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The K600 Smart TV keyboard is a wireless touch keyboard built to solve the inputting issues in these entertainment devices. Was very curious about reviewing this complimentary Logitech TV K600 Wireless Keyboard because it enhances compatible Smart TVs, and, its possible use to replace Qwerty keyboard on my Smart Phone. You can check right on Logitech’s website, or of course ask your local Best Buy service team to verify! The convenience of being able to quickly type in movie names, passwords, and the like is great, but now being able to use things like a browser has added great value. K600 TV Keyboard. This keyboard is certainly designed with the Smart TV at heart. First thing I did was plug it into a Windows 10 PC - and it IMMEDIATELY worked flawlessly - and I'm talking all functions and buttons. Set-up your K600 TV and optimize it for your system at k600setup.logi.com. One nice thing about the K600 is that it doesn't require any additional software, even if you're using it with a Windows PC or Mac. It just made everything about typing and moving around a TV screen so much more enjoyable. Wireless range may vary with environmental and computing conditions. It can also connect to two additional bluetooth enabled devices. Don't forget to leave a comment, 4 of The Best Types of Sports Games Inputting web URLs, writing your data, or even searching for specific titles is now easier than ever thanks to the K600 keyboard. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. It can be an excellent companion accessory to your many gadgets around the house. TECHSPOT : Tech Enthusiasts, Power Users, Gamers, TechSpot is a registered trademark.

* Long Battery Life – Up to one year using only two AAA batteries (Included). Experiencing trouble typing what you want on your Smart TV is a thing of the past.

The keyboard has a nice tactile feedback and the keyboard is small enough to be placed inside of my entertainment center.

However, if you have more than one device as part of your home entertainment setup, that both support Bluetooth accessories, then the Logitech K600 suddenly becomes a very useful addition. Durch die zusätzliche Tastenreihe an der Seite bedienen Anwender die Tastatur mit den Daumen. - The keyboard does not allow text input within all apps. The compact size of the K600 allowed her to throw it in her carry-on and also handbag for her conferences that week. Shares. In-store pricing may vary. You can BT pair up to three devices, PC, Tablet, or Phone, (IOS or Android, and assign them an Easy-Switch key, 1-3) and switch at any time just by depressing that key. The only downside to this keyboard is that it’s not rechargeable.

From a setup prospective, this was super simple. There are not sharp edges, so it sits nicely in your hands or lap.

Amazon Influencer . No manual with setup instructions was included with these kinda critical setup steps. What are you waiting for? Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. in box receiver to PC, extra to TV, bluetooth connection with laptop). Even more so if you have three devices you can connect to at the same time as then the Logitech K600 really does become a single and complete controller. Bluetooth LE Technology: The Logitech K600 utilizes Bluetooth Lowe Energy (LE) 2.4GHz Technology to wirelessly connect and control your Smart TV. Full keyboard & D-Pad for navigating content and internet browsing. It’s great being able to interact with the apps on Amazon’s UI where a key entry is needed. Between this switching feature to its portable design, you may find yourself using the keyboard more often than you think.

This makes your Smart TV a more viable option when you want to browse online. To set up the keyboard, just head to Logitech's K600 website, select your TV operating system, then hold the Function and number key combo that appears on the screen. That said, it is a Bluetooth keyboard so any input device that is compatible with Bluetooth connections can use it. and down long web pages and zoom in and out on your Unfortunately this keyboard just won’t work for most people and when it is compatible, it only works a small fraction of the time text input is needed. Cause that’s where i need if the most.

Allerdings ist die K600 TV etwas schwer. The trackpad worked well; taps worked, and the pad was responsive.

I had a mechanical keyboard at one point that had round keys and it was dreadful to type on.

You can still see all customer reviews for the product. https://www.u, via @supercarcompany Rating 4.4 out of 5 stars with 441 reviews. Comment and tag your buddies, 6 Birthday Gifts for Every Type of Dad To start, this little gem is compact and can hide away in your living room, theater room, or wherever you decide to use it. + Can be used to control Media (Pause/Play, Rewind/Fast Forward, etc) He also publishes two newsletters, Advisorator for tech advice and Cord Cutter Weekly for help with ditching cable or satellite TV. Logitech definitely had the Smart TV in mind when they made the K600 TV Wireless keyboard.

Please leave a comment and tag yo, via @supercarcompany Erst, wenn ihr euren Fernseher wirklich regelmäßig zum Surfen nutzt, bietet die Tastatur einen echten Mehrwert. Logitech K600 TV Keyboard - Wireless Connectivity - Bluetooth - USB InterfaceTouchPad, D-pad - Compatible with Smart TV, Tablet, Mobile Phone, Mobile Device (Windows, Mac OS, WebOS, Android, iOS, Chrome OS, Linux, PC) - Power, Play, Pause, Fast-forward, Rewind, Volume Control, Home Screen, Easy-Switch, App Switch Hot Key(s) - Graphite Black - TAA Compliance There is also a Bluetooth option to enter code, connect it, and be good to go. The keyboard is approximately 14 ½ inches long, by 4 ¾ wide, and ¾ inches thick. After entering in the code for my tv that you can get right from logitech’s website, the nicely placed navigational keys along the side of the keyboard worked, allowing me to have full control over the TV, and its applications - including the home and search buttons. This eliminates the need for your mouse, and thus the need for your couch, coffee table, and/or leg to be an effective mousepad. Comment and tag your friends, convenience and efficiency that a keyboard can provide. If that sounds like something you would want to see, this Logitech K600 review is for you. This makes the K600 a great choice no matter how large (or small) the room is. I liked the shortcut keys as well as the touch pad. If you’re a PC-to-TV user, download the Logitech Options app to customize your K600 TV. The construction feels pretty solid, and the keyboard feels well balanced when holding with 2 hands. What (I thought) set the Logitec K600 apart is that the company has taken the time to configure the keyboard specifically for each compatible device. I really enjoy using it with my laptop and love that I can switch back and forth between the TV and the computer when I need to. Sits nice and flat on a desk with a slight angle. Lon.TV . It was supposed to read, “I tested this range by typing this sentence from the other end of our house.” It looks as though only one keystroke was missed. She has long since used a laptop for this sort of thing. * Backlighting – It would be easier to operate this keyboard with some sort of illuminated keys at night. While these platforms are more for entertainment than work, you still find yourself ‘typing’ a bit. Remove the battery tab on the back of your K600 TV ...As a matter of fact, the odds are overwhelmingly against most customers. This also has nicely placed navigational keys along the side of the keyboard worked too. Windows and Mac users who connect their computer to the TV can personalize the K600 TV in Logitech Options software. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. https://, via @supercarcompany Then, I followed the on-line instructions on my Smart TV to connect to my Wi-Fi home network. So, I was looking for a grouping of keys or something, but long-pressing anything like this did nothing. I paired it with a recent model (2017) Samsung in minutes. - Promotional materials state that turning the keyboard upside down locks the keypad (so that kids don't type and interrupt your viewing). Simple online setup required to tune your keyboard shortcuts in line with your TV operating system. Some of the design choices Logitech made in service of TV use make the K600 less than ideal as a standard computer keyboard. Specs & Details. An all-new $99 Logitech K600 keyboard has just gone on sale and what’s different is that this keyboard is more for couch potatoes who want to manage their TV’s while also being able to bang out a quick email or website URL or navigate between connected boxes. I let her use the K600 on and off at her leisure through her phone and she said that while she enjoyed the larger screen size her laptop provided, that if she were in a pinch and really *had* to knock an assignment out quickly that the K600 definitely helped speed up the process.

Enjoy hassle-free web browsing with a touchpad optimized The distance from where my computer was sitting and to where I typed the message was probably about 35 feet, but there were several walls in between the two devices so I am very impressed by the performance of the keyboard at that distance. Set-up your K600 TV and optimize it for your system at k600setup.logi.com. It's full-sized, easy to type on, lightweight so it transports easily, & connects to Bluetooth with ease. The K600 can map itself to different operating systems without any extra software. The Logitech K600 Smart TV Keyboard is a great device especially if you are using the Android TV.

It also makes it easier to navigate through streaming sites and channels. In addition to my laptop, I connected the keyboard to our LG Smart TV. Next was trying it on the TV. It certainly makes keying information into a TV app a far more pleasant exercise. *****CHECK COMPATIBILITY BEFORE YOU BUY***** The K600 TV sits naturally on your lap so you can type comfortably without leaving the couch. * Precision Touchpad – Allows me to navigate freely and quickly through menus, Apps, pages, while browsing the Internet, and, or searching for movies or programs. All in all, this is a sound investment that is pretty useful.

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