gear club unlimited (switch)

It's just not a 'real' or 'full' game, it's just a mobile game.What's really ridiculous is the price though; when I saw that it's 50€ on the eshop I seriously thought they accidentially added a zero. I imagine a console version with proper controls and removing all the facebook and f2p timer gubbins would be pretty neat. Theyve said that Project Cars 1 or 2 wouldnt be coming to the switch.

Was originally going to get a standard C Class but the AMG models are just so cool looking and fun to drive that I put down the extra cash. The general impression is that it is an average mobile port, with some of the more try-hard switch channels giving it more positive vibes due to the "nothing like it on the Switch" argument. I think - despite the fact that buyers still have to decide for themselves - it's part of the responsibility of a reviewer to warn readers about an abysmal value for money. How much iap is needed to compare to retail switch? For what it is I figured it was a 7 quality game, above average with a good backbone. I haven't done it, but it says compete with players online... who's wrong? I'm perfectly capable of reading a review, and deciding that while a game sounds fun, it doesn't seem worth what it costs. 7 ?I am hoping that Real Racing 3 would be ported to Switch instead of this crap. @redd214 i was told they were "having a go" to port project cars 1 to the switch, i guess if they have said it's not going to happen then it must have failed. Of course, the words ‘freemium’ and ‘mobile’ don’t win you any points with die-hard console gamers. Microïds is a registered trademark of Anuman Interactive SA. I paid £29.99 from 365games. I just think if they put a very brazen price tag on a cheap mobile game like Gear Club, they should be punished for that in the review score (and in the sales numbers as well, of course). Each championship won will unlock new vehicles, new car improvements, and new races. On the plus side, the split screen multiplayer runs at a solid 30fps and can be pretty entertaining. Given that it’s a simple matter to put your own car into the garage and supercharge it with a few upgrade purchases, overcoming this spike isn’t too much of a bind. 7 seems right for this. So it's a mobile racing game then but at full retail cost. Technically Gear.Club Unlimited is a solid runner, if a little plain. Gear. Even without knowledge of Gear.Club’s past, it would be glaringly obvious that this was all constructed with a free-to-play system in mind.

I would try it if it was 5 bucks or freemium like iOS...i refuse to pay 40$ for a game i can enjoy for free on my iPhone even with crap controls. Rant over. What was a commendably rounded console-like racer on mobile seems just a little bit lightweight on Switch, So they got rid of some things for it to work on the switch? I don't know why developers can't let people at least unlock all the tracks in a game after a year or so being on the market. The only kind I like is local, which Gear.Club Unlimited provides. I think a 7 is a spot on score for it. paying all of them for the full game would rack up around $200 + dollars. well over priced. This costs £45 in the UK,yep 45 flaming quid. We can understand that waiting to have your expensive car fixed in between races wouldn’t have sat well in a premium game, but removing damage from the equation altogether feels counterproductive in a game with sim-shaped aspirations. @Alex0714: On the controls, be sure you upgrade the tires, don't use the Camaro and adjust the "assist" settings. So glad this turned out decent.

@Alex0714 you got a start enjoying it or it's a waste of money. If you’ve skimmed over the screenshots and the marketing blurb for Gear.Club you might be fooled into thinking that this is a true racing simulator in the mould of Gran Turismo or Forza. It’s not bad at all, but expectations need to be reined in.

Yeah, I'm totally buying this. how dare they price this like the masterpiece that is 1-2 switch!

30 at the most. I don't mind paying more for a game if it's polished. Different strokes for different folks. Well I got my consoles to play at home I don't see y I would play a game on my mobile whilst sat on my couch. When this hits £10 I might give it a look. So the game is o.k and surprised people a little but it is still a converted mobile phone game with graphics to suit.

And for any formerly mobile game to be $45 is kind of nuts. You’ll find noticeable range in the handling here, too, from the twitchy go-kart precision of a Lotus Elise to the hefty balance of a Bentley Continental GT. Because in their trailers, games like Gear Club (or more precisely, their publisher) desperately try to look better than they actually are. Gear Club Unlimited 2 is a fun racer for the Nintendo Switch, even if you aren't usually a racing game fan. I mean there's a huge button "Buy on Amazon" but you can't. Feature: Best Nintendo Switch Horror Games. I'll have to wait at the moment, since I've been on an indie buying spree (Steamworld Dig 2, Lumo, Cat Quest and Kingdom: New Lands), but this sounds like it'll be up my alley during what I assume will be a winter lull. The Switch would be perfect for a Burnout game. In my opinion this game is awful.

see some people like it some not. I wonder if part the reason for removing the price is because developers often change the price, and NL doesn't want to be responsible for tracking price changes, or for hurting sales for a game by continuing to list an out-of-date price.

That is very weird. I'll give this a try, I just get bored too death by sim racers and this looks like a more arcady take. Free to play on mobile without all content.

I don’t know if some of the cars in the game and companies on the game warranted the price that high. This game is right up my alley as I love arcade racers and racers of all the sub-genres.

"Game Useless Info" box is more like it. All rights reserved.

Gear Club Unlimited 2 has more than 50 licensed cars from the world's most famous manufacturers, such as the Porsche 718 Boxster, 918 Spyder, 911 GT2RS, Dodge Viper, Lotus 3-Eleven or McLaren 720s. Funny thing is, the C63 WAS my sensible family car. If you dare to charge AAA pricing then don't be lazy and leave behind remnants of its mobile ancestry. For GC VC games Nintendo can just sell GC controllers to play them. You can’t go from free on mobile to a 50 dollar game. I'm addictive to arcade racer coming from the days of Top Gear on the Super NES, OutRun and Virtua Racing on the Sega Genesis, and Cruis'n on the N64 so this game is right up my alley. I don't mean to completely dismiss your point. If this was 20-25 I would be in. It pushes the dynamics of each and every race into an even more arcadey direction. I don't know if it is just me but, I like to read reviews but usually it doesn't affect my decision.

I remember at launch when the same criticism was aimed at VOEZ, yet it turned out the same content on the mobile game cost substantially more than the one-off price on the Switch. I also wondered why the price was removed from the info box.

Would probably buy @$20 but $40 is just too much. All of these must be slotted into a limited garage space, which can be expanded over time. I enjoyed the mobile game, but found it hampered by the mobile trappings. Its a bit like Roadsters (N64); the initial cars are tough to deal with but after upgrades things get better..... @electrolite77 it’s not just the fact that it is mobile. Eventually I will pick pick this up.

And price needs to be a part of the discussion. The cheerleaders will say otherwise, but this game is an embarrassment and shouldn't be given a second look at this price. @Shellcore Maybe people have different tastes? Fortunately there are no blue shells in sight. All that being said..good for them capitalizing on the fact there are no racers like this yet on the switch.

One element that has been excised is the damage system, and it’s arguably to the game’s detriment. Garage looks so cool adding and upgrading and customising looks great. @Filth_Element We've no one to blame but ourselves here.

@electrolite77 I hope it does well from the standpoint that they are third party but my point stands. it's not that dam good or polished.

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