filipino faith and religiosity

Ito ang tahanan ng aking lahi. Our faithfulness and hopefulness keep us kind, positive, peaceful and determined to achieve our … %%EOF Faith and Religiosity: Faith in God - accepting reality to comprehend as a human created by God. 0000001366 00000 n 0000002514 00000 n Catholicism everywhere is manifested in two styles of religious practice: the official and the popular. Deep historical roots. (mostly Roman Catholic Christians), 10 percent Muslim, and 5 percent ‘other’ religions, including the Taoist-, Buddhist religious beliefs of Chinese and the ‘indigenous’, animistic beliefs of some peoples in upland areas that, resisted 300 years of Spanish colonial rule. ( Log Out /  Yow’zah! 1 The MISSION [see blog header] is to maximize reaching fellow Filipinos, especially in the homeland; thus I welcome forwarding, reprinting and redistributing. This is a reflection of the Filipinos’ strong faith in God as seen in their various practices.

EDUCATION- being educated is beyond just being schooled towards a profession or practical vocation; we need the Humanities/liberal arts to develop/apply CRITICAL ANALYSIS/THINKING to understand,identify,plan,act & safeguard the needed fundamental/systemic changes towards economic/political progress, social justice and social transformation. startxref

Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. 10 Faith and Religiosity The Philippines is approximately 85 percent Christians, The Philippines is approximately 85 percent Christians. 0000002109 00000 n ), ( 0000002312 00000 n Don't miss out on the latest news and information. The most devoted provinces are Batangas, Manila, Pampanga, Laguna, Bulakan, Cavite, and Tayabas. 13 1979). This includes the numerous, Church Holidays they observe, the customary (and, obligatory) Sunday Mass, the individual’s basis of their, moral standpoints, the influence of the Church on the, minds, actions, and opinions of the majority, importance of, the Sacraments, Praying at almost any possible time of, the day, the extreme practices during Holy Week, Studies show that Filipinos often have an aversion to a set of, standardized rules or procedures; They are known to follow, a Natural Clock or Organic sense of time- doing things in the, time they feel is right.

), ( Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. 0000001804 00000 n Weren’t they wrong last time? <<736C6D6A7FCF2643979E69FF0824F283>]/Prev 159398>> "This, his message, valid as it was in his lifetime, is even more timely now. What spiritual force! Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. (in SCRIBD), American Militarism - Gen. Douglas MacArthur, Amnesty International - Human Rights and Political Killings In the Philippines (in SCRIBD), Anglo-Saxon Race, Patriotism and American Empire, Bataan Nuclear Power Plant - Experience with Export Credit Agencies (ECAs), Beyond East & West:Nishida's Universalism and Postcolonial Critique, Cacique Democracy in the Philippines - Benedict Anderson (in SCRIBD), Extrajudicial, Summary or Arbitrary Executions Report to the United Nations- Philip Alston Aug 2007, UN (in SCRIBD), Global Economic Crisis, Neoliberalism and the Philippines, IMF-WB: A Half-Century of Anti-Development, IMF-WB: Act to End their Structural Adjustment Porgrams (SAPs), Killing Season in our Homeland under Arroyo's Watch - A Collection of Readings, License to Abuse: Mail-Order & Other Immigrant Brides, Myths We Live By - Sen. Lorenzo Tanada ,1898 -1992 (in SCRIBD), Nationalism and Rethinking of History - Global Memories, National Accounts, Nishida and the Question of (Japanese) Nationalism, NIshida, (Japanese) Nationalism and The War in Question, Our Task: To Make Rizal Obsolete (in SCRIBD), Papers on the Philippine Financial Crisis and Its Roots (in SCRIBD), Philippine Society and Revolution - Amado Guerrero (in SCRIBD), Rogue State (book) - A Guide to the World's Only Superpower - William Blum, Story of Lopez Family -1903 book (in SCRIBD), Sugar and the Origins of Modern Philippine Society - John A. Larkin, 1992 (in SCRIBD), The Filipino Martyrs ,1900 book (in SCRIBD), The Miseducation of the Filipino - Renato Constantino (in SCRIBD), The Philippines and India - Dr. Roy (1930), The Political Economy of External Indebtedness - James K. Boyce, The Politics of Economic Chaos in the Philippines (1994), The Recto Reader, Speeches by Claro M. Recto - Renato Constantino (in SCRIBD), The Roots of Crisis - A Neocolonial State (Alejandro Lichauco), To Make Rizal Obsolete - Renato Constantino (in SCRIBD), US Acquisition of the Philippines : Concensus versus Reality, US/Phil Economic Relations in Post-Cold War Era, Wars in the Philippines - Reynaldo C. Ileto, World Bank's Trojan Horse : KKK and Recolonization - Renato Constantino. The official Catholic religiosity is mainly the liturgical celebration of the Paschal Mystery (Life, Death, and Resurrection) of Jesus during Advent, Christmas Season, ordinary time, Lenten and Easter Season. 7 ), ( Anyone can freely reprint or redistribute the materials under the following conditions: 1) The material should be forwarded, republished and redistributed in the same way that it was originally published here. The weaker devotees line along the road as they watch and wave their towels or cloths, shouting the name of the Senor Nazareno. The tremendous devotion to the Black Nazarene is both an official and a popular religious practice. ��&L��b]S�j�@ha��.�4���3S^F�n(۴�o�6�oO��E�Va�sd�*/-�ʖT�M=����c@Y��0h`��,hlHH���ngܷH��4XD�A��(�ΰ�!����4���2|ax͑�����&�)@]_Y$�^e`�(Ҍ@�6�)�&����� Pd`��U` ��Ri the basis of a religion: the idea of a divinity. Many Filipinos are what I call Sunday-religious, that is they go to church every Sunday, take in confession and communion, but the ... Panatang Makabayan Original: "Iniibig ko ang Pilipinas. ), ( Many come to tell Jesus both their dreams and problems. NOTE: The materials on this site were originally written and published by Bert M. Drona. In fact the way religion is practiced in the Philippines is very unique in comparison to the form Christianity takes in the west or other areas of the globe. %PDF-1.5 %���� Powered by, Disclaimer:By posting on this web site with giving you more information about personality it is accepted that you have agreed to the, Faith and Religiosity (Strength of Filipino Personality). 0000007460 00000 n I should say this devotion is unique in every sense. With millions of devotees participating, counting those who visit Quiapo Church and those who do “pahalik” at the Grandstand the long night before, at least one tenth of the entire Philippine population is in Manila for this annual event; that is, 1 in 10 Filipinos. ), ( “The Black Nazarene elicits the most passionate devotion because while His image bears suffering, it is not passive. Rather than cause resentment and despair, every misfortune is read as a summons to stronger faith. it is no surprising to see together with the white candles of the Christians the red and large ones of the Chinese. Nothing fazes us—not calamities, not foreign cultures, not poverty, not even death… We bounce back all the time.”. ( Filipino youth experience problems, their sense of religiosity and spirituality provides a coping resource.

But to give back to God the immense blessings they have received is what matters most.

been continually feeling and thinking that I should comment more about this subject since religion in general, as in other countries/societies, continue to have a major impact on how we Filipinos live and operate in our homeland/society. Please email the notification to bmdrona@gmail.com. Popular religiosity, on the other hand, comes from the active reception, participation, or appropriation of Catholic Faith by the People of God according to their culture and tradition. 0000001302 00000 n 17 2) The author should be properly credited. How U.S. early vote surge is shaping Trump, Biden endgames, U.S. early voting tops 80 million, breaking record. ), ( ), ( It suddenly crossed my mind that we Filipinos suffer from a paucity of intellectuals, we oftentimes cite just Rizal and at best, few others (our former colonial masters have suppressed and banished/exiled our more radical thinkers - historically, a common practice by Spain and America) . The Traslacion is doing again the Calvary experience, performing again the painful suffering that our dear Lord endured like walking barefoot, carrying the cross along dusty roads, under the heat of the sun, with the noisy crowd, etcetera. Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle, D.D., Archbishop of Manila, has expressed hope that the millions of devotees will nurture a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ (PDI, January 9, 2018). NOTES TO READERS:  Colored and/or underlined words are HTML links. Ito ang aking lupang sinilangan. Faith and Religiosity The Philippines is approximately 85 percent Christians (mostly Roman Catholic Christians), 10 percent Muslim, and 5 percent ‘other’ religions, including the Taoist-Buddhist religious beliefs of Chinese and the ‘indigenous’ animistic beliefs of some peoples in upland areas that resisted 300 years of Spanish colonial rule. 34 0 obj <> endobj ), ( 31 Religion and Popular Religiosity in the Philippines Brendan LOVETT T’boli Study Center Readers of these Inter-Religio bulletins will be familiar with: the question of engaging in dialogue with “folk” or ‘popular” religious traditions. THANKS!!

Faith and Religiosity The Filipinos are one of the most faithful people in the world. The devotions in honor of Mary in Garabandal (Spain), Medjugorje (former Yugoslavia), and Lipa (Philippines) are not yet official. ), ( ABC-CLIO, 2011, pp.

This blogsite is NOT-for-monetary profit. 15 ), ( ), ( The Religiosity of the Filipino People - Jose Rizal, translated by the late Prof. Encarnacion Alzona “ As to the religiosity of the naïve man, God is a being from whose care one hopes to benefit and whose punishment one fears; a sublimation of a feeling similar to that of a child for its father, a being to whom one stands, so to speak, in a personal relation, however deeply it may be tinged with awe.” To find out more, please click this link. "Pampalakas-loob" 7.

REQUEST FREE eBOOKS/PUBLICATIONS listed below. " Nationalism must precede any plan/action in dealing with globalization. inhabitants had no idea of either hell or purgatory. The only shadow could be the possible commercialization and folklorization of these events. Atom ), ( Faith and Religiosity The Filipinos are one of the most faithful people in the world. FREEDOM & DISSENT - free thought is necessarily aggressive and critical; we protect freedom to discover truth; we encourage dissent not for sentimental reasons, but because we cannot live without it. 0000002007 00000 n 9

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