iceberg lake whistler elevation

On this site you may find affiliate links. We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing at the lake, taking pictures, and exploring the slopes to the south of the lake.

Outdoor Vancouver posted an an excellent information page: Rating: Difficult Distance: 15 km Net Elevation Change*: 889 m Highest Point: 1,628 m Time Needed: 7 Hours Type: Out-and-back Season: July – September Dogs Allowed: No (not permitted in the Rainbow Mountain Alpine Trail Network) Est. Time needed: 8.5 hours. star star star star star. I mean how great would it be to go for a swim in this incredible lake? It was challenging but rewarding to climb up steep slopes of snow, wading through waist deep whiteness. From there our last day in the Banff area started. Water-fall check_circle. After reaching the truck we knew the 1st thing we needed to do is find a cell phone signal.

Thanks Chen & Pablo for joining me on this amazing hike. We will continue to send out a newsletter to subscribers every two weeks. Around 3 p.m. that afternoon, WSAR received a request for extrication from the BC Ambulance Service and the RCMP after a solo 25-year-old hiker was injured after falling while exploring ice caves near Iceberg Lake. We gradually ascended through a pleasant forest toward the alpine area at the eastern slopes of the Rainbow Mountain. My name is Kari. And then there are the stunning views. Bathrooms: There are lots of options from the parking lot at the lodge. The meadows before the lake were stunning with hoar frost that was bigger and more dramatic than any of us had ever seen.

Thank you for all the volunteers for building and maintaining such a great trail!”, Chris N. at Cheakamus Lake: Expand. We had a very quick lunch on the sunny lake and had to leave the sun behind to try and make it back to the cars before dark, which we did. We knew it was getting late in the season to reach this location, but we were there just after the first skiff of snow fell. ( Log Out /  Contact, All material copyright Wanderung Outdoor Recreation Society 2009 - 2020, Tell us about recent Wanderung trips. Skywalk South climbs higher and spends more time in the alpine but the weather wasn’t providing much in the way of views.
We learned about the plants along the trail as well as about the animals living in the area. Whistler Hikes #1: Iceberg Lake. As the name suggests, the lake was partially covered by floating ice. All of them not merely undeterred by my warnings of cloudy weather, deep snow and tough trailbreaking, but full on embracing it! CallOut | “Ella, Q & I went to Russet Lake Aug 13-14 to see the meteor shower and to scramble up Fissile, Whirlwind and Overlord peaks. You will encounter some random post-holing on the summit but that’s it.

Old-growth trees check_circle. Total trip time was 5 hours or so, including some faffing time and photo sessions.”, It's still winter here. (or down), on the way back. It was a very warm day out, and you are in the direct sunlight for most of the way, so make sure you bring lots of sunscreen and, Iceberg Lake is a popular hiking destination, and the trail that gets you there adds to the experience.

We didn’t linger long on this day, as there was a wickedly cold wind coming down from the peaks. Email, Fissile, Whirlwind, and Overlord Peaks, 13 Aug 2016. This well-maintained trail was a joy to follow as it was well-graded and featured numerous bridges and boardwalks.

We didn’t get any photos of the mountains around the lake because we couldn’t see them. We headed up the Lower 19 Mile Creek trail and then up the Screaming Cat Connector to the Flank trail. We took the gondola up around 10:30 am on a very busy day (long weekend crowds) and then up the Peak Chair to start the hike. The icebergs were melted by mid-July, according to a park ranger, but the turquoise color of the water is.

Pick up the Upper 19 Mile Creek trail about 10 m north of the outlet of the lake. Roundtrip: 17.0km. Be safe! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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