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You're still the champion in my book." Ultimate, although his Final Smash has been modified like other transformation-esque Final Smashes. "), "Don't give up, Mac! franchise, and referred to Little Mac as the "Great White Hope" relative to the stereotypical character designs of his opponents. He first appeared in Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!. This guy's tossing you around like a stuffed animal. DLC", "Virtual Console Review: Super Punch-Out!! If Little Mac doesn't punch it in time, he will eat it and recover stamina. ", "And the winner is... Lil' Mac! In the Sparring mode of Doc Louis's Punch-Out!! [25] Nintendo Power listed Little Mac as their 11th favorite hero, stating that he taught gamers that more intimidating foes can be overcome by patience, persistence, and "pattern recognition".

games. [citation needed], He was voiced in Punch-Out!! Decades later Doc, now coaching the sport, has a chance encounter with a young fighter named Little Mac, who has aspirations to box professionally. (after knocking the candy bar out of his hand again), "I invented the Star Punch!"

Mac has a stamina meter; if it runs out, he turns pink and must be given time to recover. (Response to Little Mac saying "I'm tired, Doc! When he starts showing off for his fans, something BIG is coming!" His Star Punch instantly takes off all your stamina, resulting in a knockdown. Delayed Jab: After quivering his fist, Doc shouts "Block this!" (Between rounds, when Mac has been knocked down at least twice)Super Punch-Out!!! You're the champ, baby! When Doc Louis says "Duck this one!" Because he holds the bar close to the center of the screen, it can be difficult to tell which side to punch with, unlike, “Dancin’ like a fly, bite like a mosquito!”, “Listen Mac!! He also appears in Little Mac's victory animations and will occasionally throw in a line during Little Mac's taunts. It will lower when he is hit or when the opponent blocks his attack. (after a loss), "Ok, Mac, be patient. In this game he, and all the other characters, ar… (during intermission against Great Tiger), "When you're done with this sucka Mac baby, he's REALLY gonna need his sunglasses! Not from chocolate! He will also recover all of his stamina immediately after (this is inevitable). Never, never give up!" Doc Louis is a former heavyweight boxing champion and Little Mac's trainer and coach, who stands at Mac's corner during fights.

(SNES) (Blond Little Mac): 1. [22], Since his appearance in the Punch-Out!! Great job, son, I'm very proud of you. (when you dodge after Doc Louis tells you to dodge), "Noooo! Thanks for joining Club Nintendo, Mac!" Punch-Out!! (When you are hurt too much after a round) 1. (as the fight starts or restarts), "Duck this one...! " Doc will shout "Dodge!" In the Wii Game pressing the + button during intermission will skip Doc's advice. Make him close his big mouth" (King Hippo intermission), “His father was a great magician in India.

He uses every type of punch. Uppercut: A faster uppercut. Can be ducked or dodged as well as blocked. Doc Louis (ドック・ルイス Dokku Ruisu) is an ex-heavyweight boxing champion, and Little Mac's coach. This match could end in the BLINK of an eye!!" Formerly a heavyweight boxer, Doc Louis' presence achieved fame in the United States around 1954. Now are you ready for the next lesson?" Ha ha ha!

Woowee! (Second loss in Mac's Last Stand), "Listen, son. Dance like a fly and bite like a mosquito.

They specifically kept him as a silent protagonist due to how similar the Wii game is to the NES game as well as the tradition of silent Nintendo protagonists such as Kirby, Link, and Ness. [15][16] and two official television commercials[17][18] Instead of using stars to do powerful attacks, Little Mac builds up a strength meter by doing well against his opponents, like in the arcade versions of Punch-Out!!. Doc!! It's all about heart; I know you have it! The hook can be dodged to the left. His signature attack is the "Star Uppercut". Prior to his inclusion in the Super Smash Bros. series, Gamasutra's Kyle Orland commented that Little Mac's absence from it was "mind-boggling". In the NES and Wii games, Little Mac is accompanied by Doc Louis, his trainer. Louis agrees to take charge of Mac, teaching him everything there is to k… ", "Hey, great work Mac!

", "Top 11 Characters Who Should Be In Super Smash Bros. Wii U", "E3 2018: All Super Smash Bros. (when facing, "Keep practicing until you're ready! Now that wasn't so hard, was it? Punch-Out!!

[38] The band Game Over created a song called "Little Mac's Confession", which follows Little Mac's "crushing KO" against Mr. ), "Don't cry, Mac. Both his updated design and Doc Louis' absence were listed by NintendoWorldReport's Neal Ronaghan as weak points of Super Punch-Out!! [2] Mac also appeared as an Assist Trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, assisting players who summoned him. It's time to put your place in history. [23][24] GameSpot featured him in a user poll as part of the "all time greatest video game hero" contest. (Response to Little Mac saying "He's hurt me, Doc! Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. ), "Hey, great work Mac! He is the creator of the "Star Punch", the most powerful move in Mac's arsenal. [31][32][33][34] The series' subsequent installments, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, transitioned Mac into a full-fledged playable character. for Wii by Matt Harty, a sound designer for Next Level Games. (Head-to-Head mode), "Can you believe it? stories featured in Valiant Comics' Nintendo Comics System. Did you eat some of my chocolate bars?" "Game Over: How Nintendo Conquered the World. ", "Ice those knuckles, son! This often includes Mac running behind Louis as he rides his bike, now one of the most iconic features of the Punch-Out!! (After being knocked down once) 1. games. That is the question!" [28] The Escapist's Sumantra Lahiri wrote that Little Mac was the only boxer in the game who did not have a "negative stereotype associated with him". Little Mac makes a return appearance in Super Smash Bros. Are you ready for the next challenge?

His design was changed for the SNES Super Punch-Out!

(After 100 losses, in which the headgear option is unlocked), "I don't know what to tell you son. as well as the 2009 Wii reboot, Doc Louis can often be seen training Little Mac during cinematics.

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