is it ok to show a little hair with hijab

Remember that God knows your intentions and reasons . Well, my question is, do you think anyone would be offended if i started wearing one? It is a full embodiment of modesty. Thank you so much for everything you do! Some Muslim women who wear a hijab have some hair showing – whether accidental or by choice. I sometimes wish that women who feel this way would just come and tell me what they thought and allow me to share my opinions with them. We spend a lot of time avoiding hugs from strangers. You’re going to have to marry me. Have you ever pinned yourself with all dem pins? Covering my hair has also made me more comfortable with experimenting with styles and colors which I probably would deem too risky if I didn’t cover. Your friend probably just decided to go with that style because she likes it , When you mentioned videos on how to style your own hijab you also mentioned that men may use videos to find women to verbally attack: What is the difference? I am often frustrated as being identified as my busy, waistline, hairstyle etc.. and have contemplated various coverings. Should I wear hijab myself when I visit her at home and meet her husband? I am …confused is a good word…about the reason for wearing one. I picked up a valuable skill from my aunt, and I enjoy styling mine and my daughter’s hair in many different ways. A very good site. Congratulations on your engagement! It is haram (unlawful and sinful) for women to show their earrings while wearing their hijab. Maybe I am just not a judgemental sod or just don’t care cause I know its cultural and I am not one to judge. How are things going? I don’t personally do it because I’m just not stylish enough to pull it off – but if that’s a thing you think she could be into, go for it! It’s pretty bloody amazing. Thusly, you can infer that you don’t cover up around your husband so you don’t have sex in a hijab (remember, no sexual relationships before marriage or you will die). And don’t forget, if Muslims were really in charge it wouldn’t be just your hair, would it? Covering my hair daily is a double-edged sword. People with higher buns are just attention-seeking, especially if they use extra equipment to boost it up more. Are you my mahram? A friend of mine wears her hijab like this http://www.hijabiworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Easy-loose-Hijab-tutorial-2.jpg and to do that she just starts with a long shawl on her head with both ends dangling down her chest. I wear a cotton cap underneath all my hijabs that keeps my hair in place. Obsessed with travel? The different hijab styles really just come down to personal preference. When there’s a special event, what do you do with your hijab? I am a new muslim woman and would like to start wearing the hijab. A really popular one is Inayah, which is pretty popular or global hijab fashion which is just so full of beautiful styles. Tell me why you enjoy covering up your hair.

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