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1578-1623) mentioned about a wreck of a Sundanese junk in Guradu, south Malé Atoll, Maldives. [62][note 6]. When the stress of the weather had subsided they made the return to the said "Cape of Diab" in 70 days and drawing near to the shore to supply their wants the sailors saw the egg of a bird called roc, which egg is as big as an amphora. Width: 2x.x M. Kaohsiung, Taiwan, China | Sailing area: South East Asia (China, Vietnam) Please login or register to see more information. [80][13]:79–80 The disappearance of Muria strait denied the shipbuilders around Rembang-Demak access to open water. Pigs are fed and wine fermented on board. Apart from the European square riggers, the eclectic mix of vessels anchored off Kallang Basin during Raffles’ era would not have differed much from the shipping of five centuries earlier. [52]:150, 153–154 The large ones could carry 800 men and were 50 depa (about 91.44-100 m) long.

It has a draught of 60 feet (18 m). Manguin, Pierre-Yves. The junk's crew surrendered after the fire has been extinguished with great difficulty and at least 40 of the crew killed.

[note 7] The junco's crew defended themselves so well that the Portuguese ships were forced to sail away from the ship again. The queen, which was only a child during the sinking, survived.[77]. The junk is about 600 tons burden, with 300 fighting men on board. [48], In 1322 friar Odoric of Pordenone reported that the during his voyage from India to China he boarded a vessel of the zunc[um] type carried at least 700 people, either sailors or merchants. Wang made special mention of these ships because pepper, which is also transported by them, carried to faraway places with large quantity. institution. Many of these journals are the leading academic publications in their fields and together they form one of the most valuable and comprehensive bodies of research available today. The ships has two or three decks, with deckhouse over the upper deck. [66], Passing by Pacem (Samudera Pasai Sultanate) the Portuguese came across two junks, one is from Choromandel, which is destroyed immediately,[68]:62 and the other is from Java, it is larger and faster than their flagship, the Flor do Mar. While Needham mentioned the size as 2000 tons, Major give the size as a 2000 butts, which would be around a 1000 tons, a butt being half a ton. Why does the Borobudur boat appear in India’s constitution? For more information, visit http://journals.cambridge.org. In 1657 this strait has been narrowed or disappeared. On the bow was a bowsprit, and adjacent (to the bowsprit) in some (of the ships) was a front mast, (and there was also) a main mast and mizzenmast, and from bow to stern an overdeck like a house, on which they sit protected from the heat of the sun, rain and dew. © 1980 Department of History, National University of Singapore 305 AD. At least 1 jong was sailed to Portugal, to be deployed as coast guard ship at Sacavem under the instruction of king John III,[72][note 11] and as warship in the Gibraltar Strait Fleet, the Esquadra do Estreito. People who used to make jong: From top to bottom: Javanese, Javanese in Pegu, and Malay. The sail is drawn like a square sail, although the artist may have tried to depict the canted rectangular sail (the tanja sail).

Faxian (Fa-Hsien) in his return journey to China from India (413-414) embarked a ship carrying 200 passengers and sailors from K'un-lun which towed a smaller ship. [58]:95 After 1700s, the role of jong has been replaced by European type of ships, namely the bark and brigantine, built at local shipyards of Rembang and Juwana (the former shipbuilding place for jong),[24]:20 such ships may reach 400-600 tons burthen, with the average of 92 lasts (165.6-184 metric tons).[83]. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. [3]:131, Anthony Reid argues that the failure of jong in battles against smaller and more agile Western ships may convince the Javanese shipbuilders that the large but less agile jong faced too much risk against the European style of naval battle, so the ships they built later were smaller and faster.

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