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BoxVR is though, and it actually manages to make exercise fun and engaging, making me look forward to my morning routine each day, no matter how sore I might have been from the previous sessions. Stop!

Like Beat Saber’s dual colour set-up, you’ve got differently coloured boxing gloves – one blue, one pink – and you just have to match the same coloured icon to the same coloured fist. BoxVR workouts land somewhere between those test-your-strength arcade punch cabinets, a boxercise class and, maybe, an arcade shooter. As someone who’s trained in MMA for well over a decade – to purely middling effect, if I’m being honest – I was initially a bit disappointed by the way BoxVR wanted you to throw your punches.

Expect to burn a few hundred calories for more extended workouts.

It doesn’t matter how light the VR hardware is when you still have to strap it to your face. Three environments are available to keep things fresh: a day and night version of the same gym and a futuristic neon space, which I found to be a welcome change of pace. These workouts are pitched as slightly more elaborate, folding in lunge moves and more classes, but it doesn’t appear to shake things up too much.

Share this story. If a shield is coming, you need to raise your guard, if a neon orange block is coming, you need to duck or slip out of the way.

The headset is far too heavy, the cables irritate and tangle — it’s all uncomfortable and unwieldy. You can’t cheat your way through BoxVR, which is a great thing considering the game’s focus on fitness. This game sets a very high bar for VR fitness, and it has found its way into my daily routine.

Again, it’s about understanding what BoxVR, and in this case the Quest, are expecting of you, and you can soon get round it by opening your guard out just a little. With BoxVR, you’re transported to a digital boutique gym that (rejoice!) There’s currently fifty-seven different workouts to choose from, with more set to be added to the game, ranging from a few minutes to a whole hour, and which cover you from beginner through to seasoned pro. There’s also the option to create a custom playlist from the game’s many songs if you can’t find a preset routine that suits you. If you add in a separate fitness tracker or smart watch, you’ve got the basis for your very own fitness programme.

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boxvr fitxr playstation games ps vr ps4. It’s essentially boxing Beat Saber. It’s now available across most VR platforms including Steam, PlayStation Store and the Oculus Store. A little faux-aggressive or faux-friendly shouting at you might have you trying even harder. Getting off the couch and getting active are two things inherently at odds with gaming. I had plenty of fun listening to whichever track a workout presented to me, and you might even find yourself searching some of them out for a time where you’re not wearing virtual boxing gloves. Given how good everything else is, it’s the one thing that I think would really round the package out. When Beat Saber first debuted on Steam Early Access, I played it almost daily as a makeshift exercise routine. When he's not playing video games, Diego's talking about video games, and he does both a lot.

Jogging through Green Hill Zone? Lace up your virtual gloves and step up for a personal boxing workout like no other with BOXVR.

While they’ve added more music tracks and new trainer workouts, they could really do with adding warm up and cool down options. Most Fun - Probably Beat Saber. You can set targets for calorie loss or minutes spent, and each workout scores your and then build up a real picture of how you’re improving in order to keep you motivated. And the answer is an emphatic yes!

Playing on the Oculus Quest, the inside-out tracking of the headset means struggles at times to follow anything directly below your chin, so you might find that the game won’t fully recognise the way you hold your guard if coming from previous martial arts or boxing training. VR is all about getting off your arse and getting in motion, and in amongst the rhythm-action champions of Beat Saber or Pistol Whip, there are a few more ‘serious’ endeavours that put intentional exercise on the agenda. Flailing your arms about in Beat Saber or dodging and weaving in Superhot almost always causes you to break a sweat, and even though they may work as a makeshift fitness program, they’re not exactly designed with that in mind.

This is a platform that FitXR can, and have already begun to build upon. If you collect enough, these give a boost to your point scores. VR games can be tiring. It feels almost as if it were designed with COVID-19 in mind, even if there are no virtual hand sanitizer dispensers.

The freedom of wireless VR lends itself perfectly to the ducking and dodging Box VR makes you do, and the pick up and play nature of the Quest makes it super easy to jump in for a workout session every morning. Review Disclosure Statement: BoxVR was provided to us by FitXR for review purposes. That’s why BoxVR, like most VR workouts, works best on the latest (and crucially) lightest hardware. Despite being solely centered around exercise, BoxVR remained surprisingly engaging throughout my stay in its virtual gym. Utilizing virtual reality to help get gamers up off the couch is a great use of the technology, and BoxVR is about as good as it gets when it comes to fitness games.

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