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Julio Torres: We truly had never met them before, and that was sort of like a new, interesting exercise for me to learn is how to assess potential through [auditions], which I’d never really had to do before. And for a bunch of different reasons we wound up with Chile.

The Playlist: Obviously, the show is surreal and farcical in a way, but were the characters inspired by anyone you know? The Playlist: Had you both of you always planned on playing members of the Los Espookys, the team, even from the beginning?

The Playlist: This was your guys’ first show as producers. It’s also mostly in Spanish with subtitles, but O.K. Ana Fabrega: I think that on paper before we had shot anything, it really felt like a bit of a blank canvas. Slate is published by The Slate Group, a Graham Holdings Company. Julio Torres: I don’t think you do, Ana. La serie de seis capítulos de media hora está protagonizada por Torres y Fabrega junto a Cassandra Ciangherotti y Bernardo Velasco.

“And the show has so many asks from the audience.

We need to head home.”? The Playlist: Why are the faces of Julio’s parents are never shown? Ana FabregaEmmys 2020Fred ArmisenHBOJulio TorresLos Espookys, Jon Favreau Doesn't Rule Out 'Mandalorian' Feature Film Spinoffs: "There's No Rulebook Now", Aaron Taylor-Johnson Stars In New Rhye Music Video Directed By Sam Taylor-Johnson, ‘The Life Ahead’: Sophia Loren Beams with Stern Grace in Emotional Crowd-Pleaser [Review], Brett Ratner Likely The Director Behind Amusing Brian Koppelman Story About Sean Connery. So we start writing in English, knowing that it is going to be performed in Spanish. But obviously, if you’ve never seen a show like this before, it takes some getting used to. Well, our wardrobe designer, Muriel, is really amazing and like I think Andres’ costumes because he’s rich, were [always] going to be a little extravagant. Keeping it just a little more vague opened up the ability to tell the stories and have the characters just be themselves, as opposed to trying to do an accent from one particular place. But no, we have work to do on season two. Podemos incluso ir más hacia el pasado, hasta 1975, el año en que HBO se convirtió en la primera cadena en transmitir vía satélite, y también el año de On Location, un programa de stand-up comedy de una hora que tuvo a George Carlin, Robin Williams y Billy Crystal, entre otros, haciendo de las suyas sobre las tablas. The Playlist: Obviously, you’ve already shot season two, and I sort of mentioned this before, but the reaction to the show – was that important to you before moving forward? Is Juan Carlos even gay?

It is the way we ended up doing it because the way making a television show works is that you need to show it to the network. We are typing in English, but in our brains, we hear it in Spanish and make decisions that we know are going to work in Spanish as we type in English! [Laughs.] Julio Torres: We always knew it was six episodes, right? En junio, por HBO+ y HBO GO. How hard was it for both of you to be acting, writing and basically producing the show at the same time? June Thomas: Los Espookys is a bilingual show. While you guys were shooting season two were you guys still having fun? Así que en junio disfrutaremos de este nuevo arrojo de seis capítulos que trae consigo el sello de calidad de Saturday Night Live, pero sobre todo, el sello de calidad HBO.

“Hopefully, someone connects with it, but we’re definitely not catering to an audience or pandering to the audience,” Torres says. Were you guys nervous while you were shooting it about what HBO was going to think when they saw the first episode or even the dailies coming in? We’re not done, and we’ll resume when we can, and when it’s safe. Join Slate Plus to continue reading, and you’ll get unlimited access to all our work—and support Slate’s independent journalism. Lectura de 5 min. All rights reserved. It allowed us to do whatever we wanted without having to create a rigid set of rules. And that sort of became the jumping-off point for the three of us to develop the show and turn it into what you ended up seeing.

The Playlist: How did you find Cassandra and Bernardo? Also, it is a completely obtuse and abstract regardless of the language. Los creadores de la serie, Julio Torres, Ana Fabrega y Fred Armisen se unen en esta aventura al célebre Lorne Michaels, productor y creador, nada más y nada menos, que del ya clásico late show Saturday Night Live. But when I think of a place where there are lots of different accents, lots of people from different places, that sounds like America. On this week’s episode of Working, June Thomas spoke with Fred Armisen, Ana Fabrega, and Julio Torres of the HBO comedy Los Espookys.

The Playlist: What ended it?

How does that process work?

Was there anything you learned from the reaction of the show from the audience, through social media or whatever, that made you think, “O.K., we need to not even care about these when we move forward, or we’re going to stick to our original plan.” Did anything change in that respect before shooting season two?

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