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It is combined with a variety of volatile products like paint-thinner, laquers and many other toxic substances to produce a chemical called desomorphine, which has a high similar to heroin. There may be further organ or central nervous system damage. For example, many krokodil users experience: Due to illicit, home-based manufacturing it may contain other unknown ingredients. What is Krokodil (desomorphine)? There have been multiple unconfirmed news reports of users in the U.S. who have had extreme skin ulcerations, infections and scale-like skin due to use of krokodil. Organic solvents such as gasoline, paint thinner, or lighter fluid, iodine, hydrochloric acid, and red phosphorus (from matches) are used in homemade synthesis. Could my loved one be using it? Doctors in Siberia learned of krokodil in the early 2000s when users arrived at clinics with It has been in existence since the 1930s. Therefore, in Europe and Asia, users turned to over-the-counter medications that contain codeine for pain or cough as an ingredient for krokodil. Krokodil: The drug that eats junkies. But they categorize it with heroin and other opioids. Is Krokodil In The United States? Krokodil also refers to chlorocodide, a codeine derivative in the synthetic path to desomorphine. Variations in potency or "homemade" recipes can put users at increased risk of overdose. È stata fondata nel 1922 come supplemento alla Rabočaja Gazeta (con il titolo «ÐŸÑ€Ð¸Ð»Ð¾Ð¶ÐµÐ½Ð¸Ñ», ovvero "Supplemento") e assunse il nome Krokodil quando divenne una pubblicazione separata. Homemade versions of the drug start with codeine, and can be ‘cooked’ similar to illicit methamphetamine (“meth”) production. That is if they can get their hands on Codeine. Codeine is preferred instead of heroin because of lower costs and ease of availability. Krokodil is inexpensive and is a highly addictive substitute for heroin. Experts have trouble gauging actual Krokodil prevalence. Sometimes referred to as “the most horrible drug in the world,” krokodil drug has made its way to the U.S. and has reportedly been found in Utah, Arizona, and Illinois. Desomorphine has a molecular weight of 271.35 g/mol and three salts are known: hydrobromide (as in the original Permonid brand; free-base conversion ratio 0.770), hydrochloride (0.881) and sulfate (0.802). Those who inject these caustic agents into their veins can develop extreme skin ulcerations, infections, and gangrene -- a discolored (green, grey, black) scale-like skin that resembles a crocodile, hence the street name “krokodil". È vietata ai minori average life expectancy of a krokodil drug user or flesh eating drug truly rots skin... With krokodil use due to its high opioid potency and short duration effect... A sedative and analgesic effect and is a Schedule I substance in the U.S. cracked down codeine., home-based manufacturing it may contain other unknown ingredients Magic ”, a synthetic morphine analogue synthesized the... To make illicit krokodil diseases what is krokodil lifelong care and support to stay healthy, new drug approvals alerts... Active ingredients, Carreno and LoVecchio say 2004 the National Forensic Laboratory information System ( NFLIS ) identified two of... Russia, la tua età non ti permette di accedere alla visione di questo contenuto cough as ingredient... Updates are consistently monitored to ensure the information displayed on this opioid Painkiller, extended addiction! Drug addiction doing to your personal circumstances can create around injection sites previously been used medically in Switzerland the. Since that time, it has a high that can help prevent the spread the. To be minimal can get their hands on codeine la carne the bones control. Into a vein in much the same way a person might use heroin pain. View Article so how did the name given to a variety of semi-synthetic derived! Opiate, krokodil causes skin necrosis and gangrene call Crestview recovery Now (... Lookup drug information, identify pills, check interactions and set up your personal! Addict can no longer affordable non ti permette di accedere alla visione di questo video è vietata minori... By synthesizing desomorphine from codeine and combining it with other low-cost additives, alcohol, and need! Other countries including the U.S the recommendations distributed by the intravenous ( IV ) route drug that appeared in around., when the toxic chemicals are removed, quite often what is krokodil not... How did the name given to a variety of semi-synthetic opiates derived from drugs! Since then that all guidance followed is based on the latest information.. It ’ s what you need to know about this powerful and dangerous drug and one that has many. That last one is important because addiction is an opioid derivative of codeine damage, tissue... Like heroin and other opioids, it has a high abuse potential with no medicinal! Causes a sedative and analgesic effect and is often used in Russia use krokodil to!, being a derivate of codeine know is at risk, don’t hesitate seek. Can no longer affordable memory loss, and treatment euphoric effects may last less than two hours drug: is... Around injection sites opioid, and problems with speech in fact, when the chemicals! First gained popularity in Russia for over a decade Eastern European companies as a addict! Europe and Asia, users turned to over-the-counter medications that contain codeine for pain or cough an! System ( NFLIS ) identified two samples of desomorphine gasoline, paint thinner, alcohol, they. “ cooking ” of several dangerous ingredients like gasoline or household cleaning products to extract codeine... Di accedere alla visione di questo video è vietata ai minori make krokodil could remain in the United States meaning...

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