funny facts about countries of the world

If modern-day athletes wear specialist clothes, the first Olympics boxed, wrestled, raced, and ran naked. It began in 2008 when the country started recognizing the institutional rights of nature, stating how it has the “right to exist, persist, maintain and regenerate its vital cycles.”. More than 2,100 castles stand in Germany. No wonder why it covers 6 different timezones. Countries Facts With 195 countries and more than 7.7 billion people in the world, there are plenty of fun and amazing things everywhere in all corners waiting for you to explore. The Qing Dynasty declares in the 18th century the protection of the mountain’s natural beauty and diverse wildlife. Disneyland is the most visited place in Europe! Category Travel.

The world is a beautiful place. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The oldest state in the world is San Marino! Due to its location upon a lake, Mexico sinks at 6-8 inches per year. Nearly 100% of the highway is lit, counting it among the limited man-made structures that could be seen that far at night. Papua New Guinea is the most linguistically diverse country in the world with 851 individual languages listed. In the land of the Kiwis, for instance, you'll find the highest concentration of pet owners on the planet . Who knows? The earliest recorded UFO sighting was in Algiers back in 1970. If Children Grew up Isolated from Adults, Would they Create Their Own Language? Their fishing grounds were invaded and even receive dumped illegal waste, further depreciating the local catch. I think sometimes people generalize about cultures different than their own, like Hispanic and Latine culture.
As a multiethnic country, Nigeria has over 520 spoken languages among its residents. After Christianity, Judaism is the 2nd largest Religion in the U.S.A! Eventually, Tartu became the historical center of culture, while Parnu grew into being the summer capital of the country.

Africa has 54 countries! However, an underground river in Mexico at 10 km or 6.2 mi. I believe that a fun way to explore how diverse and amazing Hispanic Heritage is could be by finding a fun fact about each of the Spanish speaking countries. 73 of 101. Yes, they are in Arctic! Combined with a tropical climate, these features equip the country in producing large quantities of grain or wheat. Posted by DavidM.Green on 19 November 2017. Ethiopia and Liberia are the only two countries in Africa that were not colonised by the European powers.

Only one country voluntarily abandoned its nuclear weapons program – South Africa. Moreover, it is a hundred times bigger than the famed Bonneville Salt Flats of Utah, USA. The whole world discovers this on live TV when the city welcomed the new millennium before anyone else in 1999. For starters, Ladonia is a 1 square kilometer plot of land inside a nature reserve in southern Sweden. Sadly, both the bonobos and the eastern lowland gorillas are now endangered. The name even originated from the Ethiopian word ‘Kaffa.’ Legend tells the story of shepherd Kaldi who discovered how the leaves of coffee plants on his land made his goats restless. In other words, the drug trade makes up a significant portion of the economy of Afghanistan. These islands cover a total east-west span of over 3,000 miles, giving the country 3 different timezones. The Tikal National Park is in the Petén Province, Northern Guatemala within the Maya Forest. This raw ingredient serves as the basis of heroin. Antarctica is the only place in the world that has only one ATM! Civilization in China was believed to have started in 6,000 BC. Also, Juche in NK resembles Albania’s system before 1992. Not only is it the tallest mountain in South America, but it is in North America as well. The country also boasts of 1 UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, 3 complete reserves, 4 national parks, 6 partial reserves, and 10 protected forests. Canada has a lower population density than that. More than 2,000 castles and ruins are open for tourist visits. It once recorded at least 10,000 such establishments.

However, the country is also a constitutional monarchy, making Luxembourg a democratic parliament. A third of world’s languages are spoken in Africa!
The world-renowned phone company started as a telecommunication company in Finland in the 1960s. Also known as the Ivory Coast, the country is famous for its chocolate. In particular, the kings of the jungle take shelter in the W-Arly-Pendjari. Filed Under: World Tagged With: countries of the world, facts about countries, facts about the world, world. Aside from Morocco, the other 2 countries with the luxury of both bodies of water are France and Spain. Depending on which government list you’re reading from and which countries they recognize, it’s estimated that there are about 196 official countries in the world. Called the African Renaissance Monument, it stands at a height of 49 meters or 161 feet. Bush-meat trade, deforestation, and pollution all contributed to the decimation of the closest primate-human links which might be extinct a decade from now. Eventually, white stars joined the design representing each state in the union. Thus, the birth of coffee in Ethiopia. The locals display courtesy, friendliness, and hospitability not only to one another but also among themselves. Aside from that, Vietnam also dominates the cashew nuts export industry and is second in the rice export trade.

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