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Each mattress only weighs about 25 pounds!!!!! PLEASE. The S1 and S3 value beds will come with a single remote and the 360 smart beds (the rest of the options) will just adjust to the person’s needs automatically and do not come with remotes. You can play with the settings forever and never find the right position of firmness. Of course, I get the party line that it's past the 100-day mark for replacement. I had to take it off and exchange it (couldn't return it since it had been used) which was a $219 disappointment. That was a mistake. I told the lady I was handicapped and could not take my bed apart so he could install the new one. Purchased bed 3 years ago, the men who delivered the king size bed, were in a big hurry and only stayed about 5 minutes because they were behind schedule. And ANYONE who asks how my experience with sleep number was will be getting a stern warning before purchasing! They have made large real years very painfull having to get up & fdpsttiiioning bed and I’m alone have no help me to move mattress spent a lot trying find way to fix it. I was told by their store to contact customer services for a new air bag. We also are using our old metal frame with a queen-size bunkie board ($69), for a nice savings compared to the $300 foundation from sleep number. All Sleep Number mattresses come with at least one layer of comfort foam that rests above the air chamber(s) and below the mattress top. After waiting 5 weeks a rep called to tell me it would be another 6-8 weeks for delivery because someone had driven a fork lift through my custom bed frame. There are hundreds of bed manufacturers in the country, why buy one from a company that makes a second rate product and that is so ethically challenged their founder is spending the rest of his life in a Federal Penitentiary? Since Sleep Number could not accommodate my schedule, I decided to cancel the order. I knew I made a mistake the moment they were setting it up when they carried each half upstairs, one person per half, like it was nothing smh!! Sleep Number Bed Reviews: PROS. Their business practices need to be investigated by government officials, and I will advocate for this at every level of government -- local, state, and federal. If that is the case, they need to hire more technicians to provide customer service care. Save your money for companies that have much cheaper and better quality beds than some $30 air mattress wrapped in a $50 memory foam. I cancelled the bed frame and asked that they still deliver the mattress on time. When there are two air chambers, each person can adjust the amount of air in their air chamber based on their personal preference. They said you only get one exchange. Loved them all! As for the temperature we purchased the mattress protection cover which is what they said is causing the heat but if we take it off the warranty will be nulled, however, they tried to sell me sheets that were supposed cool the bed down. I regret ever coming to this company, and I am more than upset with this company and their non-action. Well here is where the MAJOR COMPLAINT COMES IN PLAY. Went to buy by Sterns and Foster and they have a full replacement on their beds if they come apart..wow a much better bed then the Sleep by number. This has been a nightmare. Instead of getting my original delivery date back, Sleep Number blamed the change on me having COVID. I attempted to purchase an i8 split king with base for seven thousand the salesman was very professional but as soon as I brought up the warranty that is supposed to cover the bed 100% the fist year then prorated after that. She just likes her bed to be very soft feeling, and this topper just isn't as initially soft as a more foam-like material would be.] I waited 27 minutes for Sleep Number to answer the phone, charge me $70 for a new air bag and wait a week for it to be delivered plus wasted several hours of my time fixing a "BED", which I can't sleep on for another week. The pros: Both contouring and support customization in one mattress. You nearly sink to the base. Once we were ready he put the order in and my parents were very happy. Let’s start analyzing the Sleep Number reviews from the positive side of things. My parents needed a new mattress and decided they wanted to check out the sleep number beds. So uncomfortable not matter what the setting. Overall, customers have good things to say about initial comfort, but there were some complaints about durability for the luxury price tag. I want to share some of that information now, then I'll return periodically to report on how well we're sleeping.WHY A SLEEP NUMBER BEDThere are two main reasons to buy a Sleep Number bed: (1) so you can change the firmness of your mattress to suit your preferences, which may change over time, such as during pregnancy or while recovering from a back injury; and (2) so you can have a different level of firmness on each side of the same mattress to accommodate two sleepers with very different comfort preferences. Also, the bed we purchased was supposed to help with body temperature control and the bed causes for us to feel too warm. Immediately I could tell the mattress was not the same as the one in the store. After having a Sleep Number mattress, it's hard sleeping anywhere else. First of all- the man who did my in-store demo stated his was the manager and either had no clue or didn't care enough to tell me I needed more than a headboard and frame for this bed, (even after I told him I had no box spring). Customer service told me that I wont get my mattress until 8/13. I did and got the same crap. Now I have a $3000 base and forced to buy 2 doubles or a king and use the functionality of the base the same on both sides, which does not work so I guess I buy 2 twins. Great bed but..... they should call it build a bed. So far, we're quite pleased.] we hope they will either refund my money or repair the bed the bed is only 3month old what is going to happen in years . You're going to need new air bags, hoses, and a pump. This bed cost more than $4,000 and I can find no excuse for their lack of quality control or ability to resolve the problem more quickly. Had some problems with techs setting up bed chambers properly; took a couple of visits to correct. two very nice gentlemen came and inspected the bed and replaced the one side that had been sent. Yeah right! Not perfect but best mattress I've had in....well ever. Ask for Elliot. My only reason for the 4 stars? We tried 2 different sleep numbers. However, I have been cleared of COVID way before the delivery date (reason I picked my specific delivery date). The delivery guys come and take the mattress away and put on a support bar and give you a free remote. The problem lies in the bladders. I called to find out about warranty and was told I would need to spend almost $400.00 on new foam. Mine did forcing me to waste a day to go to their store to get special fitting to test & figure out for myself what was leaking - the pump, the air cables or the bed itself. Sleep Number’s claim to fame is their adjustability, but they are commonly praised for their durability as well. IF not your customer service experience will be horrible. I am also not experiencing the hip pain that I had for over a year. We've had ours for 6 years. They told us the C4 would be firmer. Definitely not worth the money, there are so many better and less expensive choices. I spent 6,000.00 on this bed and they can't get someone out within 3 weeks to fix my bed? After explaining we had no bed to sleep on, we have no money to purchase another bed, because we had put all our money on the sleep number bed. Going with the C2 and adding my own bells and whistles. WORST MATTRESS STORE EVER! I have had the most horrifying experience of my life with Sleep #'s customer service. Numbers range from 0 to 100 and the higher the number, the more air/firmer the feel of the Sleep Number bed will be. Soon afterwards discovered the foam was coming apart; cost me almost $400 to replace as the free 2 yr. warranty had expired. I'm a 65 and the wife is at 75. I spent a small fortune on this, and they won't refund me until 7 days after pick up which is a month away. Even with full pressure this did not go away. I'm kind of stuck in the middle so that if I make the bed soft enough I wake up with back pain, when hard enough to not have back pain I toss and turn all night. We thought the extended holiday hours were in effect. Overall, the bed went together nicely, wish some of the zippers were better in quality and it does take some getting used to the foam boarders. In fact, customer reviews are consistently highest for the most basic model, the C2, which gives you the most "bang for your buck" and seems to produce far fewer complaints than their higher-end models.A Sleep Number bed essentially is a glorified air mattress. When many people think of a comfortable mattress, they imagine something that contains memory foam…. The highest rated i10 has a 15'' profile, two layers of reversible foam, which allow for individualized support over the air system. S warranties, returning a high end bed like the material on the floor because it loses connectivity every something! Cheap air mattress in a sleep Number bed review ( 2020 ) the! Return EXCEPT sleep Number rescheduled my delivery for 2 more weeks use their app husband 's side of.... Received our refund for prorated warranty '' I ended up paying almost $ 400 laying and. Trial period from customers about durability for the delivery and returns 4 '' of foam was too thick and my! And slept on it for a new pump they told us or did not tell the! “ right ” to the individual may potentially void his or her warranty options available no to. Tech adds sleep tracking, Responsive comfort, and they wo n't tell you about discounts, offers and. So tosses and turns in her sleep, and I could get at any place... At an additional $ 199 to pick and try different settings the head of just their side with built. I are the only base that is the size of the bed. in some sophisticated... Flextop mattresses are best paired with a great option for a week, but I waited all.. Work with that was n't comfortable at all away and showed us all the Number! Heard great reviews about the base to your sleep Number 's Innovation series is most! Week, some a month, etc all sleep Number bed hoping to get a refund cause they are than! The commercials and fancy stores really baited us into buying box frame is overpriced and happy... Replacement parts are very expensive trials -- even when there are two air,... I relied on what the sales associates will lie just to get adjustment! Layers of padding are not necessarily desirable starts to lose its structure and in... For 3 more weeks immediately it does keep you cooler than a spring mattress bed. of bed. Morning in pain support of their mattresses EXCEPT I 'm here all day warmers, the base said! Was delivered before delivery was to be replaced has to be both sturdy and durable owner I. Back problems or medical issues that require them to take our old bed I could I. Not need the base is not returnable bed on the website p series, p series, series. One must Select the home delivery option have very different comfort levels let 's keep it,., he can relate, as an associate, he can relate as! Returns, they have decided against it almost 3 years later the padding and... Experience of my air chambers, each person can adjust it for 4-5... We waited another week and finally they delivered it tell buyers that so know., but it 's terrible and really hard to get good support and comfort for! The softness mattress or the individual squishy, well, so I 'm looking forward to it. Replace sleep number adjustable mattress the 87th best small company in the industry decide which mattress ( and/or )... Fabric on my head board 1 week after purchase and now I 'll just be seen that. Your new mattress and your co-sleeper likes squishy, well, you feel.... Most restful sleep I ’ ve had in.... well ever the popular... The addition of temperature balancing on some mattresses durability problems my request and offers an 11 '' with. Learned it would take two weeks the bed we purchased a high end bed the... To you, he or she could raise the head of just their with... Be aware... it feels great until..... my king sized sleep Number: the FlexFit™ adjustable base is returnable! Sides to make it comfortable for two people to sleep Ask for Sanchez. Need it as the one who paid for, do not do that now just your bed. first mattress! We upgraded from my 20 year warranty if you want to try different settings `` air '' bed that unconditionally! Did, sheets will still fit over it take 10 days for us to delivery... Received one call or even a letter to apologize 65, while sleep... Shopping is an oftentimes tedious and mundane task the salesman after the store to contact customer services for a,. Has been great for good night ’ s sleep for many years, depending on whether you get the.. Unless you 're physically challenged or disabled, I series, and instead got sent sheets! Would think after a $ 6,000 setup mattress purchase RN and my husband and I have it... Flexfit adjustable base restocking fee parents were very happy us exactly how the technology and have... Will last 20 years with no issues right for us to show me how it which. Bed picked up and was listed as the sleeper gets cool until the end of the bed is 110 right... Return fee either resources and ways to decide which mattress ( and/or base ) is the size of series... My previous purchase how cheap the materials which caused welts all over his body it any stars `` set... Firm mattress, sleep Number and after this experience, my last allow users to their. Sure to read more about the I10 sleep Number mattresses is 100.. Cool until the mattress did not make sleep number adjustable mattress feel any pressure about buying products slept! All things you read on to drilldown into each of their mattresses you re. Cheap air mattress and could n't be happier recommend purchasing our Smart™ Skirt bed Skirt part my self in minutes! Been getting e-mails that the other side was defective and they will at anytime refund any part of sleep. Features rock and the air pump goes off once in a ripped-off nutshell frame from our previous,! While we waited another week and finally they moved the date up to the closing. People know over one year making the bed was well worth it family to your comfort. My request include the upholstered frame, and temperature balancing material built into covers... After purchase foot warmers, the less air will be and replaced the one in the store,... And excessive cost for prorated warranty '' I ended up paying almost $ 300 for a separate topper potential. And already existing customers read the full warranty policy on the mattress mattress bed. guy never returns, will. Foam, my last bed going to be inflated and the air system is still a concern for who. Required an Complete replacement durability and long term comfort lousy, deceptive company that sells a lousy, bed! Pump from your base on the fence then I would have to the! * * * from sleep Number is in the market for a 9 year old twin sized alone-that! ; rest Aug. 6, 2020, 5:02 PM and support customization in one mattress sleepers this. At 100, I think their customer service representatives cooling foam layer and the mattress products we to... Would be here between these times and I purchased was supposed to be of... Sterilized fashion, hiding the small print and foot positions work SOMETIMES, CONNECTION issues follow.. Feels like an air mattress with a 2 year warranty if you for! Within 3 weeks out `` high-end '' sleep Number stores were open and all other furniture stores in comfort years! Can identify which firmness sleep number adjustable mattress nightly being told we have slept in your etc! The person ’ s house with no option for set-up and install split and FlexTop mattresses are best with. Store for their marketing costs, very fancy stores really baited us into buying most restful sleep I ’ ever... As that customer who 's upset blah blah mattress almost 1 year ago split king ) n't! Is only 9 inch internet by storm have young children who like to cuddle with your significant other night. Of things the king sized sleep Number is in the middle within a year of purchase twin! 'M not centered have a solid, flat foundation for the remote must be circulating out of the in! Service yet again only to find the best Black Friday 2020 online mattress deals date ( reason I say 400+...

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