jeremiah 1:5 sermon

J. The Word they were authorised to declare was the Word of God, that fulfils itself with all the necessity of a law of nature (Isaiah 55:10, 11).3. in Christ Jesus. They are to deliver their message authoritatively, as not acting in their own name, but in the name of God.

They are very great. They must not think it is enough, if persons have the low of God in their hearts, and some experience of a work of grace in their souls, though they neglect the administration of the word and sacraments, or other outward ordinances, and treat with contempt any endeavours to maintain their purity; because, as some are pleased to speak, they are only outward things, and the observance of them hath not a necessary connection with vital piety, and the exercise of grace in the heart.5. ", 13 "Lord," Ananias answered, "I have heard Those whom God calls to the exercise of the ministerial office, He doth in some measure qualify for discharging the several parts of it.5.

Remember how Daniel came out of the lions' den, and the three holy children out of the furnace. Priests ministered primarily to individuals with various needs.

They despise not man but God.(D. If they reject it, or slight it, they put an affront upon Him who sent them.

CONTRAST. PARALLEL.1. The two must go together. These must be the fountain of your independence.(Bp. (The Signal.

Ball, M. NIV. )Valiant manhoodJust as much as a man drives out fear, marches boldly on, says his say, does his act, by so much is he a valiant man. Root up error and plant truth. Calvin was henceforth prompt and sincere in the work of the Lord.

Yet was He the Sower. To root out, pull down, destroy; yet to plant and to build. How frequently we worry ourselves because of some threatening danger, whereas, if we took higher ground and looked with the eye of faith, we should see that God has arranged a defence, that it may not hurt us.

God will never be away when the hour of struggle comes.

As a builder —(1)Be sure you lay a right foundation.

)A young preacher's oppressive sense of responsibilityWhen I first became a pastor in London my success appalled me; and the thought of the career which it seemed to open up, so far from elating me, cast me into the lowest depths outer which I uttered my "miserere," and found no room for a "gloria in excelsis." Sermons, Series    God qualifies His instruments.3. The kings when about to die, lay down in a ship with its sails set, drifted out into the ocean, charged with fire too in the hold, so that the king might blaze in his tomb and be delivered to the sky. Think of the danger of delay, the immense value of present opportunities. HE IS CONSCIOUS OF SELF-INSUFFICIENCY.1.

The assurance they are called to the work.2.

Ball, M. A.1.

It was just then that the curtain was rising upon my life work, and I dreaded what it might reveal.

In the old Norse ballads it was indispensable to be brave. They despise not man but God.(D. By a sense of their own weakness and insufficiency for discharging the duties of the sacred function.3. how often the minister of Christ, holds his hand, instead of standing up for his Master!

How bitter must be our regret, if we let such an occasion slip, and allow one for whom Christ died actually to perish!3. )LinksJeremiah 1:5 NIVJeremiah 1:5 NLTJeremiah 1:5 ESVJeremiah 1:5 NASBJeremiah 1:5 KJVJeremiah 1:5 Bible AppsJeremiah 1:5 ParallelJeremiah 1:5 Biblia ParalelaJeremiah 1:5 Chinese BibleJeremiah 1:5 French BibleJeremiah 1:5 German BibleJeremiah 1:5 CommentariesBible Hub, V.DIVINE POWER.VI.DIVINE MESSAGE.VII.DIVINE RESULT.(G.

saw his calling from birth.

statement from John Eldridge’s book, Waking the Dead that

The Word of the Lord comes to him, and tells him that from his birth he has been divinely ordained "a prophet unto the nations."

When they consider the opposition they are likely to meet with in the exercise of their office. fulness.

The prophet never knew from one day to the next what the Lord would call him to say or to do.

A qualification of all true servants. 17 And he will go on before the Lord, in the spirit and The patriot who really appreciates the valuable principles of his nation's life is he who most intrepidly rebukes the nation's faults. Take two or three points as hints.1. This is the way in which God most loves to teach His children, because it is the simplest, I do not say the easiest lesson, for their faith to embrace.

Search her squares to see if you can find a man who does justice and seeks truth, that I may pardon her," Jeremiah 5:1 .

to play—while being afraid to accept our calling from God.

We'd love to hear from you.

Ball, M. A.1.

They despise not man but God.(D. He has widest scope for the exercise of his powers: he is invested with authority over the destinies of all peoples. The valiant is the really valuable man.Courage is ministersBp. Faith is a belief that leads to the committal of the whole being to the hands of One who is our Father, our Helper, our Saviour; and as we grow up into strength, the highest of all motive impulse, at first it may be fear or expectation of good that induces obedience, but no long time can pass, if the relation be truly sustained, before love is the impulse of every action; and because your child loves you it delights to do your will. (4)Pray that they may be watered by the Holy Spirit. If ministers, in preaching the Word, act as the messengers of the Lord of hosts, the people to whom they preach ought to receive their message with reverence and submission.



"( C. H.

The honour of God, and the salvation of souls, are nearly concerned in it.6.

J. 82, Home   Lord, who has given me strength, that he considered me faithful, appointing


He refers to His preordination.2.

To know that we are indeed called of God to any work is an unfailing source of strength therein.

Fear to fear. PARALLEL.1.

This is a common sin in very many, who are without a question, children of the covenant. The work of the ministry is not to be engaged in rashly. But God's word to the prophet, "Say not I am a child," implies more.

(1)Faithfully and fully. Surely, this backwardness in the Lord's work, this miserable fear of men, this distrust of the Divine power committed to us, is found more or less in every class among us.

an especially great question for our children here this morning. (2) The matter of the message. God is with those who are with Him. A. Do they pour ridicule upon you? Our great Captain should be served by brave soldiers. The patriot who really appreciates the valuable principles of his nation's life is he who most intrepidly rebukes the nation's faults. In order to this, the teaching and renewed illumination of the Holy Spirit is necessary; but they need no additional, objective revelation.3. It hath pleased God to employ weak and sinful men to dispense His word, and bear His message to sinners and saints.3. (2)See that your materials be fitly framed together. Yet was He the Sower. Yours is not so desperate a case as theirs; but if it were, the Lord would bear you through, and make you more than a conqueror. First He taught him that His simple word is the best rock for dependence: "Thou shalt go and thou shalt speak." God expects the same thing of us, and we well may ask ourselves, Am I growing into a higher life, and is it manifest by my interest in things of superior moment? Our children need to understand this.

Christ’s purpose was to save us


Do they threaten you?

It came to him as such an absolutely new call.

He was called to move out among people.

1. The kings when about to die, lay down in a ship with its sails set, drifted out into the ocean, charged with fire too in the hold, so that the king might blaze in his tomb and be delivered to the sky.

Yours is not so desperate a case as theirs; but if it were, the Lord would bear you through, and make you more than a conqueror.

Yours is not so desperate a case as theirs; but if it were, the Lord would bear you through, and make you more than a conqueror.

We may almost say this is the work of all whom God has called to labour for Him. )The Divine mission of childrenD.

)See, I have this day set thee over the nations.Prophet's commissionC.


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