how to get job in shipping company

As mentioned previously, working on a sea-going vessel is exciting. If you’re an expert negotiator, you can arrange deals that will cut the shipping costs and make your business the prime option for customers. Finally, create a solid business plan and you'll be off and running. She is the author and co-author of 15 books and serves as a consultant in K-12 and higher education with Kinect Education Group. The shipping industry offers you one of the most diverse and exciting career paths within industries today. A freight forwarder’s job might involve researching transport routes, negotiating contracts and handling costs with specific logistics companies, arranging specific courier services (depending on the type of product), and liaising with everyone in the shipping chain to make sure everything goes according to plan. Register Now. For instance, electrical goods are produced and sold for a lot cheaper in the Far East. Hi Angela…I love to travel. A shipping agent spends his work day negotiating affordable rates for transporting goods from one place to another. This is interesting. Thank you. Those job applications won’t write themselves!

Shipping activities need highly-organised administrative staff to monitor and administer the distribution and reception of imported/exported goods. how can he be successful in this field. So, if your job search matches any of these, you must apply for a job at Cognizant. It’s also wise to buy cargo and liability insurance. Working on behalf of import/export companies, people in these careers use their expertise to arrange the best, most efficient and cost-effective means of transport for the shipping of specific goods. Some importers/exporters work as brokers on a freelance basis. Your first step is to conduct an honest self-evaluation: your aspirations, tolerances, preferences, and needs for professional and social growth in life. International economies depend upon shipping for sustainability and growth. Infosys Find out why Infosys should be one of your top choices for off-campus placements. We don’t send emails.

Primarily found on long-haul vessels, responsible for crew accommodations and assisting the marine cook. Save as Alert. Hi Angela, nice to read your experiences and your point of view. These guys are dynamic salespeople who need to know their industry inside out. My passion for the exciting international world of my parents’ shipping company propelled me to obtain my MBA from Harvard University so that I could join them in the company started by my parents decades before. International trade and shipping consists of two parts: importing and exporting. The global marketplace has expanded tremendously. These expert organisations take charge of a domestic company’s exporting needs. You may not need a physical location for your business. Finding your niche, though, requires careful planning, research, proper education and training, determination and flexibility.

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She has numerous publications published by Talico, Inc., DynaTEAM Consulting, Inc. and Kinect Education Group. What about all the good times we shared? We can also help you find a training provider. I would like to seek your help in understanding future direction to my career.I have sailed fr 18 years of which 5 years as a master , fortunately for me i have worked on all types of vsls. You can expect freight broker school to take three weeks of classroom time and an additional week for observation and hands-on experience.

Designing, engineering and construction of new vessels, as well as repair of existing stock. Additionally, one has to track, monitor and comply with a myriad of international and domestic port regulations.

If so, then working on a shipping vessel, such as cargo ships, dry bulk carriers, or tankers, may be the place for you. Careers include: shipping and receiving clerk, accountant, public relations specialist, maritime lawyer, marine biologist, and human resources specialist. My age is 32.

There are good websites, such as go-maritime.net, that provide useful overviews of the various career possibilities on and off-shore, with antidotes, videos, job responsibilities, and educational/training requirements. Responsible for preparing the meals for the staff on the vessel, including ordering and budgeting everything needed for the galley. Set up meetings with companies that use external shipping entities, and meet with various transportation businesses, too. This is just the beginning. Are you breaking up with us? If you market your services and meet with the right people, you can start a shipping business from your home. Careers in this area can take a number of different routes.

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