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According to city staff’s preliminary review, a minimum of three vehicle lanes must be maintained in each direction to maintain optimal traffic flow across the bridge, which is part of TransLink’s regional Major Road Network, used heavily by buses, and considered an extension of the Highway 99 route.

Based on previous direction from Council, further study will include a review of the sidewalk conditions and connections throughout the bridge to improve connectivity for all pedestrian and more specifically disabled users.

Options 1 and 2 are attractive because they give users an unparalleled experience by allowing them to cross at a very high level (approximately 90 feet), see the inner workings of the bridge and remain separate from the vehicles on the upper deck. The UDP felt that Option 3 was the most practical overall but that Options 1 and 2 could be a great benefit to the bridge and the City.

Council Direction

The pathway project is separate from two other projects specifically for the bridge, including a $34-million seismic and rehabilitation upgrade of the 1954-built structure.

The Granville Bridge was built in 1954 and designed to connect to high-speed, high-volume freeways that were never built.

Both companies feel many of the users will be the same as those that currently uses the ferries.

The False Creek Crossing Study has concluded that pedestrian and cyclist improvements are necessary on Granville Bridge and this most recent study has narrowed down those options and shown that they are feasible and could serve the City well. The report to council comes as work is already underway to rehabilitate and seismically upgrade the Granville Bridge, with $25 million approved in the city’s current capital budget plan.

The downsized Granville Bridge Connector, approved by city council last week, is expected to commence construction in early 2022 for a completion in the middle of 2023. The idea of a new cantilevered pathway structure under the bridge deck has also been dismissed for a variety of factors, including its estimated cost of over $150 million. Cost Estimates Including Contingency, GST and Overhead. The report recommends council direct staff to begin a public discussion to finalize a design for the Granville Bridge that would reallocate at least two centre traffic lanes on the 1954-era span to create a path for pedestrians, cyclists and people who require wheelchairs.

Special Advisory Committee on Disability Issues.

The municipal government has been targeting improvements on the Granville Bridge for pedestrians and cyclists for some years, given that the existing pedestrian sidewalks are narrow and perceived as unsafe, and there is an absence of dedicated bike lanes. M4 Motorway Viaduct Route links Auburn, Granville, Holroyd and … This condition states that the FCYC must provide a public right of way through the area currently leased by the FCYC from the Province. There are over 40 parking spaces available for those who wish to travel to Parramatta by bike. However, FCYC and Engineering Services have expressed concerns about the loss of parking for the FCYC, which is currently under standard.

During review of the option G1, staff and the consultant realised there was merit to looking into an elevator/deck level improvement option with no mid-level crossing.
There are a range of secure options in Parramatta for storing your bike including lockers at Parramatta Wharf and Parramatta train station.

“Safety for all modes is also expected to have greatly improved.”, On the Cambie Bridge, “early data suggests that conflicts between people walking and cycling on the bridge have decreased [a key driver of the project], and that there has been no significant impact on motor vehicle travel time.”. (see attached study, limited distribution). Heritage advocates of the Burrard Bridge noted that the G1 options represented a good alternative to making major modifications to the Burrard Bridge, re-directing pedestrian and cyclist trip demand from Burrard Bridge to the Granville Bridge by making it more cyclist and pedestrian friendly. These improvements included a mid-level walkway/cyclist path suspended beneath the bridge (G1 option) and deck level improvements for pedestrians, disabled users and cyclists. Bike Plan Summary - 10 MBBike Plan - 56 MBBike Plan Vol 1: Engagement - 12 MBBike Plan Vol 2: Saddle Survey - 19.5 MBBike Plan Vol 3: Detailed Route Descriptions - 3 MBBike Plan Vol 4: Public Consultation Summary - 24 MB. Staff and the Buckland Taylor/Hotson Bakker team worked through a number of differentof options and came up with two distinct configurations that the consultant and staff team believe are technically feasible, meet basic urban design principals and are within the scope of the preliminary budget.

Six varying design concepts were revealed by the City of Vancouver today for the redesign of the eight-lane Granville Street Bridge deck to accommodate new walking and cycling pathway, as well as public spaces. Staff also recommended that major improvements be undertaken in the Granville corridor (after Burrard Bridge).

The $11.0 million required for Options 1 or 2 or the $8.0 million for Option 3 could be added to the plebiscite for the 2003 - 2005 Capital Plan, but this is not recommended by staff. 24 hour access to secure bike parking cage, change rooms and lockers, 24 hour surveillance in the bike storage area.

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