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My precious. Mandark's gallery can be viewed here, Susan, Mr. Astronomanov, Monarch of Darkness, Lovechild, Susie, Sue, Wave Master, Executive Mandark, Overlord Mandark, Braindark, Cunning, scheming, evil, intelligent, arrogant, egotistical, power-crazed. Gary The School Bully Who Hates Kids With Funny Accents: Get away from me! And if you ignore your friends, you could wind up in serious pain. Eddie Deezen has stated that Mandark looks like a caricature of himself, and may be based on Malvin from. [Major Glory and Val Halen's fight smashes the TV, which Krunk was watching]. No, we don't have any fish. There's a bee in my hair! None of you will ever leave this place alive! I have to beat Dexter, sworn enemy. Dexter!

Rude Dee Dee: [Pretends to apologize] Okay, I will! Timmy's Mom: Well if course it is. The Justice Friends: Things That Go Bonk in the Night, https://en.wikiquote.org/w/index.php?title=Dexter%27s_Laboratory&oldid=2887221, Anime-influenced Western animated TV shows, American children's animated comic science fiction TV shows, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Due to Tartakovsky's departure from the series, the new seasons were made under Chris Savino and a different production team at Cartoon Network Studios.

!. He and I have been competing in science and other things for years and this race is just one more of those things where we try to beat each other, except I try to win by being sneaky and bad! Penny for your throughts? Okay, here it goes: A physics professor and his assistant are working on liberating negatively-charged hydroxyl ions, when all of a sudden, the assistant says, "Wait, professor, what if the salicylic acids do not accept the hydroxyl ions?" If Victor Frankenstein can do it, so can I!

Factory Worker #2: Just a little longer. Dee-Dee: They said any of the kids class again!

Along with the fact that following events are not the work of series creator Genndy Tartakovsky, their canonicity is uncertain and possibly apocryphal. Mandark is a tall boy who has a black bowl-cut hairstyle that lays around the top of his head like a helmet.

[pants] I hope you like it. Timmy's Mom: Timmy, why don't you go and play outside? When Mandark started going to Huber Elementary School on the first day of the school year, he would end up meeting his future rival Dexter and as soon as they came face to face, Mandark proved that he was the far superior intellect. Major Glory: You are a Justice Friend, Krunk! Hahaha!! [no one appears], Major Glory: Justice Friends assemble! Timmy: Okay. Mothers do not get sick; they take care of the sickly! [Both Friends are frightened, Val Halen quickly checks for his key]. It follows Dexter, a boy-genius and inventor with a hidden laboratory in his room, which he keeps secret from his parents. After Mandark's laboratory was destroyed, he eventually built a new one to resemble the old, but eventually he remodeled his lab and gave it a darker and more gothic-look, with many of the machines being replaced with bio-mechanical equipment; apparently meant to represent Mandark's growing evil nature, which was a result of his ever growing hatred for Dexter and his constant failures. Fois Gras: Gentlemen, we are about to make a lot of bread. Ever since, Mandark has always been one step behind Dexter and has done all he can to get the better of his rival and prove once and for all that he is the superior boy genius, but every time he tries to, he always ends up failing horribly. At an unknown point, Mandark's brain, now dubbed "Braindark", would be placed inside of the Dexter Museum for all to see and serve as a reminder of the once mighty overlord and his fall at the hands of Dexter. The Surfer Boy happily agrees and Mandark gains his first real friend. And the professor responds, "That's no hydroxyl ion; that's my wife!" Idea Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community.

Val Hallen: There's a bee in my hair! Right, Major Glory? [reads a sign next to the lever] "Do Not Pull"?

Time for school. [sees Dexter naked] Mom!

No, absolutely not! To be the smartest person in the world, kill Dexter, marry Dee Dee and rule the world. - Various Episodes "Please sir, call me Mandark." The Core is mine! Explore 9GAG for the most popular memes, breaking stories, awesome GIFs, and viral videos on the internet! Dexter: Excuse me sir, but we think that was very rude and we are in want of an apology. Dad: Feed me ... -Mandark 21888. Mandark has a head that is big at the top and gets skinnier at the bottom near his neck. Dexter: [Yelling at DeeDee after she annoys him] SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP! Major Glory: [in the middle of being agonizingly operated on] Uh-huh... Dexter: You are stupid! Dexter's Concience #5: When he turned it on, it created a bright light that inspired Susan to learn more about technology and science.

Oh, and don't forget, you are STUPID! Major Glory: Gird your loins, Krunk, for we know not what awaits us in... the Lair of the Rock God! Speak to me, boy! SHUT UP! Dexter: I don't know.”.

Young Mandark: NOOO! Uncle Sam: That's the spirit, nephew.

Dexter: [Gasp] That's not possible! Sorry to wake you... Dexter: You mean like you did the last 20 times?
In Punch Time Explosion XL, he synergizes with, In Japanese, Mandark's voice actor is Katsumi Suzuki, who also voices the Red Guy from. Mandark was apparently a lonely child who had no friends and had no talent with sports. Valhallen: [to the viewer] You see, kids, dentists are your friends. Or else... Lala Vala: I force to break your netting. You don't owe that jerk any favors! And I feel great. Dexter, anyone smarter than him, defeat, nature, Dee Dee rejecting him, his parents' interests, Robot Suit, Ray guns, lasers, other kinds of weapons. Dexter: Huh?! You don't owe that jerk any favors! Celebrating 15 Years of Excellence and Ingenuity, Steven Universe: The Tournament/Transcript, Matilda 2: Revenge of the Trunchbull (2020 film), https://ideas.fandom.com/wiki/Mandark?oldid=1428034. I will never allow this! However, there is another side to Mandark's personality, which is his intense love for Dee Dee.

But every day, that solitude is inevitably broken by *you*. NOO! Dexter: [after transforming into a clown and disrupting a date between a French-accent man and a woman on a park bench] Don't look up! Mandark was born the son of the hippie pacifists known as Windbear and Oceanbird in the annoyingly peace loving hippie community of Flowertopia and was birthed by his mother while in a small wooden pool of water. [Dexter turns on a boombox; techno music plays]. He has nerdy glasses which look exactly like Dexter's and he wears a white dress shirt, a yellow tie with black stripes, blue shorts, and brown shoes. \"Yes Dexter, I can read your thoughts and I am smarter than you.\" - \"Dexter's Rival\" 5. Mandark: By human standards, I know a lot.

Krunk: Krunk not afraid of scary bee! Mandark: This time has been duly noted and will be deducted from your salaries. "Dexter's Laboratory Quotes." Tastes like barf!


He also rigs the surfing area with booby traps so that the other surfers (especially Surfer Boy) would lose and be out of the way for good. Mom: I hope you're hungry, 'cause I made a [trips over Rude Dexter] very... SPECIAL LUNCH THAT I GOT FROM A RECIPE THAT I... FOUND IN A BESSIE CRACKER MAGAZINE!

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