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Do you know the top 15 richest pastors in the world? PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME NET WORTH – $50 million, #4. Most of their fortune is acquired from funds raised from services, and some are also into different businesses.

And study, making sure you have a healthy doctrine of the Bible. There is a lot of money in the church, which explains why a majority of pastors can afford to drive the best cars and live in palatial mansions. David Oyepedo is Nigeria's richest pastor with a net worth of about $ 150 million.

His sermons are characterized by comic and musical talent. In 2005 he accompanied President George W. Bush to see victims of Hurricane Katrina. He failed to pass the bar exam, and he subsequently joined the New York Theological Seminary. The church has expanded with time, and its choir has successfully released an album that made it to the number one spot on the Billboard 200 gospel chart. It was less than ten years before the membership grew to a whopping 17,000 members.

He has a quarterly international magazine named CHANGE with over 100,000 subscribers. The church has over 18,000 branches in Nigeria and several branches in 196 around the world.

Kenneth Max Copeland is the seventh with a net worth of $25 million. Copeland spreads the word of God via television, books, DVDs and CDs. He is the founder and leader of the Anointed Palace Chapel. And pray unceasingly in the spirit.

Jesse Duplantis is an American preacher whose net worth has been estimated to be $20 million. That notwithstanding, it is not true to say that wealth can get in the way of pastors doing their job. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. He has been preaching since 1976 when he founded the Jesse Duplantis Ministries. PASTOR JOSEPH PRINCE NET WORTH – $5 million, How To Get BVN Number On MTN And Other Networks Fast, 11 Modest Beach Outfits Ideas For Every Modest Woman, Full List of Usb OTG Support Android Phones, Top Richest Politicians In Nigeria 2020: Top 20, How To Recharge GOTV Using Mobile Phone (2020), Full List Of All MTN Ussd Codes (Nigeria).

He is reported to have has over 15 companies from which he makes money aside from the work of God.

Most of the wealth is accumulated through public speaking, writing books, television shows and church collections. : The Four Types of Giving. Richest Pastors In The World. The answer is $50 million dollars. He is the founder of Believers' LoveWorld Incorporated aka "Christ Embassy". The church struggled in its initial years, having to depend on the kindness of their congregation and the government. He is noted for flamboyance and has a private jet, luxurious cars, expensive jewels and so on. He is said to have one or two private jets.

He is the founder of the Kenneth Copeland Ministries located in Tarrant County in Texas. Who are the Richest Pastors in the world? Copeland is an American preacher who was born in Lubbock, Texas on December 1936.

So it’s better they are rich. He is one of the Pastors that have the highest social media followers with 3,500,000 fans on Facebook and 1,000,000 followers subscribers. By. In addition to that, Pastor David Oyepedo is the senior pastor at Faith Tabernacle, a church auditorium with 50,000 seat capacity. PASTOR BENNY HINN NET WORTH – $25 million, #9. He is the founder of The Potter’s House, a megachurch in America with a capacity of over 30,000 worshippers. It also has three Christian television channels that include LoveWorld Plus, LoveWorld TV and LoveWorld SAT.

There are also wealthy pastors whose character is questionable and thus cannot be trusted to lead their congregation to spiritual nourishment. Kenneth Copeland is a very wealthy man. That’s our job! He is the tenth in the top list of world’s wealthy pastors. BISHOP T.D JAKES  NET WORTH – $147 million, #3.

Reverend John Hagee founded the Cornerstone Church, making him the senior pastor. There is certainly a lot to learn about this topic. Osteen was born on the 5th of March 1963.

Most members of the Christian clergy and many lay people have been a preacher to the unconverted. He is an American preacher born in Lubbock, Texas in December 1936.

These days we have different kinds of Pastors from the good ones to the bad ones which means we all need to watch where and under who we worship and also need to read and understand the Bible individually.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'thedailysblog_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_5',665,'0','0'])); We now have the richest Pastors that are worth millions of dollars, living in multi-million mansions, driving expensive cars, flying private Jets. They are ready for the last days! Read the rating and find out the name of the most famous pastor and the most powerful pastors in the world.

He is also the richest pastor in Singapore. Joel Osteen net worth makes him the fifth richest on this list.

He is the founder and CEO of the Christian Coalition, which is a Christian Right organization that raises money and public support for conservative political candidates. Here is a list of the top 15 richest pastors in the world: 1. Religion can be a wonderful thing. So interesting that the Son of God, he Lord Jesus Christ came here and gave up all the riches that He had with the Father to become the poorest of the poor then to give His life for us poor lost sinner that we might be forgiven and to be with Him forever and ever.

Jakes is worth $18 million. See money and the thing is that most of them are Africans. Joshua net worth is estimated to be at $10 million. Locally, it is always a question of who is the richest pastor in Kenya as we see the men of God show off their extravagant lifestyles. Ask for the Spirit of Truth! Also called Daddy GO, Pastor Adeboye is a Professor of Mathematics which he got from the University Of Lagos(Unilag). PASTOR ENOCH ADEBOYE NET WORTH – $39 million, #6. The man of God who combines as an author, a public speaker, and a musician is said to be richer than official figures available but according to Celebrity Net Worth, he is worth $300 million. He is the founder of the megachurch, Synagogue Church Of All Nations located in Lagos, Nigeria. He founded the Jesse Duplantis Ministries in 1976 and has been preaching the word of God since.

In 2005 he accompanied President George W. Bush to see victims of Hurricane Katrina.

He is an author and a publisher, has several fancy cars, and buildings around the world. With time the church grew steadily and surpassed the 20,000 membership. Rick Warren is the founder of the Saddleback Church located in Lake Forest, California. Bishop Oyedepo was born on 27th Of September, 1954  in Osogbo, he is also a businessman,  owns two (2) universities Covenant University and Landmark University. Previously, he was an IT consultant before being appointed to the post of a pastor. Pastor Chris is undoubtedly one of the richest pastors in the world. When he started as a pastor, the Bethel Temple of Longview Texas church had 1000 members only. And then you have these guys? He founded the Orlando Christian Center in 1983. Faith Tabernacle also owned by the church as a capacity of 50,000 seaters which was recorded in the Guinness Book Of Records as the largest church auditorium in the world. PASTOR CREFLO DOLLAR NET WORTH – $27 million, #7.

He was born on the 3rd Of December, 1952 hailed from Isreal, he is also an author and has published many books which many pastors learn from. He founded the Kenneth Copeland Ministries located in Tarrant County in Texas. Shop now. He has over 100 affiliates and branch churches in Ghana, Africa, North America, Europe, Asia. He is noted for using comic and musical talent to send the good word across to his congregation and followers. #1. Warren net worth is about 25 million dollars.

He is a TV host of a church program called ”Destined to Reign” and has published two Christian books.

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