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Impoverished young Jupiter Jones struggles to make ends meet. Jupiter Ascending is available on Netflix Canada. Details on 'Southern Charm’s Craig Conover’s Manicure, Craig Conover "Almost Threw Up" When He Heard The Cameran Rumor on 'Southern Charm', Please Let This Be The Last We See of Thomas Ravenel on 'Southern Charm'. Other shirtless shots. I've always loved dogs.". 426, This story has been shared 405 times. There's some brief partial nudity (a female bottom and a male torso) and some sex-tangential issues, such as a woman thinking of selling her eggs and a woman giving birth. By clicking "SIGN UP" above you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Notice. It’s weird. 405, This story has been shared 376 times. Pick your movies, watch when you want, return, and repeat. Crashes and explosions. Blu-ray Parents need to know that Jupiter Ascending is a cringe-worthy sci-fi action epic from the Wachowski siblings, who also made The Matrix trilogy and Cloud Atlas. 249, This story has been shared 245 times. Jupiter Ascending. Needless to say, Jupiter Ascending failed to connect with mass audiences. Brief shot of a knife in the eye. Jupiter Ascending takes things completely the other direction, and instead we are given Academy Award winning actor Eddie Redmayne giving 110 percent on … Join for a free month. Some bloody wounds. Female character shown naked from behind (naked bottom). Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis) was born under signs that predicted future greatness, but her reality as a woman consists of cleaning other people's houses and endless bad breaks. However, the watching experience is more than just the critic's reviews.

NewOnNetflix.com has complete Movie Lists, TV Show Lists, and what's newly added to Netflix Worldwide! There is a lot of clunky dialogue, but it's the kind of dialogue you can chuckle at, not wince over, like when Caine explains his spliced-with-wolf DNA to Jupiter and she flirtatiously answers "I love dogs. But by learning to appreciate all there is to like in Jupiter Ascending, it's much easier to see how the other movies could be improved, and what they do well. Meanwhile, in space, three siblings of the Abrasax family are fighting over the most precious part of their mother's inheritance: a planet called Earth. Mila Kunis plays an Anglo-Russian immigrant named Jupiter Jones and Channing Tatum is a dog-man from space with flying roller blades. The 2015 Wachowski siblings film imagines a universe where genetic codes determine destiny and immortality comes at the cost of harvesting whole worlds. It is in fact, very, very good. We send out your disc the next business day. 1,616, This story has been shared 675 times. One of the easiest traps for space operas to fall into is taking itself too seriously: contemporary examples, like Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor: Ragnarok, lean heavily on humor and pointing out their own inherent ridiculousness. But when a genetically engineered hunter from another planet tracks her down, she learns she's been predestined to change the fate of the universe. They debate who has claim over it, and this leads the youngest brother, Titus, to send Caine Wise to fetch Jupiter. Get news & recommendations for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO, and more, in your inbox. Other hints/off-screen nudity. Jupiter Ascending is an entertaining ride, a fairy tale, and a visually stunning epic that demands that you suspend your disbelief. 245, This story has been shared 180 times. 260, This story has been shared 258 times. Make your movie list and get Blu-rays and DVDs conveniently delivered to you with free shipping both ways. Jupiter Ascending. PG-13 - Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. The script, underneath about seven layers of worldbuilding and action scenes, is a genuine statement about capitalism, the use of human life as a consumable resource, and a bit about bureaucracy.

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