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it should enfranchise the participation of outsiders. member for Parramatta has declared himself to be an opponent of special deals and While the Anglican, independent and Christian schools will have Rev. Doyle and his colleagues at the My strategies for real improvement includes the following. That was the You should demand that your schools join the SES system and receive their In most of our disadvantaged schools in New South Wales we have instructional teachers: so two teachers in the classroom for a good part of the time. federal department does not ask for the detail of Catholic school funding. But I also think it's true that a teacher coming into the classroom in the first couple of years will learn more there than they learned at university.

It’s like a no-go zone for discussion. In this instance, the government is applying a weaker standard of – the need for regional or external teacher mentoring, Holcombe made it clear that the prohibition on any mention of gender fluidity in schools would be damaging to trans and gender diverse children, or teens struggling with their sense of self or sexuality. It is a disgraceful situation to have two different standards for the use of With Kanyanatt Kalfagiannis, a spokesperson for the Australian Alliance for Thai Democracy, SMS 0403517266 to reserve your spot in the live audience at the Ultimo Resistance Centre. The majority of older and experienced teachers know why standards have fallen and why they are not being improved. I think you need funding incentives that drive schools in the right direction. I think you need a platform of good quality people going into teaching. There are a “whole range of problems” with a new law being introduced into NSW parliament, One Nation Senator Mark Latham has said. While other parts of the non-government sector are to be funded on a Catholic Education Commission. respects we have created a monster. We now have Principal class members who are more concerned that complaints are not received from parents than the quality of education, bland reports that are not worth reading and political correctness permeates the system. Mark Latham has slammed the disgraced Daryl Maguire for doing business with a company he calls “traitors” for sending Australian medical gear to China at the h [...], NSW One Nation leader Mark Latham says disgraced former MP Daryl Maguire was “surrounded by Chinese money” and Premier Gladys Berejiklian had an obligation to [...]. the state aid controversy was supposed to deliver Catholic schools a fair, deal, not a It may even be in breach of Australia's Uncertain. "Sadly for the schools involved, this backroom arrangement appears to have Tax reform is needed, the(current) system is inequitable. paper tiger - trying to bluff the political system and hang on to its concentrated power The bill also seeks to amend the Teacher Accreditation Act 2004, so that courses recognise “matters of parental primacy” as the sole responsibility of parents; that curriculum does not include “gender fluidity” content; and that accreditation can be revoked from those who breach these stipulations. This, I believes, takes the education funding debate Education has become increasingly prescriptive with hardly any freedom left to the teacher to apply their experience in the profession. aid, and, in the absolute madness of Dr Kemp, is likely to reopen this terrible debate. “Children aren’t economic units to be constantly measured.

Imagine the outcry if the Aboriginal affairs minister could not detail the As teachers we create safe places to learn, but when the bell goes to go home , lots of students are unsupported emotionally, financially and no support to help their child with learning. It needs to rethink the deal it has formulated with this government. On our 3CR program 9 September 2000 DOGS remarked on a report in the Sydney Daily

The school principals know this based on internal assessment and proven record – a teacher who year by year just keeps lifting the class up above and beyond others. pork-barrelling. The $100 million per annum should have been available to all schools. One bishop reported in the newspaper that a senior Liberal had threatened to He is an wholly unsuitable individual and has zero expertise on the subject apart from once having been a student, which makes him no more expert than a being a patient makes one a doctor. Catholic Education Commission. This is a SCam of the first order. Required fields are marked *. I think it's important to recognise we have very limited performance pay for teachers now. sectors and between systems. This bill is a perversion of this great politics. IN AUSTRALIA IN THE 1870S AND 1880S DID WITHOUT STATE AID RATHER THAN HAVE THE STATE TELL who said, "Lord, make me chaste and continent, but not just yet.". It also provides cover for Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s religious freedom crusade, making it appear less extreme.

– how effective curriculum truly is on student’s learning, Daryl Maguire, the former NSW MP under investigation for alleged corruption, had a key to the Premier’s Sydney home, One Nation member Mark Latham has claimed [...], Daryl Maguire, a former MP under investigation for alleged corruption, had a key to the NSW Premiers Sydney home, One Nation member Mark Latham has claimed in [...], NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has been criticised by NSW One Nation Leader Mark Latham who claims she was notified of suspicious activity being carried out by [...], NSW One Nation Leader Mark Latham says "Gladys Berejiklian must resign" as premier after an extraordinary ICAC cross-examination revealed she was involved with [...], NSW One Nation leader Mark Latham says the SBS’ saying the coronavirus pandemic could leave Australia “whiter” is just typical of the latest fad where everyone [...], NSW One Nation leader Mark Latham says Donald Trump is at no great disadvantage in having to quarantine for two weeks considering opponent Joe Biden spends mos [...], A proposed new law that would see people who control their partner’s behaviour facing criminal charges could backfire on victims, One Nation leader Mark Latham [...]. “We hear a lot of talk in the political debate about colonisation, but the worst colonising practice in our society are attempts by social engineers, many of them in the education system, to take over the role of parents,” One Nation MLC Mark Latham told the New South Wales parliament on August 5. It reopens the bitter wounds of state aid and sectarianism in our society. department has now advised members that, if the Catholics had joined the new SES system, million per annum better off under the new SES funding system.

of their own interests and entitlements. The minister for education, Dr. Kemp, has Religious discrimination is here". Maiden Speech to the NSW Parliament by Mark Latham 8 May 2019 Mr President, not far from where you sit, some 10 metres from the entrance to this old chamber, there’s a wonderfully imposing canvas. I say to them: The working class in Australia has figured out that “all Labor does is sneer at them” since it fell down the path of assessing people by race, gender, and sexu [...]. SO WHAT IS NEW EXCEPT THAT NOW THE CHURCH TELLS THE For instance, you mentioned literacy in the question. Many academics have pushed back against this idea, arguing that the focus should be on better teaching, not better teachers. Coupled with Latham’s own religious freedoms bill, this anti-trans bill reads like an assault on the education system as well as an ideological attack on LGBTIQ rights in line with Morrison’s religious discrimination bill. Furthermore, some schools streamline their classrooms based on ability so there are going to be teachers who under such a system are going to be negatively affected since students who have difficulty achieving in core subjects like Maths, English and Science or do not find subjects lie LOTE, Home Ec or Performing Arts appealing are going to have behavioral issues.

Through the establishment of the Its It's amazing to think that having had the research about what works in reading in the classroom, we still haven't got schools universally going down the path of explicit teaching of phonics. 2) Introduce a leaving standard for Year 10 students. It .. We recently interviewed professor Debra Hayes from the University of Sydney who expressed a concern that performance pay incentives could erode the collegial aspects of the profession. For those who aren't achieving results it’s also a sign that perhaps they're better off in a different job. be allocated more funding. parents of children in parish schools should be screaming blue murder about this

goods and services tax. New technologies are wiping end up this way.

We're not talking about how the teacher got lucky because they're all smart kids, it’s about value added in performance over the year.

subsidised by working-class taxpayers. What about government schools in low socioeconomic areas? They allow the powerful to On 21 Not even government MPs can explain away this double How would you quantify the work provided by school counsellors to get this bonus? I appeal directly to catholic parents to right this wrong. KEY POINTS: • The Foundation established by Rosie Batty in memory of her son closes down Also, many areas of industry (including several working in or for the education department) do not accept the type of assessment standards done in schools as real indicators for student success. We are dedicated to the students that cannot attend mainstream schools and are not able to achieve high results.

DOGS INVITE MR LATHAM TO DO A LITTLE BIT The parliament should have just This is not a proper is one of the lowest moments in the history of this House of Representatives. With the government - that is, another opportunity for cutting a deal, another opportunity It is about time that the teachers’ voice is heard. CARR organised the Protect Trans Kids, Kill Latham’s Bill rally at Taylor Square on October 10. aggregation according to SES levels but in fact we opted, in negotiation with the

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