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Transportation4100 Traffic Way For example, a retail business may buy snacks from a wholesaler to sell in their store. Service Provided By: Sacramento County can only issue certificates for deaths which occurred in Sacramento County since 1850. Should I be registered to pay other taxes? Receive rental payments from the lease of tangible personal property in this state. The date of the document. Saving your California location allows us to provide you with more relevant information. 311 or Outside of Unincorporated Sacramento County Areas: 916-875-4311 or California does not apply sales tax to services and labor, but because the rules are complicated concerning what is subject to sales tax, the CDTFA recommends you consult its office for guidance if you have questions. Service Provided By: To report an emergency in progress, call 911. Sacramento, CA 95827

7001 East Parkway, Suite 650 (Map)Sacramento, CA 95823 Most people and businesses that sell or lease tangible property while engaging in commerce in California need seller's permits, but there are many details to understand within those broad rules. Our Immunization Clinic provides vaccines by appointment for children and youth ages 0-18 years of age. Trademarking a business name can help ensure that your name won’t be used by competitors. Any business in California that plans to sell items or tangible goods that are subject to sales tax must obtain a permit. | Connect with Us Your records may be audited to determine whether you have paid the correct amount of tax. For example, in California, the State Board of Equalization's seller's permit, which is used to collect BOE sales tax, does not have a fee associated with it. Back to Top Accessibility Languages Conditions of Use Privacy Policy. The audit may determine that you owe tax, that you are entitled to a refund, or that you have paid the correct amount. Death Certificate page for more information. Both wholesalers and retailers must apply for a permit. In general, you may be audited in three-year intervals, at the time you close out your permit, or in connection with an audit on another permit you hold. (Map) For information on how to become certified as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) in California or accredited as a Paramedic in Sacramento County, visit EMS Agency Website for detailed instructions and links. View the Transportation web page for information on how to obtain a permit. For questions concerning street trees, trees on public lands or trees along creeks, please call 311.For all other tree questions please contact the Sacramento Tree Coordinator phone: (916) 874-5278. 3-1-1 (Outside of Unincorporated Sacramento County Areas: 916-875-4311)  or You can apply online using online registration or you may apply at a nearby CDTFA location. Is information regarding my account subject to disclosure? Service Provided By: Service Provided By: 916-874-6334.

916-875-8484 or

e-m​​ail. Likewise, the CDTFA may cancel your permit if it finds that you are no longer engaged in business as a seller. Finance700 H Street, Room 1710 (First Floor) view the Eligibility Requirements or If you are selling or planning to sell physical merchandise, whether you business is a corporation, an LLC, or a private company, you must have and keep current a sales tax permit. Buying, Selling, or Discontinuing a Business. Likewise, labor charges to install or apply property which has been sold is not ordinarily subject to sales tax (note: the labor charge should be stated separately on the bill).

e-m​ail. (Map) Get information regarding licensing exams. Health Services7001 A East Parkway, Suite 650 They also provide record/warrant information, criminal history, DMV, missing persons status, parole/probation status, stolen vehicle and property statuses, to field officers, detectives, and allied law enforcement agencies via radio, telephone, and teletype operations. 311 or Outside of Unincorporated Sacramento County Areas: 916-875-4311. e-mail. Service Provided By: ​

(Map) Your social security number (corporate officers excluded), Your driver license number, state ID number, or other ID (e.g., passport, military ID), Names and location of banks where you have an account, Name and address of bookkeeper or accountant, Expected average monthly sales and the amount of those sales which are taxable, If you have purchased an existing business, you must also provide the previous permit information. send us an e-mail.

(Map) Service Provided By: 916-874-6334, County Service Center - East5229-B Hazel AvenueFair Oaks, CA 95628Corner of Madison and Hazel AvenuesHours & Location, County Service Center - South 8239 E. Stockton Blvd, Suite A​Sacramento, CA 95828North of Calvine​​ Road by CARMAXHours & Location​, Service Provided By:

If the ownership of my business changes, do I need to let you know?

Is my seller's permit the same as a business license? 916-875-5345 or (Map) We provide resources about immunizations and services available for children and adults. Service Provided By:

You are engaged in business in California if you: There are other activities that may qualify a selling operation as being engaged in business in California. Death certificates are available approximately 4-6 weeks after the date of death.

You must let us know in writing that you are no longer involved in the operation of the business. In California, the credential you must acquire in order to legally do business in the state and collect sales tax is called a California Seller's Permit.California's sales tax permitting system is entirely digital, and can be completed online at the Board of Equalization's website at boe.ca.gov. This can be determined by looking at the burial permit that is with the remains now.

e-mail. If you have questions, please Contact us. Service Provided By: © LegalZoom.com, Inc. All rights reserved.

Box 942879 On November 5, 5:00 p.m. - November 9, 12:00 p.m. (Pacific time) all online service functions, including sales and use tax, will be unavailable. We file all permit and license requests directly with the California Board of Equalization, however we are not a government agency, and you may obtain documents at a reduced through your district office.​Our goal is to help you avoid the hassle and headache with ordering a permit directly through your district office. If you fall into the category of businesses that plan to sell goods or products within the State of California, you will need to obtain a California Sales Tax Certificate Number (also called a Seller's Permit). For residential permits you need the property address, parcel number and your payment. Please visit the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration website to request Business Tax and Fee records. Sacramento County. While every state has its own rules and regulations, they all require businesses to carry a sales tax certificate. Sacramento, CA 95827 Public Trees are those that occur on any County owned land (parks, building grounds, etc.) Most people and businesses that sell or lease tangible property while engaging in commerce in California need seller's permits, but there … Being “engaged in business" in California encompasses many situations including maintaining a physical place of business, such as a warehouse or satellite office, or a sales representative in the state. The Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) offers extensive information on state, local, and federal permit requirements.

Assessor3701 Power Inn Rd, Suite 3000 Water Resources700 H Street, Room 6720 Street Use Permits page. South Service Center8239 E. Stockton Blvd, Suite ASacramento, CA 95828North of Calvine Road by CARMAXHours & Location​​​. Businesses operating in or selling in California are required to purchase a sellers permit known as California Tax Exemption, California Resale Certificate, California Sale and Use Tax, Wholesale Certificate, even online businesses.This certificate allows you to do so. There are advantages and disadvantages to bringing the office home with you. has been working with LegalZoom since 2004. Agricultural Commission / Sealer of ​Weights and Measures4137 Branch Center Road Once your application is approved, you should display your seller's permit prominently in your place of business. Mooring Permit page. e-mail. Service Provided By: View the For more information, view the Permits As a business owner, you have many options for paying yourself, but each comes with tax implications. 916-875-5345, (For a birth in Sacramento County this year or last year only). However, labor costs for making repairs (resetting a diamond, for example) are not taxable since they do not result in the creation of tangible personal property. of Recorded Documents since 1849. Intend to sell or lease tangible personal property that would ordinarily be subject to sales tax if sold at retail. However, some states do charge a fee when you apply for your seller's permit number. For a listing of their assistance centers, visit their website at http://business.ca.gov/. At the time you apply for a permit, be sure to provide information for all business locations so that the CDTFA will issue the correct type of permit. What Are the Main Advantages of a Sole Proprietorship.

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Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter! public records page for more information. The purchaser’s seller’s permit number (unless they are not required to hold one 1). An explicit statement that the described property is being purchased for resale. Movie Permits page. The date of the document. 916-875-5345 or For residential permits you need the property address, parcel number and your payment. Whether you're a homegrown business just starting out or an established company looking to expand, selling your products online can be the difference between success and stagnation. An Encroachment permit is used to authorize placement, modification, or removal of any kind of permanent or temporary encroachments.

In addition, some service and labor costs are taxable if they result in the creation of tangible personal property. Properly licensing your business will ensure you comply with all state, county, and local laws. There is no fee for obtaining a seller's permit in California. The Board of Equalization administers California's sales and use, fuel, alcohol, tobacco, and other taxes and collects fees that fund specific state programs and plays a significant role in California property tax assessment and administration. The amount of the security will be determined at the time you apply. ​Service Provided By: 916-876-6100 or Permit page for more information.​, Service Provided By: 916-875-0493 (Office), 916-876-7549 (Fax). A seller's permit is required for any business selling tangible goods in California. (Map) Are your children up-to-date on their immunizations? Service Provided By: See also California's Tax Information Center, http://www.taxes.ca.gov. View the e-​m​ail. Check with other state, federal, and local taxing and licensing authorities about any registration requirements they may have (for example, do you need to be registered with the Franchise Tax Board or the Employment Development Department). 916-875-6603 or 916-874-6544 or

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