lou and andy i want that one

"The Camel" is the ninth episode of the second season of Parks and Recreation, and the fifteenth overall episode of the series. However, they notice that they're both going to be at the same frisbee lesson by Furious George at the park this afternoon. When Buffy notices how upset Andi is, she tries to cheer her up with the pictures of the puppies but Andi doesn't want to see any. In some of the sketches, Andy lives in a dilapidated council house in the fictional city of Herby - the name being derived from the car in the Disney children's film of the same name. She has also taped her phone to avoid any temptation. PRONUNCIATION. A more graphic scene ensued in Little Britain USA when Andy attempted to pet a lion in the zoo but had his left hand chewed off as a result. Once in France (this section was adjacent to the Eiffel Tower), he then declares that he "Wanna go Chessington."

Afterwards, they present a big yellow envelope to Andi containing everything they found. But that's a horse. This shows he genuinely views Lou as a friend and not just a slave. Andy's catchphrases include, "Yeah I know", "I want that one" and "Don't like it", while Lou's catchphrase is "What a kerfuffle!".

once the performance starts. Further ruining Andy's lifestyle, she disabled his television, threw out his chocolate and crisps (replacing his dinner with stew as a main course and a pear as dessert); started holding church services straight after dinner; and thumping his leg with a candle holder, to Andy's dismay.

The request is often framed as "I want that one...", and the rejection as "I don't like it", but not always. Andy often asks Lou for unusual things (often demanding them over and over again), usually without even looking at whatever he is asking for.

This featured Andy asking to open his Christmas presents early, so Lou let him open one. (Series 3 deleted scene)* Urinated into an occupied hotel swimming pool, Antisocial (sometimes childish) Behaviour, *Stolen an ice cream from a child when Lou is talking to the child's mother. * The natural world has a sublime beauty, unrivalled by anything man-made. Lou hastily doubles back. There's a Mack in the Shack With Buffy's push, Andi decides to go after Jonah. [5]. Andi leaves the diner. *To have a snake for a pet, instead of the rabbit he had previously requested. * A Dead Ringers sketch features a parody of Lou and Andy, with the two replaced by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown respectively.

The series 3 deleted scenes show Andy starting to display his intelligent side on screen: In a Comic Relief special in 2005, Lou asks who Andy would like to invite for his forthcoming birthday, with Andy asking for George Michael. *He thinks that society is a complex web of inter reliant structures, requiring universal acceptance and co-operative values. "Todd Packer" is the eighteenth episode of the seventh season of the American comedy television series The Office, and the show's 144th episode overall. video.

* (talking about George Michael) Jesus To A Child aside, Andy finds his output emotionally vapid (which he tells Lou to repeat to George as they're leaving). He's not dead!" She runs all the way to the park where Natalie is filming her frisbee YouTube video. LOU: Well, that'll be a right kerfuffle. Once there, Andy is apparently scheduled to do a reading. Lou walks to the picture Andy pointed and he sees a horse.

Of course, once the fire is properly burning, Andy says "I want me stuff back." *He's not fond of Raphael's religious paintings, despite Lou reminding him that although he admired his Roman period of secular portraiture, it was his work in the early 1500s - while displaying an occasional sentimental naivety - that represented the apotheosis of his artistic achievements. Andy does his best to appear ignorant, stupid, grasping and helpless, like a manipulative child. Andy Warhol …   Wikipedia, Lou Gramm — Infobox musical artist Name = Lou Gramm Img capt = Lou Gramm performing live with Foreigner at Deer Creek in Noblesville, IN on July 19, 1993.

Lou also uses the term "kerfuffle" to refer to sticky situations or problems they might face.

The video was later released as a fund raising single for Comic Relief. The episode was written by Amelie Gillette and directed by Randall Einhorn. When he says "yeah I know" after getting the Frisbee, his voice turns raspy due to the electricity.

August 1928 in Pittsburgh, PA; † 22. LOU: Have you decided how you want your hair to be? Little Britain is a British sketch comedy series that began as a radio show in 2000 and ran as television series between 2003 and 2007. He was played by Brian Baumgartner. * Climbed power lines to retrieve a Frisbee and getting an electric shock, returning to his wheelchair black and smoking. Creed Bratton is a character from the NBC sitcom The Office, played by the musician of the same name as a fictionalized version of himself. * Dark chocolate has a bitter edge to it and lacks the oral ecstasy of its milkier cousin. This is one of the few occasions that he has actually tried to defend (or get revenge for) Lou. "I need to use the toilet." * (talking about "Dogtanian and the Three Muskethounds") Alexandre Dumas' classic characters and their canine counterparts were decidedly lacklustre.

In the episodes of series 1, Lou regularly mentioned an unheard and unseen character called Maria, who was his predecessor as Andy's caretaker.


He is the human resources representative at the Scranton branch of the paper distribution company, Dunder Mifflin.

"Crunchy Frog" is the common name for a Monty Python sketch officially titled "Trade Description Act", inspired by the Trade Descriptions Act 1968 in British law. Altered a Raphael painting to make it look like himself and Lou while Lou is asking a painting gallery assistant where he might find paintings Andy would enjoy. When he boasts to Lou about what he's done at the hotel, Lou does not suspect anything, but merely believes Andy's suffering Hallucinations.

Jonah feels bad. After berating him, Lou moves on to select Baked Beans, but when Andy tries to shoplift more food, he escapes with a security guard in hot pursuit. He had forgotten that Andi had already invited him to a Grease sing-along. One-off specials were broadcast in 2005, 2007, 2009, 2015, 2016, 2019 and 2020.

*To specifically not go to the toilet before getting into Lou's van, (a rusty white E-reg Ford Escort van) after he drank four pints of beer in a bar. *Trying to steal a woman's handbag. Lou is patient, friendly, charitable and incredibly tolerant. "Yeah I know."

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