golden gate bridge zipper truck


So he walks to school, Watch this production car break world speed record.
To help keep travellers safe and traffic flowing efficiently as part of counterflow operations, the speed limit on the bridge was permanently lowered from 90 km/h to 70 km/h. Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, a place where we can share with you what we do and why we do it. Thanks for the message. You cannot see the lines on the bridge, just at the merge point. Regarding the north end/fourth lane merge point, field observations were made during AM peak operations on December 19th and no issues were observed with respect to the fourth lane merge at the north end. We understand your frustration and apologize for any inconvenience the recent issue might have caused. We will install additional line markers on the southbound lanes at the north end in the coming weeks as the weather permits and continue to monitor the situation. Three trucks in row in each lane all the time.

“It will be a step-by-step installation of the units and they will be connected and unified into one chain,” said Ewa Bauer, bridge engineer.

Recently, temporary line markings have be installed but have been degraded with the winter snow clearing activity on Highway 91. Bridge officials Tuesday unveiled two new $1.4 million “zipper” trucks that will move a new median barrier, which is set to be constructed and installed on the span this weekend. We shared your concern with the project manager who let us know that unfortunately, the weather during the winter months is not conducive to applying line markings, hence the temporary lane line markers and reflectors which have been installed on the southbound lanes and the north end of the bridge. The lines have not been painted going southbound and they have been changed!! The lane change operation typically takes about thirty minutes to complete. Eastbound in the PM is a mess from Byrne road all the way to the bridge….

This is great! I can only imagine how difficult it would be to merge when there is a truck with a trailer in left lane . How long would it take the zipper truck to open the 4th lane? Hi again Mark – our local area staff advised that the ministry continuously reviews recently completed highway projects from the design versus operational aspects and your comments have been forwarded to our district engineer for review.
Meanwhile a rear driver has the responsibility of putting it down.

The second truck is on standby as a back up, if needed, and when routine maintenance is being performed on one of the trucks.

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