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"I don't know if there's ever been something like this where you walk in and you see 15 NBA guys in here and we come together, we're talking like we just played on the same team and most of us were years apart. Here were their points per possession allowed when pressing, as well as their percentage of defensive possessions played in the press in brackets. It’s also worth noting that those percentages don’t tell the whole story of how much Louisiana Tech pressed. For starters, on most missed shots it’s tough to press, so many of those possessions they weren’t able to pick up full court. His teammates see it too. UF announced in a statement on Friday their court will bear Donovan's name as a tribute to the two-time title-winning coach of Florida, who now coaches the Oklahoma City Thunder. This created the occasional wide open look. When I do consulting for basketball teams there is a term I use called “critical error” to describe a breakdown that allows an easy bucket (stolen from the soccer analytics world who use the term to describe an error so egregious it solely allows for a goal). FS1 | FOX | FOX News | Fox Corporation | FOX Supports | FOX Deportes. Louisiana Tech loved denying the sideline passes to quality ball handlers and instead allowing the ball to go to the middle where they could converge from multiple angles. Stetson coach Donnie Jones drove up after beating Kennesaw State and sat near former Clemson and Wyoming head coach/longtime Florida assistant Larry Shyatt. GAINESVILLE, Fla. (AP) — Billy Donovan is returning to Florida for good. Florida Gators. His blend of sports and comedy has landed his words on ESPN, Bleacher Report, CBS Sports, Lindy's and others. As well, any time there was a foul or out of bounds when the Bulldogs were defending in the halfcourt and there was a baseline or sideline out of bounds they obviously don’t have the opportunity to full court press because, well, the full court isn’t in play. Florida basketball's court at the O'Connell Center will soon bear the name of the legendary coach who won the program its only two national titles: Billy Donovan. GAINESVILLE, Fla. — When Mike White arrived in May of 2015, a University Athletic Association official in the operations department approached the new Florida basketball coach and asked him what he'd like to do about the mural in the atrium of the team's practice facility. Here’s another thing, something you’ll notice in the clips shared. Osayi Osifo was an unknown power forward prospect from Eastern Florida College that came on strong in his second year at the school and earned offers from Georgia and then Florida before deciding on the Gators. Truthfully, I went into research for this feature expecting to see regular breakdowns that allowed layups, something I would need to chart and figure out an equation to find out if pressing was really worth it based off these colossal errors that would occur from time to time. They play the same position and will go at it on the court often. 1 national ranking in five different seasons under Donovan. The Florida Gators are officially renaming their basketball court after former coach Billy Donovan who led them to back-to-back national championships. Now Florida has another big that is relentless on the court and will have a place on a team that wants to push the ball on both ends. Donovan made basketball matter at Florida, leading the Gators to a 467-185 record before leaving to take over the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder in 2015. His signature was placed at both ends, between the 3-point line and the key. Donovan, 54, was introduced with a lengthy video tribute Saturday in front of a sellout crowd that included dozens of former players and a few of his former assistants.
This was just an obvious way to honor him. The official Men's Basketball page for the Florida Gators Gators. Eric Fawcett - October 31, 2020. Newcomer Impact Rankings: Which freshmen, transfers will determine team fortunes? A place La Tech loved to generate turnovers was when teams tried to advance the ball through the middle of the floor. Often the Bulldogs went out in a 2-2-1 three-quarter court press, using their length to once again force long passes. One critical error every 80 possessions or so. I'm thankful, I'm honored and just incredibly humbled by it all.". Donovan left Gainesville in 2015 after a 19-year stint that included two national championships, four trips to the Final Four and 14 NCAA tournament appearances. We have seen a number of attempts to bring a pressing style of defense from the mid major to high major ranks fail, most notably Will Wade at LSU and Shaka Smart at Texas, both of whom came from the famous VCU press. There is definitely still some reason for skepticism when it comes to Florida as a heavy pressing team but a look back at Louisiana Tech’s press gives a good example of what it could look like. However, could White’s much more controlled contain-the-ball style of press work? "It's been a lot," Donovan said. Is that true? Find flat-rate shipping on every order to support the squad! In short, he made hoops matter at the football-first school. 2014: 0.71 (29.9%) Obviously when pressing, you want your number of critical errors to be far less than your amount of turnovers generated, or tough shots forced. Florida Gators Basketball

Yes, there were times where they got scrambled and allowed quality shots but they were at least somewhat contested. Let’s talk about breaking a press for a second. White’s Louisiana Tech teams were known for pressing and that likely gives us the best example of what we should expect when the Gators pick up 94 feet this season.
And he's carried it to the next level. Shop the 2019 University of Florida basketball jerseys and more officially licensed Florida basketball apparel, including shirts and shorts, at the official online store of the Florida Gators. When those options are taken away, it’s usually the job of the power forward to sprint back to the ball down the middle of the floor as a release valve when the rest of the press isn’t working.

Whenever a team plays a press there is always the fear of allowing easy buckets.

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