goldilocks principle presentation

Climate doom seems alien and far away, or its inevitability makes mitigation seem intractable and hopeless.

Only when I see the hard measured data do I believe any issue in physics is “settled”. I don’t think where it is now is causing any problems. > It is demonstrable that things cannot be otherwise than as they are; for as all things have been created for some end, they must necessarily be created for the best end. Jim, any estimates as to the frequency of intelligent life in this galaxy and by extension, in this particular universe, are a moving target, with the original Drake equation being a huge moving target with the nearly daily discovery of exoplanets in the habitable zone of their associated stars. I think this Goldilocks cartoon is particularly apt: The Goldilocks Principle sounds a lot like the Anthropic Principle wrt to the conditions that Earth and the SS have satisfied in order for life to occur.

If the likes of lolwot, The Skeptical Warmist, Pekka and other warmist denizens on Climate Etc.would admit this simple fact, that CO2 is not the only driver of climate, and the effects of the other drivers is largely unknown, it would eliminate a lot of the repetitious discussions we continually have. But let’s look at the “Goldilocks just right temperature” for our planet. Even this doesn’t include the natural methane release that may grow as the permafrost thaws, but includes agricultural projections. Happy New Year too. You will quickly lose motivation because you can’t find a way to win the game. Examples include The Three Stooges, Three Little Pigs, Three Billy Goats Gruff, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and Three Blind Mice. The warmists ought to take the positive empirical data, and use it to prove that CAGW is real. Come back down to Planet Earth, where Christmas is approaching and all is well…, Forgot to include the link to the 1979 NAS report. OHC figures after 2003 are based on fairly comprehensive ARGO measurements (empirical data). But there are limits within which the science IS settled.

The fear you have of future warming from AGW, which lies outside your personal comfort zone or outside the “Goldilocks just right” range for humanity and our environment is undoubtedly real. Is every ecological niche unique? I should perhaps have included more detail, so I’ll do that now. Realistic numbers for climate sensitivity still leave us in dangerous territory with BAU emissions. http://www.londonlovesbusiness.com/business-news/politics/julian-assange-pledges-to-release-millions-more-wikileaks-documents/4270.article. over me head ( Thx fer enquiry, visit to Dr today and I am on the

After the math and logic fall into place, one can then only appeal to some religious reason why life should not be incredibly abundant throughout this entire universe.

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**That has some texture, though. Adding in 0.4C to 0.5C for warming still “in the pipeline”, one would arrive at 1.2C to 2.0C for ECS – or very close to the 1.6-1.7C value. The first two times CO2 was rising at a trivial rate, certainly much different than the third time. No conceivable mechanism by which it could. The Goldilock principle has clearly been used in setting goals like the 2 C goal for warming or 450 ppm (or some other commonly stated value) for concentration. The best we can say is that conditions for life may be widespread, but we’ve only surveyed a minute fraction of the universe; and lack sufficient knowledge to indicate that life is likely on any specific extra-terrestrial body. Great, Huge Bear", and each one has his own porridge bowl, chair, and bed. The big bowl of porridge in the middle is “just right for life” in all it’s variations. For example, we use a picture of sifting for gold to capture the process of going through one’s life experiences to find gems that leaders can turn into stories. The elements which make our world having an average global temperature of around 15 C is due to a large ocean surface area in the tropics which has high average temperature. What does that say about Europe then or us now? twitter @climatesleuths A-Climate-Detective As you write, it is a “matter of degree and timing”. with Xmas present, Hilary Mantel’s new novel, ‘Bring up the Bodies.’

But please try to keep the discussion on track, and not add a whole lot of red herrings. =============. It belongs in pop culture. Rather it is more of a rule-of-thumb, heuristic. If somebody pointed this out, I missed the comment. I've used the image of a lighthouse to capture the idea of the personal truths that guide us and give us clarity about direction as leaders. For me, the point of this Goldilocks tale is, that since the facts (like sensitivity) are unknown – what the IPCC claims is arrived at by the Goldilocks method and not by science – i.e. I am looking for a CO2 signal. You will be shocked if you are willing to follow and have this first hand before the public ok. 4. When it comes to whether CAGW exists or not, no-one actually knows. 15 Amazing Tips How to Build Motivation to Start the Day, 10 Simple Tips How to Get Your Motivation Back, 3 Tips How to Maintain Your Motivation for Your Side Hustle, Why Are You Feeling Not Motivated – The 10 Most Common Reasons. That is what the scientific evidence suggests, and that is what the warmists and the IPCC will not admit. Skeptics use that difficulty to dismiss the evidence even in cases where I consider it strong, but there are also cases where I feel rather helpless in deciding what to think about some arguments. We demonstrate incivility towards each other every day, we are animals in that sense of the word.

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