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The original location, on the shore of Lake Ontario protecting the harbour of York, now Toronto, has been altered by two centuries of infill so that it is now 500 metres from the shoreline of the Lake and located almost immediately below the elevated Gardiner Expressway. The Fort York Foundation still needs to raise $3 million for the completion of the Visitor Centre, include the weathered steel façade of this award-winning building. Jury: This building is a powerful and robust intervention that serves as a threshold between the historic and the contemporary. The steel escarpment re-establishes the original sense of a defensive site, stretching across the site to meet the grassed escarpment directly below the Fort.

In front of the steel escarpment a field of softly moving grasses and loose bushes and flowers, another liquid landscape, recalls the former presence of the Lake. Below the Common, the Centre constructs an escarpment of weathering steel, an extended wall to the site, one capable of joining with the scale of the Gardiner Expressway above to form the wall and roof of an extra-large new urban space for Toronto. CLIENT City of TorontoARCHITECT TEAM John Patkau, Patricia Patkau, Jonathan Kearns, Tony Mancini, Mike Green, Michael Thorpe, Dan McNeil, Peter Shuter, Luke Stern, Dimitri Koubatis, Shane O’Neill, Thomas Schroeder, James Eidse, Peter Ng, Lucy O’Connor, Gabrial DidianoSTRUCTURAL Read Jones Christoffersen Consulting EngineersMECHANICAL/ELECTRICAL Cobalt Engineering LLPLANDSCAPE Janet Rosenberg and Associates Landscape ArchitectureINTERIORS Patkau Architects/Kearns Mancini ArchitectsHERITAGE CONSULTANTS Unterman McPhail AssociatesPROJECT MANAGEMENT O.P. Its linear plan and attenuated promenade builds on that edge condition of the on-site expressway. Heritage: Unterman McPhail Associates Fort York Building. Pressures to tend to the preservation of historical sites are as strong as the increasing demands to maintain failing bridges and highways. Set in our SF-60S framing system, the channel glass facade rises from the landscape and runs the entire length of the center as the back wall. Strategically situated along the edge of the site, the centre is fortified and defined by a series of monolithic weathering steel panel … At night, the softly illuminated site and ghost screen encourage community events, signalling a new, safe, active and unique urban place to reconnect with history and play out the occasions of modern life. To the south is a historic railways cut and the Gardiner Expressway, a large, unforgiving elevated structure that runs east-west across the southern edge of the site. Lines and Liquid Landscapes suggest the architecture of this project. Today, the Fort York Visitor Centre, completed in 2015, commemorates the historic significance of the site, providing a contemplative opportunity for visitors to reflect as they ascend to the Fort Commons to a final prospect overlooking the fort and the city beyond. L’équipe a réussi à réaliser le projet sans compromis à son imagerie essentielle, à son contenu architectural expressif et à son organisation spatiale, malgré les nombreuses contraintes relatives aux budgets, à la construction et à l’échéancier. After being received in the lobby, visiting the orientation room and the changing features gallery, visitors begin to ascend. Lines and Liquid Landscapes suggest the architecture of this project. Party and event goers lounge in intimate groups in the floats, edging crowds on the dock. Look for the big red Fort York sign on Fort York Blvd. 6 May 2009. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

The new Visitor Centre is intended to re-establish the site as part of Toronto’s identity and as a cultural touchstone for Canada. Above, the city is partially edited out, flatness recalls purpose, structures reorient to allow for ghosts, re-enactments of a past reality; evidence of time and history is presented.
The innovative way the architectural massing of the centre brings people through it in section, unrolling the history of Fort York as well as mediating different grades for views and access to the main fort works very well with the site and the adjacent Gardiner Expressway. Fort York Visitor Centre: Biscuits & Wine Hospitality Concept for Fort York Visitor Centre. How we handle the remnants of civic infrastructure is becoming a critical discussion in Canada. The Visitor’s Centre inhabits the space behind the weathering steel escarpment.
Inside are lobby areas, permanent and temporary exhibition spaces illustrating the history of the Fort, an informal dining area, meeting rooms and administration offices. La façade principale du projet fait alterner la transparence et la solidité pour évoquer les vues que l’on avait de l’intérieur des fortifications. Strategically situated along the edge of the site, the centre is fortified and defined by a series of monolithic weathering steel panel walls, which resonate with the design of the fort just beyond, and define the horizontal datum of the battlefield immediately to the north. Please help us complete the Visitor Centre by making your donation to the Fort York Foundation today.

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