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Can we as the internet come together to collectively kill this man? Great job to the Film Maker! The grandfather raped his mentally disabled sister, the sister had a child, and then the grandfather molested that child, and my client was born, who he also abused. The Death Of The Incredible Hulk 123movies, I have no pity for someone like him. if there is a hell which i think there is he will suffer. You play beautifully. I find it sad and rather narrow-minded that people are just calling them stupid hillbilly’s, but of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion. House For Sale In Lekki Chevron, Very disturbing legacy left by a cruel and twisted individual narrated in a captivating manner. These experiences are terrifyingly common, and permanently mutilating.

The murder, as i recall, when he went after and beat, and buried the social worker happened out of the house, he came back in and the terrified family never brought it up. Good job telling this sad story. There was not a lot of support or acknowledgment for victims. Could his step son,(Jerry?)

for the molestation in prison, (which obviously wasn’t enough) he even molested his grand-daughter I believe these monsters NEVER stop. ALSO; I can’t BELIEVE that some posters said that they “are using the abuse as an excuse to drink/etc.” YOU HAVE NO IDEA what this does to someone, from the very beginning of your life you are horribly abused by the person that is supposed to protect you. They are common, banal, and cultural outlets sleep through the reality. Somewhere in their own childhood, most pedophiles probably experience their own trauma. Shameful. Without standing up, admitting it and then asking for forgiveness - he wouldn't be worth my spit. Last year, the film won best documentary honors at film festivals in Santa Barbara, South Beach, Newport Beach and Vancouver, British Columbia. Whatever you've been through, making collectivist blanket statements like that is not factual or logical. It was amusing in a dark, sick way of course. Making excuses like that is what causes complete failure in this subject across society.

Meteor Storms In History, Um, just because there are other evil people in the world who you personally think are "more evil" than Melvin doesn't make the fact that Melvin was evil any less true. Although this is a REALLY disturbing documentary, I saw MANY great and funny things about this family! I had to laugh at your remark for me to read a psychology book, or as you said ” any book “..I read ALOT,..And believe it or not even wrote a few short storys…Try to hold back your gasp…lol. Unsettling but bravo. Just a learned response and the addition of chemical substance, alcohol drugs. "We haven't lost our sense of humour," Whitney says. Four generations of sexual abuse, substance abuse, terrible secrets, neglect, and violence are explored in Just Melvin, Just Evil. If your effect is positive imagine how influential your life has been by now, and how much influence did others good will have in yours. He was certainly messed up, but that turns men into predators. What they would grow up and go to college marry well, pick out curtains and china patterns? This was an incredible documentary. Combined, there are more than 200k people following us through these channels: You should sign up for our newsletter. I'll bet the preacher needed a belt or two after that fiasco. The bible records all kinds of evil, but that does not mean that that evil that the bible records is okay to do.

I was in a similar situation. to some of the posters below who seem to think that zero happened or zero was done in regards to bringing this piece of shit to justice; they need to re-watch this incredible documentary. We will all face judgement someday and then justice will happen.

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