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Jax and Stein then tried to replicate the power but with no success. Rip counters the Pilgrim's offer by offering his younger self in exchange for the team's loved ones and younger selves. [6], On board the Waverider, Jax felt Stein's fear as he was being held and tortured in Koshmar. After Vostok began to destabilize, they retreated to the jump ship. After capturing Cassandra Savage, the Waverider was attacked by The Leviathan. [3], Jax woke up as the team is en route to St. Roch in 1975 and was angry with Stein. They meet back in Star City where Kendra and Carter leave the team now that Savage is finally gone. He also cared about the well-being of other people. General Information Arrowverse Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. However, the ship's time drive had taken too much damage and Rip tasked Jax with fixing it. When Stein was Captain, he said his name was "Captain Grey". Jax was a very hard worker, academically and athletically. Despite his good traits, Jax is arrogant and egotistical to the point of being immature, when these traits started to put the Legends mission to stop Vandal Savage in danger, Martin was then forced to tell him to grow up and not everything is about him. However, Savage recognized that they weren't terrorists and a huge fight broke out. Earth-1 Jax accompanied Rip, Ray, and Martin to make contact with the resistance where he offered a candy bar to a refugee child. Occupation Current universe

On the date, Jax asked Betty about her ex-boyfriend Tommy, who went missing. [11], The team next traveled to the Kasnia Conglomerate in 2147 to stop Savage before his rise to power. Five years after leaving the Legends, Jax is happily married and has a daughter, Martina Jackson, named after Martin.

Jax merged with Stein and provided cover for the team to escape. Jax then time traveled to the Vanishing Point and arrived just in time to save the team from Time Master Druce's soldiers. È anche un’indagine complessa su cosa può voler dire, da fan, amare la carriera di un artista e nello stesso tempo impegnarsi a smontarne l’immagine pubblica per scoprire cosa nasconde.

Rip quizzed Jax on the Waverider's functions making Jax realize that Rip's constant repair requests were actually teaching him about the Waverider. “The Jacksonian construction of the presidency extended the Jeffersonian ideal of an office empowered through popular mobilization and institutional coordination, but the mechanisms deployed were different”.

As Firestorm, he was tasked with creating a diversion by cutting the power, however he accidentally tripped the alarm, but they succeed on getting the file.

[2], Jax woke up in the hospital and quickly learned he could never play football again because of a permanent injury to his knee caused by the explosion.

The two became close friends, and Jackson frequently aided Raymond during the numerous episodes wherein the latter would find himself embroiled in conflicts with his rival Cliff Carmichael. Affiliation A chronic problem for Jax while traveling with the. Into the 1960s, state and local Democratic Parties across the country depended on well-attended Jefferson–Jackson Day dinners to provide their annual funding. However, one of the Hunters warned of The Pilgrim, who Mick confirmed will come after their younger selves.[13].

Images. Il libro Su Michael Jackson di Margo Jefferson, uscito per la prima volta nel 2006 negli Stati Uniti, è uno studio affascinante sul doppio, sull’industria e gli effetti della celebrità, sulla questione della razza e del genere in America. During his tenure at Bradley High, Jackson became a member of the school's championship basketball team, where he met fellow student Ronnie Raymond. Jax pleaded to the cop to get Betty medical help but was kidnapped by the cop. [18], The Legends tried to explain their mission to the JSA but they didn't believe them and a street fight ensued. Frustrated with being left out of the rescue efforts, Jax and Kendra convince Rip to let them help.

After the younger Stein was escorted off the ship, the team was contacted by Snart, who had been captured by Savage. ", Wisconsin Democrats renamed their dinner the "Founders' Day Gala." In Central City of 1990, the team first went to save Mick Rory's younger self. Missouri has changed the name of their State Dinner. Labs (altered reality; formerly)New multiverseMember of the Legends (formerly) Legends arrive at the Time Masters orphanage. Jefferson–Jackson Day is the annual fundraising celebration (dinner) held by Democratic Party organizations in the United States. Martin was injured in the attack and asked Jax to take care of the refugees. Jax later patched up the hole in the ship while the rest of the team rescued Ray and Nate in Japan 1641. However, temporal radiation leaked from the time drive, causing his body and organs to age at an accelerated rate, but he succeeded in restoring the time drive. In January 2016, Jax and Martin Stein are still in Pittsburgh, where they are up against a criminal at a chemical plant as Firestorm. Ray, Leonard, Mick, and Jax went to arrest Stillwater, but Jax was taken hostage. Firestorm(formerly) Martin then put Jax onto the jump ship to 2016 and deduced according to his theory of quantum-retro causality that the trip back to 2016 should reverse the side effects of the temporal radiation. Firestorm then fought off the attackers breaking Rip's rule of not using superpowers. [1], Running out of time to kill Savage, the team traveled to the only time they knew for certain where he was, 2166.

[15], Jax arrived back in 2016 cured of his temporal ailments and enlisted the help of Martin. He is shown to be willing to kill in battle, such as using a gun to fight in the Old West, personally trying to deal a death blow on Chronos until he was revealed to be Mick Rory, and partaking in obliterating The Pilgrim. Jax, Sara, and Snart held off the soldiers and A.T.O.M. Mick then informed the team of The Hunters who will now go after them since Chronos' mission failed. Labs (altered reality; formerly)New multiverseLegends (formerly) Family In 2023, Jax briefly returned to help the Legends battle Mallus' army and met his replacement, Wally West. However, Savage managed to get the upper hand and killed Carter and wounded Kendra forcing the team to retreat back to the Waverider. [25], During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Jax as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[26] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.

The team later figured out Savage's plan to undo time by detonating three Thanagarian meteors in three different time periods. Jax revealed that he never got to see his father because he shipped off to Somalia before he was born. Following that, he entered a depression as all of his hard work had been for naught and he had to work as a mechanic for a living because he lost his only means to afford college. Nebraska Democrats host an annual Morrison Exon Dinner, named after former governors, This page was last edited on 26 October 2020, at 02:41. Due to the attack, the Waverider's navigation was damaged so the ship touched down in 1960 instead of 1958. After learning of Rip Hunter's status as a rogue Time Master, Stein and Jax discussed leaving, but Jax had a change of heart because he likes being part of a team, reminding him of his days as a football star. Jax was put in charge of gathering information from the local teenagers about a series of murders. Andrew Jackson was president from March 4th, 1829 to March 4th, 1837.

Dipartimento di Polizia di Central City (Terra-1), Dipartimento di Polizia di National City (Terra-38), https://arrowverse.fandom.com/it/wiki/Jefferson_Jackson?oldid=23263.

However, Rip angled the ship to eject the meteor and time jumped back 20 minutes and rejoined the team in St. Roch. Later, Jax was present at the funeral they put on for Carter and Aldus. Scopri le foto e immagini di notizie editoriali stock perfette di Jefferson Jackson su Getty Images.

Jefferson Jackson and Martin Stein in 821. However, when going undercover at during the American Civil War, and getting to experience the kind of cruelty of slavery towards black people firsthand, Martin felt a surge of hatred, anger, and fear well up inside of Jax that he had never felt before, so much that through their psychic link, the sheer weight of Jax's emotions stunned him physically. In retaliation, Savage and Tor Degaton's forces surrounded the Waverider. Jax and the rest of Rip Hunter's recruits woke up on top of a building where Rip informed them of the impending threat of Vandal Savage's conquest of the world and a chance to join him. Suffice it to say, he felt a profound sense of satisfaction in seeing the slave owner's plantation and mansion consumed in the inferno he had started. He wanted to have Kendra's help in repairing the engines, and started to flirt with Kendra as they make repairs.

When Rip Hunter was turned into an ally of the Legion of Doom, Jax first tried to reason with him and then briefly berated him for turning on his team.

Actor The Pilgrim contacted the Waverider to say she had taken James Jackson and other loved ones and threatened to kill them unless they turned themselves in. When the exchange of James Jackson for young Rip Hunter was made, the team attacked The Pilgrim. While Carter Hall and Kendra Saunders went to finish him off with the Amon Dagger, the rest of the team held off Savage's forces.

Biological Information After failing to kill Per Degaton on his own, Rip then exchanged Per Degaton for Sara and the team retreated afterwards, but failed to stop Savage's rise to power. [27], Jax is still alive in the new multiverse. After Mick went to make a deal with the pirates, Stein was able to sneak aboard the Acheron and free them. Earth-Prime Firestorm fought off Savage's criminal allies, but Ray Palmer left a part of his A.T.O.M. After the rest of the team kidnapped Per Degaton, Jax suggested dropping him off in the Stone Age instead of killing him. Mick tasks Jax with watching over young Mick. Upon seeing the wave of energy approach, the attendants of the game ran for their lives, causing a stampede that held up one of Jax's injured teammates who relied on crutches to get around.

Thomas Jefferson (Shadwell, 13 aprile 1743 – Charlottesville, 4 luglio 1826) è stato un politico, scienziato e architetto statunitense. Stein's effort backfired, upsetting Jax but Stein told him to have more confidence in himself. Jax, Stein, and Baxter acted as a distraction while Rip activated the airlock sucking the time pirates into the vacuum of space. Georgia has changed the name of their State Dinner. [12], Hiding from the Hunters, the team touched down in Salvation in 1871, a fragment in time invisible to the Time Masters.

Jax discovered a sense of pride in his culture and his roots when he saw the indomitable spirit of the people enslaved along with him. The Waverider was then attacked by Chronos again and the crew was forced to leave behind Kendra, Ray, and Sara in 1958. Firestorm along with the other heroes facing down the Dominators. After Sara killed Savage of 1975, Firestorm used transmutation to turn the meteor into water and prevented it from detonating. The file directed them to the Soviet Union. I contenuti della comunità sono disponibili sotto la licenza.

After Leonard shot a member of the Stillwater Gang for fighting with Martin, the team got into a bar fight before Jonah Hex settled things down. After everyone tried going back to their separate lives, they met back in Star City at the spot where the Waverider dropped them off. Jax later watched Ray test out Nate's new steel powers in the cargo bay. They locked up the Legends at the JSA headquarters and later interrogated them before letting them go and told them to leave 1942.

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