list of unsold tv pilots

[SM/1042.9], PEOPLE ON TV (1990)-Jimmy Cefalo: [OC/385.3], THE HONEYMOON GAME (SYNDICATION, 1969)-Jim MacKrell: Good Quality.

clone; panel is Paul Gibson, Janet Kern, Irv Kupcinet, and Carol Channing. [SM], KEY WITNESS (1959)-Vincent Price: Alexander the Great 1/28/68 (ABC Unsold Pilot). [SM], MALCOLM (NBC, 1983)-Alex Trebek: Two celebrity teams compete in this word communication game where a word is given and, using the initial letters of that word, must construct or identify a descriptive phrase that pertains to a particular category, w/a jury then ruling if the phrase formed is "sense" or "nonsense" (hence the title); guests are Connie Hines, Stubby Kaye, Richard Long, and Chris Nelson.

[KIN], INITIAL REACTION (1975)-Dean Jones: The series has captured the essence and the spirit of the film.” – Amy Amatengelo, Paste Magazine, Critics Say: “Lost delivers on every promise it makes to its audience and is simply the best new show on any of the networks this season.” – KJB, IGN, Critics Say: “By grounding the action entirely within the psyche of a bug-eyed, Robin Hood-esque hacker named Elliot Alderson. [SM], HOW DO YOU LIKE YOUR EGGS? Produced by Chicago's WBBM-TV, this panel game is basically a local "WML?"
[SM], PUZZLERS (NBC, 1980)-Pat Sajak: DVD-R. [SM], FLASH FRAME (SYNDICATION, 4 pilots from 1984)-Bob Eubanks: [SM/D74.5], TWISTERS (1982)-Jim Perry: Good Quality. Anything For Love 8/7/85 (NBC Unsold Pilot). [GSN/519.14], WE'VE GOT YOUR NUMBER (1975)-Jack Barry: An interesting dice game w/a cool set and a $25,000+ grand prize! [BZR], BOGGLE (1987)-Bill Rafferty: [GSN/132.6]. What’s left is a blend of great shows which were great throughout, and those which started fantastically but couldn’t keep it going. [SM/73.3], SAYS WHO? The original North American version of "Love Me, Love Me Not", w/4 panelists, bigger payoffs, and an entirely different set and music than the Ross Shafer version. Directed by: John Astin. w/o/c. DVD-R. Class of 55' Spring 1972 (CBS Unsold Pilot). A pilot for a revival of the classic parlor game and '50s panel show that just doesn't work too well; guests are Kelly Garrett (who? 30 minutes. [SM], THE CELEBRITY GAME (CBS, 1968)-Bert Parks: Pilots that did sell, or ones based off a previously sold program, are grouped with their respective aired shows. An attempted revival of H-Q's Squares precursor, only w/6 celebs and an endgame offering a car; guests are Michael Landon, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Jan Murray, Abby Dalton, Paul Lynde, and Gypsy Rose Lee [SM/747.8], COMBINATION LOCK (1996)-Ross King: [SM], PUNCH LINES (SYNDICATION, 1979)-Bill Cullen: Color. A home viewer Q&A game, w/players locking in answers via their QUBE keypads, and the winner receiving a grand prize. A neat game w/a cool set, great music, and an interesting format that starts w/100 audience members, each having to give up what they've won for the chance at bigger prizes (hence the name), and the surivivor goes for a pair of Cadilacs! So that means ‘Season 1, Episode 1’ rather than ‘Season 1, Episode 0’. If you’re a zombie fan who doesn’t know the world of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead, you’ll find a familiar world with new characters that you’ll instantly be drawn to.” – Ron Hogan, Den of Geek, Critics Say: “The O.C. Two couples compete in this low-budget "Family Feud" clone aired during the "experimental" stages of a pioneering Columbus-based cable TV system. DVD-R.

An American version of the British Q&A show "Going for Gold", and also filmed on the set of its UK counterpart. However, it does feature cool moving isolation booths and theme music by the Alan Parsons Project! Great movies you can stream on Amazon Prime Video now. Starring: Ken Berry, Brooke Bundy and Todd Lookinland. [SM/311.2], CARD SHARKS (SYNDICATION, 1996)-Tom Green & Dee Dee Weathers: Equally, shows which picked up later on, like Arrested Development (with a score of 8.3), The Wire (8.0) and Friday Night Lights (7.8) don’t quite make the cut. Starring: William Windom. [SM/71.11], 21 (1982)-Jim Lange:

is refreshingly free of both Spelling-style camp and the twee earnestness that has characterized more recent teen dramas.” – Carina Chocano, Entertainment Weekly, Critics Say: “Sherlock worked because it was having fun. [1 SM, 1 BZR], PANDEMONIUM (CBS, 1979)-Steve Edwards:

[SM], EVEYTHING'S RELATIVE (ABC, 2 pilots from 1980)-Jim Peck: Good Quality.

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