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RetiCAM Tripod Mount. The mount also has a built-in 5/8"-27 microphone stand thread. At the bottom is the usual ¼ inch screw mount for screwing in place to a tripod. The Reticam tripod mount is an-all metal clamp that grips the Smartphone in place with rubber pads fitted inside the clamp. It has a large metal screw that goes through the whole unit and this will screw tight to clamp the Smartphone in place. Search on Amazon or Ebay for a hot shoe to tripod adapter. The one pictured here is by Neewer and sells for around $10 for a five pack. If you need to use one of the threads on the adapter, ensure that the needed thread is on the bottom and screw it into the bottom of the mount until it is secure. Determine which thread fits your stand or tripod.

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