i can't run for more than 30 seconds

I realised running in the park or along the river was less challenging than along the pavement - there are trees and ducks rather than stone and glass, so it's more interesting to look around. Gmail offers a feature called “Gmail Undo Send” which allows you to undo your send email action within 30 seconds. It was 20-something degrees this morning, and I had a mile and a half to go, but all I thought about was jogging while I counted off 30 seconds, and then walking rapidly while I counted the next 60. I will be testing this theory more on April 3 when I do 15 miles at the Croom Fools Run near Brooksville FL. I would suggest in the first instance discussing it with the group leader - it may turn out that there are others in the group who have the same concern and you could be a splinter group advancing at a different rate.

Details are in my blog at http://oldmanrunning.org/2010/03/ran-great-25-miles-in-snow-storm.html I’m going to start experiment with halving my current ratios right away. Jeff, thanks for this post. Jeff, I’m a 74-year old runner who is recovering from blood clots. If you've already done three sessions of Week One and still can't do the sixty second runs then I think you might need to consider repeating the week until you can. The C25k program has three runs a week (or three times at each run, depending on which way you look at it). I am a new runner who recently switched from walking to walk/run segments and I love it! Groups leaders are trained to help people in your situation with advice and encouragement. It's not a fluke - I really can run for 30 minutes!

It seems to me those who run a marathon and take breaks are still doing better than those who stay home! The Exception: The exact pace is less than 20 seconds slower per mile than 10K race pace for faster runners and slightly more than 30 seconds slower per mile than … @Kendall, The Gymboss interval timer works well for me… you can order one from jeffgalloway.com or get one from your local running store. I seem to go faster when I walk than jog! . My new goal is to jog 5km non stop... today. But The Important Thing is this: you get through the plan! I need a good watch that will beep at me when it is time to change from walking to running and back again. Rfcx. The NHS C25K is predicated on building secure foundations... so if you've had to stop at any stage or walked in a run segment, then you'd not move on to longer runs until you could.

Repeat for a total of up to 8 sprints depending on your fitness level. I had to do something so I set a goal of running/walking/crawling to finish a half marathon (the Cincinnati Flying Pig) the first Sunday in May – half way through the training I had an injury and had to take a week off and then slow down for a few weeks. Sprint for 30 seconds at 80 percent capacity. Unlike my friend who is primarily a walker and inserts "run bursts," he is primarily a runner who insists that you can improve your run times by taking "walk breaks." I've signed up for a 10 week C25K with a running club so very proud of myself. you will be able to when you are ready, so don't give up and keep coming back on here and we will help you progress no matter what happens at your next meeting, but I'm sure it will all be more positive than you imagine. I listened to the advice, I spoke to the group leaders, I slowed things down and whilst I struggled and walked and jogged and walked I'm on the good side of C25K week 2!!! It is better by far to repeat weeks and progress at your own pace, than to press on when you really aren't managing, and then get discouraged when you can't keep up. Yesterday I ran your 30:30 ratio and cut 4 minutes off my time for two miles. You're doing just fine, but slowing down can really help. You will all be starting from the same place as everyone else as it's a specific programme for absolute beginners. This isn't about socializing with a group; it's about your own health and fitness and the start of a wonderful new healthier happier you. Than a bit faster again. They will support and help you on the journey otherwise they would not be offering this terrific plan. Excellent post.

And we're all cheering you on! two hills).

Your email address will not be published. Don't worry it's going to be great. You will only be doing very short jogs with longer walks. Do they ask you to repeat the run twice on your own between each weekly session, or do they have three sessions each week? The great thing about C25k is that the slower you do it the better. Thanks for all the great info and inspiration – I will finish no matter the time! Hope this helps. you will be able to when you are ready, so don't give up and keep coming back on here and we will help you progress no matter what happens at your next meeting, but I'm sure it will all be more positive than you imagine. The running club have set this up to encourage new runners, and may well be working alongside the local authority to do just that.

I never plan to run a marathon, but I can appreciate the philosophy: Instead of concentrating on how far you have to go to the finish, you think only of how far till the next break. You will get loads of virtual support on here too.

Well done you!

This is great! Slow down and surprise yourself!

Those endorphins got me home in a hurry and will carry me through the day! I had been doing 6/1 run/walk, but my shins were really hurting. Jeff Galloway Half Marathon Weekend Signup, Galloway Live Virtual Training Club powered by Charge Running. Starting from Ground Zero. Slow, slow and slower... it's not a sprint remember... and good luck . My time has improved but I did notice during training that if I went to a 3:1, my time got worse, which was confusing as I assumed more running meant better time.

As a 40-something guy, my shins truly appreciate this advice. You wouldn't be on your own exactly - you'd have all of us bunch of reprobates to egg you on.

Now I'm about to do a 10k. Not long after Deb told me this, I saw a feature in our local newspaper about the Jeff Galloway injury-free running method.

on the couch. Today I did a 30 second/30 second experiment, and felt a lot better, plus I did shave time off of my overall pace! Sprint for 30 seconds at 50 percent capacity. 3. You'll read this on the forum time and time again ... slow is good, always take your rest days and believe YOU CAN DO IT ... go for it!

I can jog for only 30 seconds before I'm gasping and needing to stop for a drink.

Again thank you all for the encouragement . Not everyone can progress at the same level so I am sure they will have a contingency plan for you. You're right to be proud of yourself, well done for getting started.

I ran for 30 mins!

Lots and lots of people repeat weeks and there is absolutely no shame in doing so.

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