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Swampfire • [11], Heatblast can be paralyzed by an Aerophibian's neuroshock blasts, as also demonstrated with Alan. You will also need his abilities to run though fire and absorb it, and also to produce a rock to ride for a short distance in a fiery trail. On that note, he can even create fire uses with the snap of his fingers. Gravattack • AmpFibian • Heatblast • UA Heatblast super speeding. Cannonbolt • General Information [2], Because of his fiery body, on occasion, Heatblast cannot hold anything without burning or melting it. Being one of Ben's most versatile alien forms, Heatblast is a pyrokinetic, meaning he has the ability to generate and manipulate intense heat and fire from his body.

[DJW 1]. Albedo • Echo Echo • UpRigg • S4E3 Don't Drink the Water - 1min17sS4E4 Big Fat Alien Wedding - 2min7sS4E7 Ken 10 (Ben 10,000) - 3sS4E9 Ben 10 vs. Cannonbolt • Four Arms • Heatblast head is completely fiery, with his eyes being connected to that flame which can be put out by a sufficient amount of water. [1] Several years later, Heatblast was able to bury him in the ground up to his shoulders. Diamondhead • Big Chill • Heatblast in the Omniverse Game Creator (scrapped) Ben 10: Protector of Earth. Heatblast is a playable alien in the game (only on 3DS). Shocksquatch The extent of this Pyroportation is unknown, and has only been shown transporting him small distances. He is also prone to burning the place where he sits. He can shape that fire into fireballs, fire breath, flaming discs and fire tornadoes. Ben 10 Omniverse Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Ditto •

He can also enhance the fire in his hands for flaming punches,[1] and can breathe fire like a dragon. OV

Chromastone • The Negative 10: Part 2 - 6s [28], Heatblast is vulnerable to the telekinetic abilities of a Uxorite[29] and a Celestialsapien, the latter of which has been demonstrated with Alan. Mr. Ignacius Baumann.

Upchuck • Heatblast's voice has changed throughout his appearances in the Classic Continuity. Heatblast wears the original Omnitrix/Ultimatrix/Omnitrix symbol on his chest. Way Big • In Back with a Vengeance, Heatblast wore a yellow raincoat. Heatblast dragon breath. Crashocker • His feet are also redesigned. Lodestar • [25][26], Heatblast's fire attacks are useless against anything diamond-related or fireproof in general, such as Petrosapiens,[27] Crabdozers,[13] and weapons and/or armor made from their DNA. Heatblast is the Omnitrix / Ultimatrix 's DNA sample of a Pyronite from Pyros. Heatblast is the 1st alien to appear in Ben 10. Molestache •

He can form fire into any shape that he chooses, commonly fireballs. [10] Similarly, Heatblast can increase the temperature of his heat and fire with his speed, as seen when he vaporized S.A.M.

[8] He can also create sharp fire-made disks and throw them as slicing weapons, as seen when he battled a swarm of Vilgax's drones[1] and when he battled Dr. Animo's mutant hornet. He is available for purchase at level 40 for 5000 coins.

Body Powers and Abilities Heatblast can create, absorb, and control fire.

His feet have only two toes and one back toe. [11] After several years of practice, Heatblast is now capable of high-speed flight by propelling himself forward. Upgrade • Ben • - 43sS3E10 Monster Weather - 1min20sS3E13 The Visitor - 49s Heatblast is cold resistant and ice proof thanks to the heat he produces, allowing him to thaw his way out of ice such as an Evolved Necrofriggian's ice flames.

Goop • Eatle • S3E1 Ben 10,000 (Ben 10,000) - 7sS3E2 Midnight Madness - 49sS3E7 Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures! Armodrillo • Big Chuck According to Dwayne, Heatblast is capable of moderate terrakinesis (control over earth/rock), According to Dwayne, Heatblast is capable of making his flames explosive, something. [17], Heatblast is capable of limited terrakinesis by channeling fire through the ground. Spitter • His weapon mod increases the damage, but slows the firing rate of the Marksman. Rath •

Gutrot • First Appearance Pyronite

OS Among all of Ben's aliens who have eyes, Heatblast is the only one who never had green colored eyes. Jetray • Stink Arms • Alpha as Heatblast looked roughly similar to Ben 10,000's Heatblast, only his head was more monstrous, his hands and feet were animalistic, his chest had an opening, and there was a tail-like attachment on his back. [1], Heatblast is capable of jumping exceptionally high. Heatblast is a playable racer in the game.

Snare-oh • Not counting the different versions of Secret of The Omnitrix, Heatblast has been in every original series movie. [3] To top it all off, he can even absorb heat and fire at the same time. Diamond Matter • [30], Heatblast can get dizzy by flying around in a continuous circle at extremely high speeds. Heatblast attacking from up top. Heatblast is the 14th most used alien in Ultimate Alien.

Heat Jaws • Blitzwolfer • Voice Actor His weakness is water or snow. Heatblast was originally planned to be one of the playable aliens in the online game, When asked how he would do in a fight against. Ben 10: Omniverse ChamAlien • Ripjaws • Ben 10,000's Heatblast looked similar to his younger self's, but he sported two miniature volcanoes on his shoulders and had a more muscular build. Heatblast shooting fire. Spidermonkey • Ben 10: Alien Force Eon Species

Whenever Ben turns into Heatblast, he seems to become more arrogant and cocky. Walkatrout • Check it out. 10/11-year-old Heatblast in Omniverse looks exactly the same as his 16-year-old self, except for the fact that he is shorter and much less muscular than his sixteen-year-old self. Alien X • File:Ben vs. Superman & Martian Manhunter.png, https://ben10.fandom.com/wiki/Heatblast_(Classic)?oldid=1050825, Heatblast was unlocked offscreen prior to, Also, Heatblast appeared as one of the many aliens when, Heatblast is the first alien Ben ever transformed into in the Classic Continuity and entire, Also by coincidence, Heatblast is replaced with. Echo Echo • [4] Similarly, he can leave scorch mark footprints on certain floors.


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