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Carnival's Center for Simulator Maritime Training (CSMART) Academy at Arison Maritime Center in Almere, Netherlands, Carnival Corporation Partners with University of West Florida to Create New Interactive Training Programs for Its Environmental Officers, #FirstRespondersFirst Partners with Marriott International to Provide Free Accommodations to Healthcare Workers, Hilton's Vision of the 2119 Hotel Experience Includes 3D-Printed Room Service and Rooms Controlled by Microchips Under Guests' Skin, Carnival Corporation Reinitiates Installation Program of BioHiTech's Food Waste Digesters on Its Ships. We are also working with leading insurance firms to support their processes. Penny Hathaway, HR Reward Manager at THB Group Ltd said, “I am really impressed with the new look ‘Gladis’.

[1] West was inducted into the United States Air Force Hall of Fame in 2018.

Since then the success of the platform has continued to grow, with over 120 clients using the system monthly to manage the benefits of over 56,000 employees. [3] West realized early on that she did not want to work in the tobacco fields or factories like the rest of her family, and decided that education would be her way out. It will give company employees ready access to training resources for continuous learning and professional development. Black and high density pressed rubber floor. [3] West then returned to VSU to complete her Master of Mathematics degree, graduating in 1955. Rope that rotates easily and with high durability. In early 2012, 10 clients signed up to a 12 month programme working with Punter Southall Health & Protection’s technology team. She has travelled the world extensively by car, plane, train and cruise liner. West worked at Dahlgren for 42 years, retiring in 1998. GLADIUS® the trademark and all registered design patents are owned and licensed by GLADIUS®. Single learning management system now available fleetwide across company's nine global cruise line brands, fostering culture of excellence in environmental compliance and overall operations. Upload your files or complete reviews from wherever you are without installing any The Growth in Learning Determination Information System (GLADIS) is designed to support schools operating a Portfolio-based Assessment System. Also sending confidential files securely is an added bonus.”. In addition to not crumbling, this floor also does not mark when being folded. Carnival Corporation & plc has launched the Global Learning and Development Information System (GLADIS), providing employees convenient access to the latest technology in training resources for continuous learning and professional development. It will provide real-time tracking of the completion of training requirements, and make records management and reporting more efficient. From rapid early intervention for absentees through to the provision of accurate accounts reconciliations; Gladis is able to bring benefits to the insurer and through them, to our clients,” she continued. GLADIS is continuously populated with both brand-specific and corporatewide content, including videos, instructor-led presentations, assessments and podcasts, promoting a greater focus on individual performance, competency mapping and advancement programs through targeted training. In early 2012, 10 clients signed up to a 12 month programme working with Punter Southall Health & Protection’s technology team.. Their aim was simple – to develop a new revolutionary platform that supported the HR community when administering group life assurance and income protection policies. [15], She met her husband Ira West at the Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division, where he also worked as a mathematician. With Kettlebell Iron it is possible to do strength, power and endurance workouts as a Swing exercise. I also like the inclusion of Wellness info and News and Events. ‘Gladis’ benefits platform experiences massive, rapid growth. I have amended existing employee details and added new members – overall excellent!

Developed to ensure shipboard and shoreside employees have easy access to training resources that support professional development, the system will ensure a centralised approach to training around the world. They have 2 (two) adjustable sizes, through the Velcro tape, that adapt perfectly to anyone. Currently, with the shipboard training server installed on all ships in the global fleet, the company remains on track for the full implementation and usage of the training system by the end of 2019. Report Technical Issue [11], From the mid-1970s through the 1980s, West programmed an IBM computer to deliver increasingly precise calculations to model the shape of the Earth – an ellipsoid with irregularities, known as the geoid.

[1] This was achieved by processing the data created from the radio altimeter on the Geosat satellite, which went into orbit on March 12, 1984.[6]. with real-time online evaluation, the GLADIS web interface simplifies file management, reduces administrative [8], In 1986, West published Data Processing System Specifications for the Geosat Satellite Radar Altimeter, a 51-page technical report from The Naval Surface Weapons Center (NSWC). Provide additional wrist support at any time you need. [3][5] She was initially unsure what college major to pursue at VSU, as she had excelled in all her subjects in high school.

GLADIS will be updated continuously with both brand-specific and corporate-wide training content, including videos, instructor-led presentations, assessments and podcasts. Both new remote learning tools were developed by Carnival Corporation to reflect the latest insights in the way information is best processed, including increased digital experiences, accessibility through various devices and small content packages to promote self-learning. The company plans to expand CrewTube’s focus to all crew-members across the corporation. Marisa has been writing about transport design and the passenger experience since 2013 and is also a contributor to sister titles Aircraft Interiors International and Business Jet Interiors International. [1], In 2018, West completed a PhD via a distance-learning program with Virginia Tech. You're thinking, 'I've got to get this right. West's data ultimately became the basis for the Global Positioning System (GPS). Carnival Corporation has launched a new digital training resource for employees dubbed the Global Learning and Development Information System (GLADIS). The soil type, irrigation system, tree spacing, and management experience will also contribute to the success of a rootstock and training system combination. [4], As an alumna of Virginia State University Dr. Gladys West was nominated and won the award for "Female Alumna of the Year" at the Historically Black Colleges and Universities Awards sponsored by HBCU Digest in 2018. © 2011-2017 The GLADiS Project. [7] Concurrently, West earned a second master's degree in public administration from the University of Oklahoma.


Rubber-covered hexagon dumbbells ultra-sturdy to cushion falls and impacts in order not to damage the floor of your gym or your stall. HR News is managed and published by Codel Software Ltd. All you need is a web browser to get started! “We have seen a rapid increase in demand for Gladis from our clients and anticipate that we will more than double the clients using the platform over the next 18 months. Essential in any gym because it is a complete equipment and suitable for any type of training. West was inducted into the United States Air Force Hall of Fame in 2018. West was inducted into the United States Air Force Hall of Fame in 2018. She became project manager for the Seasat radar altimetry project, the first satellite that could remotely sense oceans. In addition to GLADIS, the company also recently launched CrewTube, a smartphone and tablet application for download featuring video content focused on the onboarding process for new shipboard employees and utilizing the crew's predominant means of communication and information access to help with familiarization, preparation and awareness of life onboard, shipboard operations and Health, Environmental, Safety and Security (HESS) policies prior to joining a ship. NOTE. "The development and implementation of our new training technology tools further enhances our abilities to help provide a lifelong learning process and enhanced learning culture, and how we support and foster learning and development of shipboard employees," said John Allen, director of maritime training professional development. With its innovative rolling system, it facilitates the realization of the movement ensuring the highest rotations and its coated cable enters adding even more speed. Gladys Mae West (née Brown) (born 1930) is an American mathematician known for her contributions to the mathematical modeling of the shape of the Earth, and her work on the development of the satellite geodesy models that were eventually incorporated into the Global Positioning System (GPS). Did you know that often the difficulty in performing the double unders is due to the very rope you are using? paperwork and gives program coordinators greater visibility. Black high-quality pressed rubber bumpersr; Excellent durability, attractive design and great finish. Forgot Password?

It has a ball at the end to facilitate turning. Gladius Fractional Plate are designed for this purpose, offering three weight increments of 0.5 kg to 2 kg.

Manufactured with a six-inch rotating handle to ensure a better grip, the SR PRO Gladius is able to achieve unbeatable speed. [4] Her mother worked at a tobacco factory, and her father was a farmer who also worked for the railroad. [5], At West's high school, the top two students of each graduating class received full-ride scholarships to Virginia State College (now formally University), a historically black public university. Each plate has an outer rubber sheath and an inner steel core. Developed to ensure shipboard employees have easy access to training resources and to support continuous professional development among shipboard and shoreside employees, the system is now available for crewmembers from the company's nine global cruise line brands as a centralized approach to strengthening the learning culture and lifelong learning process for employees around the world. West was born as Gladys Mae Brown in Sutherland, Virginia, in Dinwiddie County, a rural county south of Richmond. Researchers at WSU are conducting trials on new fruit tree training systems and rootstocks, to find advanced, economically feasible ways to grow highly productive trees with excellent fruit quality. Clients love Gladis because it is easy to use, provides better and more accurate data, fewer surprises, helps to eliminate claims disputes and offers greater accuracy to aid accounting.

[3], In 1956, West was hired to work at the Naval Proving Ground in Dahlgren, Virginia, (now called the Naval Surface Warfare Center), where she was the second black woman ever hired and one of only four black employees. It is a fundamental product to protect the floor of your gym and the training space, absorbing impact, smoothing noise and being easy to clean. [3] After graduating, she taught math and science for two years in Waverly, Virginia. They can work both upper and lower body with 5 levels of strength and intensity.

The Gladius Grip is an accessory used on the hands to minimize injuries and calluses during training. The training technology tools support Carnival Corporation’s award-winning Center for Simulator Maritime Training (CSMART) Academy at its Arison Maritime Center in Almere, Netherlands. “With these new tools, we are able to bring training to our crew members on board and ashore and offer them accessible learning opportunities to reinforce their professional development, while also strengthening our approach to achieving and maintaining a culture of environmental compliance, learning and overall operational excellence,” said Chris Donald, senior vice president of corporate environmental compliance for Carnival Corporation.

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