list of metro systems

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beijing_Subway • Interesting Facts: TheSeoul Subway opened much later than the previous systems – in 1974. New York City Subway, NYC, United States

[4][5][6] The country with the most metro systems is China, with 39 operational. [3] The Beijing Subway is the world's busiest and longest metro system, while the New York City Subway has the greatest number of stations.

Your email address will not be published. Fifteen of the twenty-five metro systems constructed in the five years leading to 2019 are located in China.The rapid growth of metro systems in the country is necessitated by the large population and the need to move masses faster without creating traffic jams.

If you are interested in becoming one of our subscribers, please visit our website. There are currently over 300 km of subway under construction in Beijing, including six new fully automated lines totaling up to 300 km (190 mi) in length using domestically developed communications-based train control systems. Rapid transit (heavy rail) is generally defined by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) as "high-speed, passenger rail cars operating singly or in trains of two or more cars on fixed rails in separate right-of-way from which all other vehicular and foot traffic are excluded. • Total Length: It has total length of 327.0 km (203.2 mi)

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The underground stations are so huge that they can hold public events, such as the three-day fitness festival in May 2011, which attracted 2,600 visitors. • Users: The Tokyo Metro is used by 14 billion people every year, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_York_City_Subway While light rail systems may share roads or have level crossings, a metro system runs, almost always, on a grade-separated exclusive right-of-way, with no access for pedestrians and other traffic.

Very interesting is the 1980 metro map of Paris.

The London Underground first opened as an "underground railway" in 1863 and its first electrified underground line opened in 1890,[2] making it the world's oldest metro system. [7][8] The terms Heavy rail (mainly in North America) and heavy urban rail are essentially synonymous with the term "metro". Their size can be measured by a number of factors – number of users, total length of rails or number of stations.

The most recent expansion, which included a one stop extension of Fangshan Line and the opening of Xijiao Line, S1 Line and Yanfang Line came into effect on December 30, 2017. • Users: 1.6 billion riders every year. The following is a list of worldwide metro systems currently under construction: Tramways incorporating large amounts of off-street or underground track are often referred to as 'pre-metros', particularly if there are plans to upgrade them to full metro service in the future.


It was formed in 1941, although its oldest lines date back to 1927 with the opening of the Tokyo Underground Railway the same year. This week we are featuring Afrimat – Qwa Qwa Quarry. • Total Stations: 270 stations 11. This list expressly does not aim at representing the size and scope of the total rapid transit network of a certain city or metropolitan area. The Metro has figured in Mexico’s cultural history, as the inspiration for a musical composition for strings, “Metro Chabacano” and the 1982 Rodrigo “Rockdrigo” González’s 1982 song, “Metro Balderas.” It has also been a site for the 1990 Hollywood movie Total Recall. This list of metro systems includes electrified rapid transit train systems worldwide.

Madrid Metro, Madrid, Spain Ambitious expansion plans call for 25 lines with over 1,000 km of length by 2025. The system survived the 1985 Mexico City earthquake.

The company replaced the Teito Rapid Transit Authority commonly known as Eidan or TRTA, on April 1, 2004. It is one of the largest metro systems in the world. Some systems also incorporate light metro or light rail lines as part of the larger system under a common name.

Its first metro line, Line 1, started construction in 1971 and opened in 1974, with through-operation to Korail suburban railways.

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