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He moved to Miami in 1961 where he has lived ever since. PHOTOGRAPHY. Jose graduated from the University of Miami in 1972 with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture. His professional career path took him from architecture to interior design in Miami where he practiced in several prominent design firms and ultimately his own.

In addition to his freelance art career under his brand Anonymous Recipes, Castro also works nearby at Sigona’s Farmers Market.

If you’ve been to downtown Redwood City recently, you’ve noticed the buildings around Courthouse Square covered with some striking public art and messages in support of social justice and the Black Lives Matter movement. Sign up here! He is well-traveled, fluent in Spanish and English with basic conversational fluency in French and Italian. The mural was recently removed from in front of the Fox Theatre to be framed and stored by the city until a final decision is reached on where to display the work.

|. I was honored though to be a guest on Season 3 of the Dorks and Forks podcast. ABOUT THE ARTIST. North Fair Oaks artist’s downtown work will be preserved by city. 842 likes. Joe Castro (artist), Collegeville, Pennsylvania.

Hello friends (and dorks). I often say that I like to paint what I feel not what I see or what I think. “Knowing that I’ve inspired and continue to motivate my people is everything; knowing they repost, re-look and respect me is everything. (Photo by Karla Kane) Art ‘from the heart’: Local muralist Jose Castro creates powerful protest imagery in Redwood City Castro was walking downtown with his girlfriend when he ran into an acquaintance painting on the boards. Castro’s already gained some fame in the local art scene for his stunning, vibrant mural depicting the diverse cultural past and present of the North Fair Oaks community on Middlefield Road, unveiled in 2019 and made with the help of veteran muralist Arthur Koch and local youth.

Philadelphia-based collage artist, oil painter, musician & designer.

Rep: London / Zebra One Gallery Washington DC / Latela Gallery More. (Schmidt was so moved that he later created a GoFundMe campaign to help pay for Castro’s art supplies.). His professional career path took him from architecture to interior design in Miami where he practiced in several prominent design firms and ultimately his own. “I knew for sure I wanted to paint a portrait of George Floyd, to highlight his story. His art, his work with youth and his love for his community, he said, have helped him find his voice. CONTACT.

Jose graduated from the University of Miami in 1972 with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture. We talked collage art and my […] “To preserve in our community and to show history that we brought the fight to Redwood City and we stand here in solidarity with our black brothers and sisters.”, Or see more of his work on www.anonymousrecipes.com. Stay up to date with other coverage from The Six Fifty by subscribing to our weekly newsletter, featuring event listings, reviews and articles showcasing the best that the Peninsula has to offer.

When others look at my artwork I wish they can become engaged on an emotional level, so they can simply be inspired and moved to find in their lives the beauty and harmony that my creations help me find in mine. “I sat in front of my theater all week, sometimes up to five hours, to witness the many people cry, reflect. Digital art: "Hidden Messages #77" 1/28.

EVENTS. He introduced himself to Fox Theatre manager Ernie Schmidt, who told him he was welcome to paint there on one condition: that it came from the heart. Tombstone tourism: the 650’s guide to exploring the epic graveyards of Colma, Unlikely openings: 14 new restaurants launch locally despite Covid downturn, 10 questions for a Stanford researcher on the health hazards of wildfire smoke, Art you can afford: Find your new favorite artist through the windows of the Pacific Art League, The Stanford alum behind Netflix’s “The Social Dilemma” wants you to stop scrolling. PAINTINGS. Parents brought their children so they could understand what was happening,” Schmidt said.

I am a product of my environment,” he said.

The foundational concepts learned in architecture and design served him well in making quick inroads into these creative fields. It was created in response to local businesses boarding up their windows in anticipation of the city’s June 2 protest against police brutality and systemic racism.

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The abstractions in my paintings and photography feed my soul and unleash my imagination. All Rights Reserved. I seek peace and harmony in all my endeavors. ANECDOTES. I apologize for the delay in posts lately but, between making art and performing with Mighty Joe Castro and The Gravamen, life has been moving full steam ahead. At first he painted in studio settings under the tutelage of accomplished and well-known artists in Miami; now he enjoys the comforts of his own studio making art on a full-time basis. Growing up in the district (the unincorporated area bordering Redwood City, Atherton and Menlo Park), he said he’s been into making art since childhood, starting with anime and Pokemon, then art celebrating Chicano culture in high school, followed by art school for college. “The peace sign was the last logo I painted, wanting to tie everything all together and remind the people that our city comes in peace.”. Eventually, after retiring in 2003, his desire to express himself freely in the arts lead him to continue exploring painting and photography. Jose Castro was born in Matanzas, Cuba in 1947. Throughout his life he has always been involved in the visual arts. “We asked him how he got the opportunity to paint and he mentioned the owners had wanted to beautify these boards to bring peace and show their support to the cause,” Castro recalled. Jose Castro was born in Matanzas, Cuba in 1947. The power-to-the people fist was my second go-to; an iconic logo that reads black power but also flexible in our modern day to represent all cultures,” Castro explained. As for his recent downtown street art, what was once temporary is now set to become a permanent piece of local history. P a i n t i n g s & P h o t o g r a p h y. CLICK on any image to see full-size. Palo Alto’s mayor has some words for the city’s elected officials. Avoiding chaos and discord in my environment, consciously and unconsciously, has been a major driving force throughout my life. “Build” is one of them.

This innate drive lead me to architecture, space planning, interior design, painting and photography as means to create the beauty, harmony and order that I thrive on. A view of Jose Castro’s recent Black Lives Matter mural—with a portrait of George Floyd at center—located at the entryway to the Fox Theatre in Redwood City. He moved to Miami in 1961 where he has lived ever since. Soon, Castro went live via Instagram and was joined by friends, local activists and former students from his time as an art teacher at College Track in East Palo Alto, all working to turn a bleak, fear-based situation into a powerful, art-filled statement.

Central to the collection of paintings, drawings, words and flowers is the artwork of North Fair Oaks muralist and illustrator Jose Castro, located in front of the Fox Theatre.

“I asked the manager and owners of the boards and the Fox … that the boards stay local,” Castro said. AWARDS. OK, Boomers, meet your match: Silicon Valley’s youngest politicians take on 2020, Meet the furry, feral cats of Silicon Valley.

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