in silico drug discovery tools

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; Sherman, W. Large-scale systematic analysis of 2D fingerprint methods and parameters to improve virtual screening enrichments. To cope with this issue, a number

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Bento, A.P. Wang, R.; Fang, X.; Lu, Y.; Wang, S. The PDBbind database. ; Dragovich, P.S. ; Yuen, S.T. Wang, L.; Wu, Y.; Deng, Y.; Kim, B.; Pierce, L.; Krilov, G.; Lupyan, D.; Robinson, S.; Dahlgren, M.K. Finally, selected examples where the application of in silico tools had effectively contributed to the development of marketed drugs or clinical candidates will be given. Keywords:Drug-discovery, computational chemistry, target validation, hit-to-lead, lead optimization, humangenome

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Hussein, H.A. ; Mulholland, A. J. Computational enzymology. Icagen made a significant commitment into in silico drug discovery with its July 2016 acquisition of Sanofi’s facility in Tucson, Arizona. ; Matthews, D.A. Hsiao, Y-W.; Petersson, C.; Svensson, M.A. ; Morris, G.M. Available from: .

; Juhos, S.; Schmidtke, P.; Barril, X.; Hubbard, R.E.
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