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You will also find out that it was first created on 2015-02-12 (while Udacity's style guide first appeared on github on 2015-07-22) and that it mentions: which implies that it was on its own inspired by some other work. Learn more, We use analytics cookies to understand how you use our websites so we can make them better, e.g. I don't see how Udacity's version is a better variant. Dagger navigation update for Android studio 4.1, A compact API development framework based on go, which can quickly carry out business development and follow solid design principles, Implementation example of amazeui thumbnail, Using vbs script to change the serial number of Windows XP, Requirements of wafer level chip level packaging in SRAM, Redis interview routine dismantling series (1), Docker + LNMP + Jenkins + code cloud to realize automatic deployment of PHP code, Atom: installation failed due to Chinese in path, Answer for On the blocking problem of JS, alert(), type: feat/fix/docs/refactor/perf/test/style/revert/chore, Scope: the scope of influence (component or file), which can be omitted, Body: the first person present tense shows the motivation. You may define it using the command. I just wanted to point out that there is another variation that is almost the same out there. If you trace the origin of this gist you will find yourself here, only to find out that the original version of this script was indeed almost identical to Udacity's style guide. From the specification used by angularjs, the format is as follows: For standardized git commit messages, tools can be used to filter out the commit of feat and fix to generate changelog, for example: After thatgit change-of-last-monthYou can output the changelog of the last month.

I am not using the Github Desktop app. In short, a good template of a commit message is a short, one-liner summary of the code change, followed by the ‘body’ of the commit. Configure Git to use a template file (for example, .gitmessage), then create the template file with Vim: git config --global commit.template ~/.gitmessagevim ~/.gitmessage. I think the lazy part goes to not creating a template from scratch but getting one readily available. If the specified path-to-template-file.txt is not absolute, it will be treated relative to the repository root.

But it's worth mentioning that it is easier to live in a world that has no "duplicated code". There’s a great template for git commit messages that’s floating around in a number of places. Compared with the previous one, each line of English is less than 72 characters, Footer: if it is not compatible with the previous one, start with ‘breaking change:’, and give a repair plan. It’s referred to the “Contributing to a Project” chapter of the Git Book and originally credited to Tim Pope. References.

It’s referred to the “Contributing to a Project” chapter of the Git Book and originally credited to Tim Pope. Sorry for doing that=). Tnx, @SreeChandan Easy! https://gist.github.com/adeekshith/cd4c95a064977cdc6c50, https://github.com/udacity/git-styleguide/commits/gh-pages/index.html, # [] (If applied, this commit will...) (Max 72 char), # |<---- Preferably using up to 50 chars --->|<------------------->|, # [feat] Implement automated commit messages, # (Optional) Explain why this change is being made, # |<---- Try To Limit Each Line to a Maximum Of 72 Characters ---->|, # (Optional) Provide links or keys to any relevant tickets, articles or other resources, # style (formatting, missing semi colons, etc; no code change), # test (adding or refactoring tests; no production code change), # version (version bump/new release; no production code change), # jsrXXX (Patches related to the implementation of jsrXXX, where XXX the JSR number), # jdkX (Patches related to supporting jdkX as the host VM, where X the JDK version), # dbg (Changes in debugging code/frameworks; no production code change), # license (Edits regarding licensing; no production code change), # hack (Temporary fix to make things move forward; please avoid it), # WIP (Work In Progress; for intermediate commits to keep patches reasonably sized), # Note: Multiple tags can be combined, e.g. Clone with Git or checkout with SVN using the repository’s web address. [fix][jsr292] Fix issue X with methodhandles, # * Use the imperative mood in the subject line, # * Do not end the subject line with a period, # * Separate subject from body with a blank line, # * Use the body to explain what and why vs. how, # * Can use multiple lines with "-" or "*" for bullet points in body. While this is a good day-to-day commit message template to follow, there are some situations which might require additional contextual prompts to result in all the necessary information being communicated. Is there a way to make this template be used only on certain repositories? I also incorporated it in my projects. Learn more.

You can also~/.gitconfigAdd manually in [commit] template = path/to/template 3. Here's a great template of a good commit message originally written by Tim pope. In any case, you did your job faster, so being "lazy" paid of ;), Well, I just forked it from https://gist.github.com/adeekshith/cd4c95a064977cdc6c50 and tweaked it to my needs so credits go to the original authors ;), Stumbled upon this gist trying to find a way to have github use the same git-hooks script to validate commit messages, and just couldn't keep silent about that it is almost entirely identical to the Udacity Git Commit Message Style Guide.

There’s a great template for git commit messages that’s floating around in a number of places. Udacity provides a web page with text describing how a good git commit message should look like and gives a commit example at the end. I sincerely apologize if my comment offended you in some way. Thank you for sharing. If you give it a try let us know :). This is subjective.

Will this commit template also be reflected on the Github Desktop app?

git config --local commit.template PATH_TO_YOUR_COMMIT_TEMPLATE, Using this template in my workflows and simply loving it. For more standardized commit messages have a look at conventional commits. To sum up, I have no idea who came up with this style guide originally (I guess as most things it started by someone and got improved over time), but I am happy there are "duplicates" of it and that we are free to create more "duplicates" that better fit our needs. We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use GitHub.com so we can build better products. Writing high-quality git commit messages is one of the most responsible things you can do as a developer who cares to write considerate code that is well thought-out and easy to maintain. A commit resolving a bug ticket, where consistently communicating the ticket number, the URL of the ticket, and the requester. Run git commit without a message or option and it'll open up your default text editor to write a commit message.

instead of trying to search for a better variant that the community already had come up with (https://github.com/udacity/git-styleguide/commits/gh-pages/index.html). they're used to log you in.

On a more serious note that's exactly the reason for which I've downloaded the template and pushing my colleagues to do the same, that will be the hard part. In any case, you did your job faster, so being "lazy" paid of ;), Ahahah yes indeed a way to look at it ;-). See rule 5 of Chris Beam’s “How to write a commit message” for the inspiration of this tip and more reasoning on the use of the imperative mood.. To do this in Git, save the above content in a file (eg ~/.git_commit_msg.txt) and run:

Any lines beginning with a pound # can be used to provide instructions to the committer, and will be ignored from the final commit message.

git config commit.template path-to-template-file.txt. The last step to eliminate mixed content. When submitting later, use thegit commitNo-mParameter, you can call up the template. As laid out on the git-commit man page, this option is: The trick is to combine this option with the ability to set up Git aliases to make it easy to start commits using a particular template, for example: Given a template that exists in that location, your $EDITOR will open with the contents of the template prefilled. they're used to gather information about the pages you visit and how many clicks you need to accomplish a task.

As a final example, this is how I have set up a template for committing at key decision points: My template in ~/.dotfiles/git/templates/commit-decision.txt: Sustainable Architectural Design Decisions. Are you implying that Udacity should be credited? For example, this is my template, which reminds me when I commit: #The first line is filtered out as comments. Hey I'm a noobie. The link is no longer available but I suspect it pointed to this. Defaults to on, but can be used to override configuration variable commit.status.--no-status .

and you’ll be guided into writing concise commit subjects in the imperative mood - a good practice. A commit implementing an agile story, where the developer may want to lay out the role and motivation of the feature. Operate on issues. And I need to mention that I've never worked for Udacity or using it as a learning platform, I don't even like them. There is no code provided, there is no git template provided, thus I don't see where the "duplicated code" comes from, nor how I would benefit. You can always update your selection by clicking Cookie Preferences at the bottom of the page. Git supports commit message templates using the config option commit.template. I don't it to be used globally. Examples of such scenarios include: While it’s entirely posible to write these git commits ad-hoc as required, an additional option I discovered today was the ability to customize which template file is loaded when committing. For standardized git commit messages, tools can be used to filter out the commit of feat and fix to generate changelog, for example: git log --format='%s (%h) ... git config --global commit.template path/to/template. Thanks for that. Instantly share code, notes, and snippets.

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