invalid. Read on to discover the hardest words to pronounce, and don't forget to always cross-check your pronunciation against the dictionary! So, the next time you're gonna say this word, which usually comes with positions like Liaison Officer, you already know how to say it right. It has lengthened versions that connote various degrees of ‘usefulness’ or ‘being used’, such as ‘kapanipakinabang’, ‘pinakipakinabangan’, ‘pakinabangan’, and others. Live smarter, look better,​ and live your life to the absolute fullest. It's been temporarily removed from the platform. Enter your email address to get the best tips and advice. I've also observed that Filipinos only pronounce words with the consonant S in between with a simple 'S' sound. When you hear anemone, most often it's because of sea anemones, which are invertebrates with long, bright clusters of tentacles. SBS acknowledges the traditional owners of country throughout Australia. In my personal quest to help improve my fellow Filipinos' communication skills in English as a Second Language and in carrying out my life mission of educating, equipping, encouraging, engaging, entertaining, empowering, and escorting to success the Filipino people, I've decided to write a follow-up to my well-read recent article, 'Ten Filipino grammar imperfections that need to be corrected' (Thanks to those who read it and are still reading it, by the way). "all hands on deck"). Breathe in and prepare to swallow back some saliva. It was so well-viewed that I'm expecting that publishing a related article like this might be received well just the same.

It's always been Mä-dul with Italian a (sounds like mop). Don't let a careless phrase land you in hot water. There are even words that are pronounced in more than three different ways. 6. Ergo, we never say VI-shun for vision. ", When you proceed without pause in a conversation, you make a smooth segue. Filipino words are spelled as they are pronounced, but sometimes it is in the pronunciation that we stumble. The only benefit of using these terms: You'll score a senior discount. The correct and only pronunciation should be SKERS (with a Short e). How to make a routine job exciting every day - an article that helps people who work in a routine/repetitive job find excitement and challenge in their work. If you are interested in having him facilitate the content of this article as a corporate training on English Proficiency for your human resources or corporate talents, please get in touch with his team at [email protected] and [email protected] or by calling +63 933-232-6149, +63 907-673-7653, +63 917-658-3534, +63 2 959-8492, 'Ten Filipino grammar imperfections that need to be corrected', Myron Sta. Now, you know it's wrong. Elevate your language and impress your friends with these synonyms for common words. That’s just a starter. Now, you have to practice your Zs a lot. Here's another rule in English pronunciation. No one would say the English language is simple. But it's not "post-hu-mus," as it appears; it's pronounced "pas-chu-mus. Now, you do. His corporate website is www.MyronStaAna.net. All Rights Reserved. Is it i-ne-VI-ta-ble or i-NE-vi-ta-ble? So, to help with all those tongue twisters and confusing spellings, we've compiled a list of some of the most hard-to-pronounce words, including phonetic spellings. ", Do not embarrass yourself by ordering "ki-no-a" as the base of your grain bowl. With this word, you want to pay extra attention to its final syllables; you need to use a "k" sound, rather than a "ch" sound like the spelling might lead you to believe.
: The success-based coaching process for impact - a new-age article that enumerates and explains in detail Myron's self-thought key steps in coaching people. And there are also everyday words even native English speakers say incorrectly. It's not. True Customer Service is Enhancing Customer Experience - a write-up that talks about enhancing customer experience as the new and the true customer service. Almost right. Whomever I talk to, I always hear people pronounce this as SKäRS (with an Italian a). But how do you pronounce this oddly spelled word? It's the same with words like collision, decision, pleasure, measure, visual, and a lot more with the same word endings. The reason is because the Philippine Alphabet does not have an F. It goes like this…. ‘Kinahihinatnan’ is a Filipino word that means ‘result’ or ‘consequence’. But the result is that when we see draught spelled properly, we're even less likely to know how to say it! In as much as ‘pinakanakapagpapabagabag-damdamin’ means ‘the most heart wrenching’, this word is one of the most tongue-twisting. I know you'll agree with me that Filipinos pronounce this as 'LAYASON'. I could've mentioned a lot more than ten examples, but it will only make this article too long that it might only end up annoying some.
It's time to "banish" this common household item. However, English pronunciation, particularly American, combines words or syllables by relying on the final sound of the preceding syllable and connecting it to the first sound of the next syllable. Prepare to ace your opponent with "qapik.". The increasingly popular quinoa is actually pronounced "keen-wah. I.N.S.P.I.R.E. P.R.I.M.E.

Although it's not always the case, most words starting with MO- or NO- are pronounced with Long o (like MOW or NOW). After all, there are words spelled completely differently than they actually sound, multiple words that sound the same but mean totally different things, and complex grammar rules that still make our heads spin. Using the language is one thing, knowing the right way to pronounce English words is another. Now, I mentioned 'all the acceptable versions' because if one will study the dictionary (I personally prefer Merriam-Webster), it will be noticed that each entry actually offers different ways of saying a word. It is no different with Filipino. Why need work-life balance when work can be part of LIFE itself? Ana Training and Consultancy Services, Ten Filipino grammar imperfections that need to be corrected, How to make a routine job exciting every day, I.N.S.P.I.R.E. The correct and only acceptable pronunciations are VEE-tay (like the Filipino word 'bitay') and VEE-TEE (like 'BT' with a V).

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