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Jewish man: "An iceberg sunk the Titanic!" They include Titanic puns for adults, dirty unthinkable jokes or clean sink gags for kids. When the Titanic sank the lights were still on. "Goldberg, iceberg, all the same to me.". No one listened, but he kept on warning them nonetheless until they got sick of him and kicked him out the movie theatre. Good thing we melted all our glaciers in the preparation. Regan gallantly shouted:"Women and children first!" Now you can easily and quickly add contacts from your email account (such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc. Mr. Goldberg says, "I'll never forgive you people for bombing Pearl Harbor." Funny Engineering Quotes ... Memes, Boat Jokes, Funny Stupid Questions, 0%. If Trump were captain of the RMs Titanic. The jew replies, "Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, you're all the same. Most people don't know that back in 1912, Hellmann's Mayonnaise was manufactured in England. Jewish man: "Pearl Harbor!" He wonders, "How am I gonna get more... A kind-hearted fellow was walking through Park and was astonished to see an old man, fishing rod in hand, fishing over a beautiful bed of lilies... A blind man enters a Ladies Bar by mistake. Girl: I'm breaking up with you. A priest, doctor and lawyer died. says the Chinese guy. He told everyone it would sink, no one believed him. Titanic Rememberance Day is on April 15, the day the Titanic sank. Chuck Norris Titanic Jokes. Captain Trump of the RMS Titanic: There isn't any iceberg. "Ow! Funny Titanic Jokes. Korean: Well wait, weren't you people responsible for sinking the Titanic? The Titanic Story - A Brief History RMS Titanic was a passenger liner that struck an iceberg on her maiden voyage from Southampton, England, to New York City, and sank on 15th April 1912, resulting in the deaths of 1,517 people in one of the deadliest peacetime maritime disasters in history. I call my iPod the Titanic because it's syncing now. But as we know, the great ship did not make it to New York. Titanic stayed in theaters for almost a year after its release! GOOFS FOR TITANIC (1997)ContinuityJack won his ticket by beating 2 pair with a full house. I'm gonna let that sink in...". Hardik: Very Nice Stories Following is our collection of titantic humor and ship one-liner funnies working better than reddit jokes. And the Captain answers, "Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese... it doesn't This would have been the largest single shipment of mayonnaise ever delivered to Mexico. In fact, the "Titanic" was carrying 12,000 jars of the condiment scheduled for delivery in Vera Cruz, Mexico, which was to be the next port of call for the great ship after New York City. "I'm Max Goldberg", he says, "what's yours?" ", He says: "I asked for ice, but this is ridiculous". The captain had said "aBandOn Ship", so they really had no choice. sentences (mostly) hilarious to coders when they understand them and (always) baffling to everyone else. It's a good story, but is it a joke? Pearl Harbor says the Jewish guy. Japanese, not Chinese.". Previous Post Previous post: Funny No Neck Ed Memes. Fun fact, this ship weighs about 52 thousand kilograms. Jew: Uh... that was an iceberg. Iceberg. Mama Jokes Titanic Jokes. That was an iceberg that brought down the Titanic!" Sadly no one would listen. To return Click Here. A panicky passenger on the Titanic:Passenger: Captain, captain, How far is the way to the nearest land?Captain: Two Miles.Passenger: In which direction?Captain: Towards the bottom! I call my iPod the Titanic because it's syncing now. No matter how bad things get, nobody can sink Donald Trump's ship! officer is Chinese. ... so they kicked him out of the movie theater. It is known, of course, as Sinko de Mayo. That was the Japanese!". It was an iceberg. They met Saint Peter at the gate, who would only let them into heaven if they could answer one simple question. The Titanic didn’t hit an iceberg Find more jokes in: Celebrity Jokes. The ship hits the iceberg and sinks slowly. People on the ship were shouting, crying, running and praying to God - just then a passenger had the following conversation with the captain. Find more jokes in: Movie and TV Jokes. About halfway. Abandon Ship What's the difference? says, "Nooooo, noooo... Chinese not bomb Pearl Harbah. "Iceberg, Goldberg, what's the difference?". Jacks claims to have visited the Santa Monica Pier, which did not begin construction until 1916. asks the Jewish man. Titanic. "They'll all be ruined by now!". The Jews didn't sink the Next Post Next post: Andrew … In fact, the Titanic was carrying 12,000 jars of the condiment scheduled for delivery in Vera Cruz, Mexico, which was to be the next port of call for the great ship after its stop in New York. You're fortunate to read a set of the 66 funniest jokes on titanic. Suddenly the jewish elderly slaps the korean and says "that's for pearl harbour" They both look great until they hit the ice. Clinton replies: "Do you think we have time!?". Going down on any of them would be horrifying. That was the Japanese. Thank You So much Sharing this post, JT: Sure if you think pedophilia is funny. ), or just manually add the email addresses you'd like to keep in your contact list. **Captain:** what kind of lettuce do you want on your sandwich? For the last time, he warned everyone that it would sink. Captain So the Chinese man says, "Well I hate your people for sinking the titanic". Yo mama was offered a role in the Titanic movie as the iceberg. ", The F.O. Bill shouted to Nixon in the midst of the chaos: "We don't have the time!" He tried to warn everyone that it was going to sink, but the fools wouldn't listen. Save . Chinese man: "The Titanic!" That Boy: What does that mean? Titanic Jokes. What do the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Titanic have in common? The Chinese man responds, "Iceberg, Goldberg, Silverberg, you're all the same". Save . "Why not? Obligatory, But aren't the Italians going a little far with their tribute. Full with funny wisecracks it is even funnier than any unsinkable witze you can hear about titanic. What do you get when you cross the Titanic with the Atlantic Ocean? Suddenly Jewish guy whacks Chinese guy on the head. replies," Iceberg, Goldberg, Rosenberg, no mattah. So the Chinese man punches the Jewish man. The Mexican people were eagerly awaiting delivery and were disconsolate at the loss. Nika: ★There are even more relaxed dirty girls...You just let know about you.. ...Join(copy the link)➤ abre.ai/bfmc. There are many stories related to the sinking of the "Titanic". Save . I hate you." Yes. I said laughing. Eventually, they needed to throw him out the cinema. All Funny Jokes » Titanic Jokes. Only 800 people went down on the Titanic! Girl: Our relationship is like the Titanic.

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