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Despite the revisions, both the Chinese and the Bible orthography are still marred by inconsistencies. Hundreds of Languages, Thousands of Products Worldwide shipping, since 1992! Kawa is a framework written in Java for implementing high-level and dynamic languages, compiling them into Java bytecodes. Sun (2018b). All of these vowels can be tense or lax. Compiling to a set of .class files, 2.5.4. Contact Attila Balazs to contribute! For more information, please see our, a very low number of source code comments, Become the first manager for Kawa Language Framework. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp 99–117. 2004. [10], In Wa, there are 44 phonemes;[11] 35 consonants[12] and 9 vowels. If you type in an expression or load a file to be evaluated, it is automatically(and quickly) compiled down to bytecode. A small number of Wa speakers also reside in Taunggyi, Mandalay and Yangon.

Kawa can be run normally via the kawa script: To compile a Scheme file to a class file, the -C parameter is used: This will produce file.class, which can be run by typing java file. The phonetics of Wa: experimental phonetics, phonology, orthography and sociolinguistics. Yan & Zhou (2012:138)[7] list the following names for Wa in various counties. Just start Kawa like this: Here is a web page scriptthat replies back with the name of the requesting (client) host: The script uses an XML literal with an embedded expression. David Bradley (1994) estimates that there is a total of about 500,000 Wa speakers in Burma. London: Routledge. Kwa languages, a branch of the Niger-Congo language family consisting of 45 languages spoken by approximately 20 million people in the southern areas of Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Togo, and Benin and in the extreme southwestern corner of Nigeria. Christian missionary work among the Wa began at the beginning of the 20th century first in the Burmese and later in the Chinese areas of the Wa territory.

This first Wa alphabet was based on the Latin script and the very first publication was a compilation of Wa hymns in 1933,[13] the Wa New Testament being completed in 1938. In: Williams, Jeffrey P., (ed. Kawa also has futures; these are also automatically forced when needed. 2018/01/16 : kawaScript2 Added Automation Items section. Top. For copyright information on the software and documentation, Invoking a method with a prefixed name, Compiling to a standalone application, 3.6.2. Reaper Extenstion / ReaScripts Reaper Extension/ReaScript For Cockos REAPER Digital Audio Workstation. The name Kawa comes from the Polish word for coffee; a play on words, since Java is another familiar name for coffee.

David Bradley (1994) estimates there are total of 820,000 Wa speakers. Project Summary.

They include the variants spoken in Meung Yang and Ximeng County (such as a variety spoken in Zhongke 中课, Masan 马散, Ximeng County that was documented by Zhou & Yan (1984)) (Watkins 2002:8). 2004:2). Also, after 2000 Wa people in social networks such as Facebook, as well as Wa songwriters in karaoke lyrics of Wa songs, use this Myanmar (revised Bible) orthography in its main variations. 2013. Installing Kawa programs as CGI scripts, 3.18.4. This page has a simple example and up-to-date instructions. There are three distinct varieties, sometimes considered separate languages; their names in Ethnologue are Parauk, the majority and standard form; Vo (Zhenkang Wa, 40,000 speakers), and Awa (100,000 speakers), though all may be called Wa, Awa, Va, Vo. That is why Kawa defines some special handling so you can leave out the (this): This special handling for View classes is not hard-wired but is defined in an Android-specific library. Kawa is now GNU software, available under an MIT license. This will invoke a Java method, and does the same thing as object.method(argument, ...) in Java. In the rest of this article I will touch on some cool features of Kawa; maybe one of them will inspire you to try it out. How to Install see License. Writing web-server-side Kawa scripts, 3.18.2. Others.

... Kawa is spoken/used in the following countries: China, Myanmar (Burma). According to Diffloth, variants include South Wa, "Bible Wa" and Kawa (Chinese Wa). Installing and using the source distribution, 1.4.4.

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