how to look after a real christmas tree

Check the variety. The majority of Christmas trees will last around five weeks when placed inside the home, but could last even longer depending on how often you treat them. Cutting the trunk means it takes in more water - like with fresh cut flowers. A healthier tree will last a lot longer than one that is already starting to look brown. The most popular type of Christmas tree in the UK is the Nordmann Fir. Falling needles are a natural part of a conifer’s life cycle.

“If the tree gets left in netting, it can start forming a micro climate, where the centre will warm up, subsequently leaving them more prone to needle drops and shortening the lifespan.”, Mark says: “The tree’s needles should be a dark green instead of a pale, washed out shade. The type of tree, where it comes from and how you look after it, are all factors that contribute to the life of your tree. Now that you have brought the tree into the house and set it up, you need to make sure you take good care of it. Once you’ve got your tree home, taking a bit of time to look after your Christmas tree will help keep it green, stop it dropping needles and maintain a fresh pine scent for longer. If your tree still has its roots attached, here’s what you need to know about potted Christmas tree care. The look of this Christmas tree is very different from the two trees mentioned above, as instead of a thick and wide shape, it is a slender and tall shape.

Fantastic Services © 2020. Make sure your Christmas tree is a sparkling success by choosing it carefully, then looking after it well.

All you do is donate the tree and they’ll shred it down to … A full hardy deciduous shrub bearing masses of white flowers in spring. Real or fake? Mark recommends keeping your tree out of any direct sunlight, draughts and heat from radiators and fireplaces – this will mean it doesn’t dry out which would shorten its life.

A common mistake that people make is to place their tree in the most convenient place for them, rather than for the tree. Protect the base of the tree or any part of your item you don't want flocked by wrapping it with plastic sheeting or a plastic bag. Cut about 25millimetres (mm) off the trunk of the tree using a panel saw so that the cut base of the tree is fresh. The same advice would go for your Christmas tree, meaning that you should try and recycle your tree before it begins to die. Locate your tree away from any heat source such as radiators. The Nordman Fir is also easy to care for, as it holds onto its needles longer compared to other varieties of Christmas trees. All rights reserved, How to Care for a Real Christmas Tree | Easy to Follow Tips. “Try to find a tree that has already had the netting removed for display, this allows you to see the shape and be confident that the tree has been looked after,” Mark says. Keeping the water level above the cut base of the tree is really important for Christmas tree care. And when you’ve made your choice, don’t forget to check out our guide to the best Christmas tree toppers on the market this year! The cover will shield the gentle foliage from any damage if you’re transporting the Christmas tree on top of your car. Instead, scoop them up using a dustpan and brush. Take the tree out of its netting as soon as you get it home to prevent mould and fungus growing in the damp branches. With all these questions, we decided to come up with our ultimate real Christmas tree guide to make picking your Christmas tree a fun, festive day out. Be careful not to damage or dirty the base of the tree and set it in water as soon as you get home. Live biodegradble Christmas trees can be turned into mulch. If you place your tree next to a heat source such as a radiator, it can contribute to the dying process of the tree as it dries it out. Choose a healthy tree . The branches are also soft, making them ideal for a home with younger children, and to top it all off, the colour is a beautiful blue-green tinge. The warm temperature will encourage tree growth which is to be avoided. You should try to add some humidity to the air to prevent dryness around the house. One of the obvious maintenance tips that we can give you is to make sure that your tree is watered every now and then. And if it’s kept outside on a porch, balcony, or in a garden it might need even more water to avoid it drying out. And if it’s kept outside on a porch, balcony, or in a garden it might need even more water to avoid it drying out.

Learn how to look after your real Christmas tree with our quick guide, for festive foliage that will last the distance! Make sure to fluff before flocking your Christmas tree. If at all possible, buy a Christmas tree from a tree farm, where you can purchase your tree while it's still in the ground. Do you have some Christmas tree caring tips you would like to share? This type of tree can easily be maintained as all you need to do is pop it into a pot and place it somewhere in a sunny spot. Make A Clean Cut. Another tip: try using LED tree lights. We can install your tree and even handle the removal after the holidays! Bring joy to your home this holiday season! If you are someone that does not want the tree to smell due to allergy reasons, personal preference or to be pet-friendly, then the Nordmann Fir is your best option as it has no scent. Place the tree away from heat sources. That, is the question. Make sure your Christmas tree is a sparkling success by choosing it carefully, then looking after it well. The only downside of the Serbian Spruce is that you will have to put in a lot of money to buy one that is full and the thinner you need the tree, the barer it tends to look.

10 Ways to Recyle a Real Christmas Tree. Having said that, most trees are cut down at the same time, meaning that regardless of when you buy your tree, it should have the same life span if taken care of. The only home improvement newsletter you will ever need!

© Copyright 2020 All Rights Reserved Neal Landscapes - Web Design and SEO by Gud Ideas. Add a minimum of 500millilitres (ml) of water a day. Most cities have recycling events or even curbside pickup during the weeks after Christmas. This allows you to place your delicate and bright decorations on every strand without causing mayhem. Before you go shopping, decide where your tree will go and measure the space beforehand – many people buy a tree that is too wide. Here is what you need to do: Wrap the tree – tarp or a blanket will do just fine. The reason for wrapping your Christmas tree is simple: it’s to protect it against the wind. Heat will dry out the tree and it will lose its needles faster. Here are some tips on how to care for your Christmas tree.

However, live trees require more maintenance than artificial ones. When the tree dies, it will start to ‘malt’ on the floor and could even make the home feel damp and leave a smell. When carrying out landscaping in Milton Keyes, we often find that common mistake that our clients make is to leave a tree in the hopes that it will bounce back to life with enough water and sun. The heavier if feels, the fresher it will be as it will have lost less moisture since being cut. By doing this you prevent fungus and mould from growing on the damp branches. They should also be waxy to the touch, and not feel dry. It's almost holiday time! You can even be notified of our recent case studies. Tap the base of the tree on the ground to check for needle retention – if it drops a lot of needles, don’t buy it. Most cities have recycling events or even curbside pickup during the weeks after Christmas. When a Christmas tree is cut from its trunk over half of its weight is water. Here’s your guide to looking after a real Christmas tree. How To Look After A Real Christmas Tree: A Neal Landscape Guide There is a lot that you need to take into consideration when using a real Christmas tree in your home or office. All trees … After having selected and bought the perfect Christmas tree, it’s time to take it home.

Find out if your local council offers a curbside collection service. We would advise against buying your Christmas tree any earlier than the start of December. Before you go and buy your Christmas tree, you should measure the space that you plan on placing it, as it will determine the size of the tree that you get. Live biodegradble Christmas trees can be turned into mulch. Here is how to do it: Now that you have brought the tree into the house and set it up, you need to make sure you take good care of it. selected and bought the perfect Christmas tree, a cut Christmas tree can last up to a month, Do not clean them up with a vacuum cleaner. Its ability to distribute a soothing and fresh smell puts you into the festive spirit from the very moment that it is put up and decorated. The feel of the tree will have a significant impact on whether it is the perfect tree to take home. Creating a visually appealing exterior of your commercial property or... Sign up to our newsletter to receive all of the latest news and industry trends. By that time, the tree will have grown in height and width and … The Ultimate Real Christmas Tree Buying Guide. Unpack the tree as soon as you get home. Water your real tree every day to keep it looking plump and full.

Make sure your Christmas tree is a sparkling success by choosing it carefully, then looking after it well. Some of them are as follows: From picking the tree itself to keeping up with its maintenance, there are lots of ways you can maintain the beauty of your tree throughout the festive period.

“If you’re looking for a hack to keep your tree fresher for longer, chop or saw a few centimetres off the bottom and soak it in a bucket of water outside, for overnight or as long as possible before bringing it inside,” Mark says. Keep the tree in a bucket of water outside for a day or two to absorb water before moving it indoors.

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