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Gumball: Okay, firstly: What? (3840 x 2400). Darwin: No— we locked you in our basement so you missed your birthday party and realized how much you actually wanted it. Written by: [Mild Spoilers S3] Speculation about what time the show takes place in. Next You got legs? Larry: Actually, I'm here to deliver a message to Gumball and Darwin. After the third part of the chase scene, Anton goes missing from the race to the mall. This episode marks Mr. Yoshida's first physical appearance in the series. Gumball: Okay, so where's the invitation? Gumball: Oh, my gosh, it's burned into our retinas! Love is immaterial, unquantifiable, love is, [Gumball and Darwin have left] uh... guys? Darwin: You're making it worse! 125 And thirdly: See firstly. amazing world of gumball o incrivel mundo de gumball gumball watterson darwin. Gumball: Okay, although this looks bad, it could be a whole lot— [Everything else suddenly catches fire] Quick, rain on it! Including all the funny gifs, cartoon network gifs, and gumball gifs. Shortly after, Carmen, Teri, and Leslie confront Masami over what they should get her for the party, though she is dismissive of their fawning over her. Look. You saw the invitation! Gumball: Yeah, does she even realize how good she has it? Later, the two approach Masami in her locker, asking her to guess what they got her for the party (in an attempt to figure out the appropriate gift). Richard: [joyfully] Nothing! Darwin: [To Masami] It's your birthday, you choose. Germany/Bulgaria/Hungary: October 26, 2015Poland: November 2, 2015Australia: November 9, 2015France: November 11, 2015Spain: November 14, 2015Turkey: December 14, 2015Brazil: February 29, 2016 This episode also reveals that she got socks from Harry (who moved because of his dad getting a promotion) in Gumball and Darwin's third grade and she is still wearing them. Masami: [still unenthusiastic] Okay, um, is it the Mic Graves I saw at the store? Gumball concludes that Richard was right: they were to get her nothing more than a 'taste for life.'. Production code: Rachel is throwing a party for her friends, and Tobias blackmails her into allowing all of his friends to come as well, though she tells them they each have to … Gumball: Hey, Masami, bet you don't know what pre— [they both fall out] ...what present we got you that you would [singsong voice] really like. I made a minimalistic profile picture for Teri. U.K. air date: She guesses that it is the Mic Graves that she saw at the store; knowing this, the two immediately dismiss Masami, now knowing what to get her, though the rest of her classmates were also listening in, prompting a frantic race to the mall over who gets the gift. Where are we gonna find four-thousand dollars? Meanwhile, at the party, Mr. Yoshida confronts the Donut Cop about all of the strange text messages. [Throws the handle away. Leslie​​​​​: Yeah, leave her alone, guys. Nicholas Cantu is not involved in Darwins Yearbook, if its even real. 1271. The first is when the students are revealed to be eavesdropping on Gumball, Darwin, and Masami, having crammed themselves between the edge of the frame (or rather, where it was before it zoomed out to reveal them) and the walls, floor, and ceiling outside of it. In the process of fighting over the phone, Gumball accidentally sends a photo of Masami looking frightened, worsening the situation. Broadcast number: Heh, heh! (Anais clever dog face) (5x32), [gif] Darwing the sentimental hitman (5x32), Apparently the news is airing a few times on CN UK (Evidence provided), Just passed my DAT today, and decided to draw some nostalgia in Celebration, Gumball, Darwin, and Anais as Kanan, Ezra, and Ahsoka. Gumball: He meant can ice cream buy your love? Darwin: We need to think of something we can actually afford. "The Parking", "The Gift" is the ninth episode of Season 4 of The Amazing World of Gumball. Gumball: ...And that's when the raccoons broke into our house because they started that turf war with the skunks and while they were fighting, they fell into the shark tank and then one of the raccoons grabbed the invite and tried to get out, but got eaten anyway and that's why we can't come to your party, okay, bye! Carmen: [nervously] Heh, you know, the Day-Before-Your-Birthday Day, the tradition when your friends act like your slaves and in exchange, you tell them how to avoid making you angry at your party. All we're asking is to wrap you up, keep you overnight, and then give you as a love-gift to Masami. Richard: Don't worry, that could never happen to us. Recently started watching and I realized I have Gumball's couch, [gif] Hmm hmmm ? He tries to amend the issue by typing what sounds like a ransom, causing Darwin to interject and try to take the phone from Gumball. Gumball: And that's why we're gonna abandon that plan and open the door right now. Previous Masami: We'll just have another one. It is the 125th episode overall.[1]. Well, if everyone else is voting for him.. You know what? Gumball: Larry! Touched, the two begin to sing to Masami but are almost immediately tackled to the ground by a SWAT team, ending the episode. When Gumball and Darwin come out after hiding in the floor, their feet can be seen attached to it, but later when they are still covered by the ground's material, their feet are seen out of it. Mom does. Secondly: Harry's dad got promoted, that's why they had to move away. http://www.toonzone.net/forums/threads/cartoon-network-august-2015-premiere-info.5495932/, https://theamazingworldofgumball.fandom.com/wiki/The_Gift?oldid=575110, This episode was released on the Cartoon Network App and Video on Demand before it aired on TV on August 28. The episode starts with Richard and the kids at home watching TV. User blog:SpongeBobFreak101/GIFs | The Amazing World of Gumball Wiki | Fandom. Feb 19, 2016 - Cartoon Network . If I missed anything, please let me know! Darwin: [reading] "Come to Masami's birthday party.". Cutting back to the basement, Gumball, Darwin, and Masami accidentally break the phone in the midst of fighting over it. The Amazing World of Gumball: The Tasks (Full Comic). Explore the r/gumball subreddit on Imgur, the best place to discover awesome images and GIFs. 4 picture of amazing world of gumball nicole with sunglasses - Google Search. Premiere dates [Gumball and Darwin stop] You can't come because you lost the invite that was burnt into your retinas? 31.1k. See it. Darwin: You don't get it, Mr. Dad, this is Masami. Richard: It's a party, what's not to like? [They still look at him] All right, we escaped unhurt once...and then we hurt ourselves on the way home. Like, a flower is fine. The sheriff interprets them as threats and calls in the police force to investigate the site of the 'crime.' Gumball: [Trying to grab the phone] Whoawhoawhoawhoa, wait! Check out all the awesome amazing world of gumball gifs on WiffleGif. There'll be cake and games and cake— CAAAAAAKE! Then there's emojis of a clock and a flamingo dancing. Darwin: Where are we gonna find twenty-thousand dollars?? Chicho. Alan's string is visible after the close-up of Masami mentioning Mic Graves but is absent beforehand. Quote. However, they go missing once the chase scene has started. Gumball and Darwin ultimately get to the store before their classmates and attempt to purchase the Mic Graves from Larry, which is then revealed to be a painting worth $20,000. I don't have a job. And we said sorry. It's like she's forgotten how to have fun. Follow. Masami: But it's just I need something for my—. Richard: I remember Harry. Season: [Walks up to Masami] I got you a gift you'll love. o incrivel mundo de gumball gifs < > Most popular. Tobias​​​​​, Jared, Tina, William, Carmen, Alan​​​​​, Clayton, Colin, Teri, Juke, Felix, Jamie, Sarah, Bobert, Anton, Molly, Leslie​​​​​, Ocho, Carrie, Idaho, and Banana Joe: [gasp] Mic Graves! Back in the basement, Masami decides she should text her father about being locked in their basement, but Gumball tries to grab the phone from her for making it sound like she was locked up against her will. Her dad's a very powerful man. Gumball: Or we lie our way out of the party. The two sigh, knowing that there is no longer a way out of attending the party. I'm sendin' in the big boys. Welcome to The Amazing World of Gumball! Darwin gets it and the phone dings] "To get her back, just follow my instructions. After they receive an extravagant invitation to Masami's birthday party, Gumball and Darwin are anxious to find just the right gift for her. Darwin: We were kinda blinded by the explosion. He used to sit behind me in math. Larry: Oh, no, four-thousand dollars is the title of the painting. The scene then cuts to Richard and Nicole at the hospital, where Anais is heavily swollen from frog flu due to kissing so many frogs. Anais: Oh, well. Chat. look (s4e18). Gumball: Big mistake. Please form a single file line. The Amazing World of Gumball Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Gumball: Masami, please, we've been in a lot of unexpected predicaments before and we always escape unhurt. Check out these funny GIFs. She's like the princess of Elmore Junior High. 3269. Photo. Darwin: What?! They fear disappointing her, citing an instance where someone named Harry got her socks (despite not having legs)— the next day, his father lost his job and the family moved out of Elmore. [Holds her breath, goes underwater, and uses the pipe part to pry the door open. Here's all the ages at which the Wattersons have been depicted. New screenshots from "Darwin’s Yearbook", a 6 episode miniseries premiering this December on CN. Including all the gumball gifs, reaction gifs, and tawog gifs. [Snaps her fingers and Larry comes and gives them another invite. i need a gumball movie. I made a Gumball Wallpaper for everyone! [He and Darwin fight over the phone. i dont need sleep. Masami: Apology not accepted! Masami: Firstly: Yes, I have legs. Important details about the plot or story are up ahead. Your daughter is safe, to get her back, just follow my instructions. [Grabs the phone again] "Hey, Mr. Yoshida. It actually costs twenty-thousand dollars. However, he accidentally fires it, causing the basement to erupt in flames. Gumball: Look for anything that could be useful! Create a gif. Check out all the awesome the amazing world of gumball gifs on WiffleGif. Larry: Could you point me toward the exit? Isn't being there for someone the most beautiful gift you can give? Darwin: Sorry, we just wanted to get you the best gift possible. Let's not panic. Larry: That was it, the confetti spelled it out. Darwin: And who knows what will happen if she's disappointed. _premium Browse GIFs Popular Create a GIF Extras Pictures to GIF YouTube to GIF Facebook to GIF Video to GIF Webcam to GIF Upload a GIF ... Gumball's I told you so dance. Masami guesses that her gift will be a painting by. See more ideas about Gumball, The amazing world of gumball, World of gumball. Gumball: Everything's gotta be perfect! Press F to pay respects to our savior, Idaho. All posts. Anais' kissing frogs to find her prince is an obvious reference to. Gumball: Drink! [Grabs the phone] Wait! GIF it. [Holds up a frog] Back to work, Reginald. Gumball freaks out about the fact that Masami had legs and says that he thought that Harry's father was run out of town. Masami: I'd have been happy with something small— like these socks I got from Harry. I'll prescribe wart cream, a healthy dose of reality, and far fewer princess movies. Gumball: Not your third grade, our third grade. Larry is seen dressed up as an early musician, with Bach as an example.

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