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There's a man near the bottom left; read his mind to get the ID code for the big door. Tokita and the others responded by lamenting that there’s never been a sequel, remaster, or remake to the original game. Towards the end you pilot a giant robot, which looks a lot like a giant Las Vegas casino sign. Talk to him one more time to hear about Kaori's turtle (yes, you have to do this). 1. •Characters & Techniques Head back to Chibikko House. •Enemies The Animals Tribute Channel Recommended for you Walk into the house and up a bit and you'll hear a scream. The program was hosted by Square Enix’s Takashi Tokita, who also directed the game back in 1994. Also note that whenever you level up, your enemies will change. Unfortunately, no projects have been confirmed yet. •Accessories •Hacking Get at least one of every healing item, then stock up as much as you want, preferably on Konjouyakis (Misawayakis if you can't get 'em) and return to Chibikko House. If you're too far away, use JomjomMissile.) Hit the Y button when Akira tells you to. This is Akira. If you run away from battle by Teleporting, you'll end up in one of several spots, like the shower room in Chibikko House, or possibly just the spot where battle started. Go into the right door and examine the two lockers for a ThrowKnife and HandGrenade. The Mecha Chapter takes place in the near future. Beat the guard blocking the center door and enter for a ThrowKnife and NapalmShot. We should also mention that there has been some misinformation online with the mention of an Android port for Live A Live. W00t! O_o. You can sell taiyakis to people. Akira's menu cursor is a taiyaki.) Continue following the stairs all the way down. Now, there's exactly one door blocked by a fire. With this in mind, something new is likely to happen in the future with fans’ continued support. Keep using HalogenLaser against everyone until you get up to the AngryDragon, at which point you should use BabylonKick. Kazu (outside) wants a Konjouyaki, and he'll give you a Glove. Enter; after the scene, the W1 robot will attack. In 2010 when I was starting my financial independence journey, I decided to downgrade my apartment from $1,500 to $800 a month and invest the difference.The value of every $1 I saved then, using a simple investing strategy, is worth $3.25 today.The total value of the money I saved by downgrading my apartment for one year (while I also saved up to buy my first property), is worth $27,300 today.

Pick up another ThrowKnife and HandGrenade in the lockers, then go out and into the conveyor. This way Cube can use them in the final chapter.) As of late, Square Enix fileD trademarks in Australia, Europe, and the US for Live A Live.

WillyKick, Threat, RecklessGlee, BrambleLeg(C), Curse, KeruruChorus, KeruruKick, NamuuRay(C), PsychoAlpha, PsychoBeta, PsychoGamma, BodyBlow, Lariat1 x3, Lariat2 x3, Lariat3 x2, Crusader, Kyokushin2, CrusaderRS, Hevel1 x6, RC-Car2 x7. You can use him as a seconday healer if you like. O_o You'll be dropped off at Chibikko House. Enemies: Near Future Chapter. •Arms Items that can be found are in bold. Then read Matsu's mind. Square Enix’s Live A Live released on Super Famicom back in 1994 and has never seen an official release outside of Japan.

When you exit the bar, you'll notice there aren't any enemies around. However, all thanks to fans’ support, they held a 25th-anniversary concert last year, the game saw its first re-release via the New Nintendo 3DS virtual console in Japan, and they held the livestream today. You can read the bookshelves here for some interesting info. Return up to the toilet and you'll end up back on the first floor. Although the storylines are mostly standalone at first, they eventually combine into a single plotline that thrives on well-executed Player Punch moments.. Your next goal, though, is visiting your sister Kaori in the far left room. Go north again for a HandGrenade and 100VLaser, then at the top part of the room for a ThrowKnife, HandGrenade, and 100VLaser. He has over 2000 HP, and these fights are kind of fun. It has over 900 HP, and very high evade stats. Here are several simple ways to live the good life. Return to Toei's shop. •Items Also note that if you Teleport from battle in here, you'll just end up where you were when the battle started.

Anyway, go to the left of Matsu, face down, and press A.

On the "map", enemies will change based on Akira's level. Just keep wandering around the boxes and chase after the Crusaders. Live A Live Shrine - Your source for ... Walkthrough: Near Future Chapter. You'll end up in the screen south. Have Taro use GoldfishShot (you DO have a KintotoGun, right?!) Whew. Equip everything but the Glove. Go back to the park (west of the map). After Taeko cleans you up, you can explore. •Enemies Now head to the right door for three NapalmShots and a PlasmaSpark. When he's not knee-deep in a JRPG and wishing games had more environmental story-telling, he's attending industry events and interviewing creative auteurs to share their stories. •RPGClassics Main •Armor ^^; Some of the end products can be random (they're in italics below), so save before refining. One of the guards running around is a General, who's a bit difficult (high HP), but not too bad; he can drop a Misanga. The storyline is actually... kinda gross. There's a new staircase at the upper left of the room with the busted teleporter.

That's it! Once you beat them, they're beaten for good, unless you exit the Facility. The big door is locked, so beat the guards and enter the leftmost door (another General fight before you go in). Go north to return to the three-way room, and take the left conveyor belt. Now exit the shop and return to Chibikko House. His special ability is to read minds. •Characters & Techniques You should skim through a walkthrough before you play this chapter because figuring out what to do next can be tedious. Oni Dino is a Japanese-English translator, podcaster, and media editor. Live A Live is a turn-based JRPG from Square Enix (Square) that follows seven distinct scenarios across different time periods. You can get rid of their robots by destroying the Crusader controlling them, but you won't get any experience or items from them if you do this. This reflects on the game in that … Beat the robots, then the Crusaders. •Manual 10000 Yen: Man, Old Lady; Prize: Misawayaki. He might mess up the refining, but don't worry, you won't lose the item if that happens. If they appear with other enemies, they're like Crusaders in that the other enemies will disappear if you beat them, but you won't get any experience or items from the other enemies. This is Akira. After the scene, head back to Toei's house and read his mind. Taeko is doing laundry in the upper right room. •Techniques (Enemy/Item) Lacquer, ChickGun, KintotoGun, and PlasmaSpark have the best techs.) Go back down and read Taeko's mind to start a pathetically easy fight. Enter the first door and read the mind of the lady to start a fight with eight Guards (PlasmaShock/AngryFist is useful). Far too many people get tangled up in the past and future, wondering what is going to happen to them and contemplating the "if's." Contest: Win Undead Darlings, a dungeon crawler meets visual novel, for Switch or PS4. You can now talk to Toei and he can refine your items (see list below). 8-) After the fight, read the mind of the only Crusader you can reach, then talk to Matsu, then read his mind. Matsu is running the taiyaki stand here. First head up and left and talk to Taeko. Frequently one or more items can refine to one or more other items. All encounters as Buriki Daioh yield 0 experience. Go back to the main hall and to the lower right. The doors both lead to the same room, so go in. After the scene, equip Akira with all of Taro's best accessories (yep, you heard right. Exit and head left. Try to get the robot from the back; he seems to take much more damage that way. Refinements go from top to bottom. 8-) You *can* lose, though. The Mecha Chapter takes place in the near future. You'll start a fight with two Men In Black. Head south. You can play the piano in the schoolroom to the north. 8-), (Macc tells me that there's a way to get Matsu early on: just squat on the second toilet you come to; this has been confirmed on the GameFAQs LaL board. Walk onto the teleporter from above. Just keep following Kazu where he appears for the rest of them. There are now three ways to go: two doors and another conveyor. 1000 Yen: Girl, Man; Prize: Konjouyaki You can sometimes find the medium-strength items (though never the strongest ones) as well, but usually you'll have to refine them from weak ones. •Walkthrough. Experience Encounter List

The first time you see Kazu is at the top left; then when you try to go to the screen south. You can also get PotionNo9s by refining Konjouyakis or Misawayakis. Next, head into the laundry room at the top right and talk to Taeko, who will leave. 8-) After the conversation with Akira, you can talk to the people in the park and read their minds.

The door to your right is another toilet, so go in the door straight across from you. You'll end up in the warehouse area south of town. Check out the monitors and talk to people and read their minds, then head into the door to the left. Approach Matsu and a fight will start. Make your way north to the temple. Go into the bathroom and sit on the toilet; Watanabe will enter and give you a WatanabePnts.

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