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“First of all, it must be said that a copy of Yorgen’s mobile phone lies exclusively with the Maltese Police and in the Magisterial Inquiry which is currently at the Maltese Attorney General’s Office.”, “It must also be said that in the past week it appears that Yorgen’s mobile phone was used to make phone calls to other mobile numbers, this while the phone is supposedly preserved at the police.”, “Without questioning the integrity of the mobile phone evidence, it is deplorable that the individuals charged with the administration of justice and the protection of fundamental human rights are being careless with the preservation of evidence in their possession and allowing such evidence to leak causing irreparable harm to fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals including Yorgen’s fair trial rights.”, “It is deplorable that these groups or individuals who should be most concerned about the rule of law and protection of fundamental human rights, seem to be solely interested in tarnishing reputations and thwarting perceptions.”, “It cannot be overstated that Yorgen has and is denying the charges made by police about his role in the crime, and reserves his right to institute any legal redress to counter any assault on his fundamental human rights and the presumption of innocence.”, “The Fenech family calls on the Commissioner of Police Angelo Gafa to criminally investigate these leaks including any public officials who communicated any document or fact, entrusted or known to them by reason of their office and which is to be kept secret.”. The Fenech family is insisting the police commissioner investigate reports about the content of Yorgen Fenech's mobile phone, which is currently in police hands and part of the magisterial inquiry into the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia 9 September 2020, 10:18am There are various interpretations of the origins of the surname Fenech. There are various interpretations of the origins of the surname Fenech. Copyright © 2020 Times of Malta. His case continues on Tuesday. Schembri, along with former OPM official Kenneth Camilleri, remain under investigation over their links to the murder. It is understood that Fenech, who stands accused of conspiracy in the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia, is sharing sleeping quarters at CCF with six other prisoners and has complained that the conditions are too cramped.

Fenech last left the prison walls on Thursday for his compilation of evidence sitting. What do you think of the statement? Suspected of bribing members of the Maltese government, in November 2019 Fenech was arrested as a suspect in the murder of the investigative-journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. This comes following the reveal of a treasure trove of WhatsApp messages between Fenech and the highest officials in the country, including former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, former PM chief of staff Keith Schembri, Justice Minister Edward Zammit Lewis, PN Leader Adrian Delia, and former PN Head of Media Pierre Portelli. Do you agree to share your location with us? Yorgen Fenech’s family are demanding the police commissioner open up an investigation into leaks from the phone and other electronic devices belonging to the main suspect in the Daphne Caruana Galizia assassination case. Sitting Minister Implicated By Koħħu In 'Very Serious' Crime, Jason Azzopardi Warns, Malta's Active COVID-19 Cases Continue To Drop Following 165 New Recoveries And 100 New Cases.

Back in May, a court found that Fenech’s rights had been breached through the coronavirus public health emergency order that brought court proceedings to a standstill. Let us know in the comments below. All rights reserved. Other inmates have also gone on strike in the prison in recent days, according to sources at the Home Affairs Ministry. The most notable is the meaning of "rabbit", since fenek is rabbit in Maltese. He has been repeatedly refused bail and court proceedings have been delayed because of COVID-19 restrictions. In fact, some bearers of this surname use the horse, a Phoenician symbol, on their crest rather than the rabbit. This, not even mentioning the worsening of living conditions due to COVID-19 in the prison facilities," the statement reads.

Do You Know These Four Creepy Ghost Stories? The Corradino Correctional Facility was first built in 1842. Yorgen Fenech’s family are demanding the police commissioner open up an investigation into leaks from the phone and other electronic devices belonging to the main suspect in the Daphne Caruana Galizia assassination case. The agency also explained that prisoner privileges were tied to their behaviour and adherence to the rules. [1] This in turn comes from the Arabic word for fox, فَنَك (fenek, fanak, “fennec fox”) which like the rabbit has large ears as its distinguishing feature and may have been confused during the development of the Maltese language, which is a descendant of the Siculo-Arabic dialect. Caruana Galizia, an investigative journalist, was killed in a car bomb explosion outside her home in Bidnija on 16 October 2017.
The word is also thought to be a respelling of Fenich, the German for millet farmer. Yorgen Fenech is among a small group of prisoners on hunger strike at Corradino Correctional Facility. We recently published a revised version of our. Sources told Times of Malta that Fenech had gone on strike for “humanitarian reasons” linked with over-crowding at Malta’s only prison. In a post uploaded on Facebook, Daphne Caruana Galizia's son Matthew said his right to see his mother had been taken away when she was murdered. Fenech has claimed that Schembri was the actual mastermind of the plot, while Muscat was one of three people who knew of the plan after the fact. A possible Irani…

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