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And its continued slavish support for the Howard’s government commitment to the “war on terror,” along with its assault on living standards and social conditions, will only deepen the contempt that masses of ordinary working people already feel towards the Labor Party. What does that mean? In other words, he must suppress any tendency within the Labor Party that offers even the mildest criticism of Howard’s free market agenda. It was with this in mind that Beazley insisted that Labor, under his renewed leadership, would play the role of loyal opposition, ensuring a clear road for the Howard government’s new round of economic and industrial “reforms”. Tsunami in a Teacup So it's the OK Corral, someone said. 1982 schloss er sein Studium an der… …   Deutsch Wikipedia, Mark William Latham — Mark Latham Mark Latham …   Wikipédia en Français, Latham (surname) — Latham (pronounced lay thm ) is a surname, and may refer to * Aaron Latham, American journalist * Arlie Latham, American baseball player * Arthur Latham, Former Labour MP (Westminster) and Councillor * Cassandra Latham, British witch * Charles… …   Wikipedia, Latham — ist der Familienname folgender Personen: Arlie Latham (1860–1952), US amerikanischer Baseballspieler Chris Latham (Baseballspieler) (* 1973), afroamerikanischer Baseballspieler Chris Latham (Rugbyspieler) (* 1975), australischer Rugbyspieler… …   Deutsch Wikipedia, Mark (given name) — Mark Statue of Marte (Mars).

Even if his office went into wind-down mode over the New Year, unmoved by the unfolding crisis in the region, a pesky Sunday newspaper journalist gave Latham the chance to set the record straight about his illness before the prognosis on his leadership became terminal. Crisis management?

“In a pointed barb at Mr Latham, the Foreign Affairs Minister said this week the offer remained on the table, but is now ‘up to them’ to respond to…”. I mean, it would be hypocritical wouldn’t it for the Daily Telegraph to berate Mr Latham for not breaking his holiday while its chief political reporter Malcolm Farr hasn’t filed since before Christmas? When any of the current leadership team stick their hands up they’re drowning, not waving. Retarius,I think the president thing is a matter of opinion--maybe ignorance too.I think of George W. Bush as the worst, but I really don't know enough about American history to know for sure. But Labor’s acting leader, Chris Evans, did release a statement this afternoon welcoming the PM’s announcement of a national day of mourning to acknowledge the victims of the Tsunami disaster. Beazley is known, liked and respected.

Despite fawning over Latham just months earlier, neither the business nor media establishment has wasted time shedding tears over his demise. Monday, January 17, 2005. The disappearance marked a continuation of Latham’s erratic behavior since the election defeat, which left him disorientated and in a deepening state of crisis. Just to make sure the necessary “lessons” had been learnt, Murdoch’s Australian ran an editorial on January 25 admonishing Beazley for his past misdemeanors, and declaring that: “Mr Beazley dragged Labor, which had heroically opened up production and the financial markets under Bob Hawke, back down the cul-de-sac of protectionism”, and “it was under Beazley that Labor adopted opposition for opposition’s sake in the Senate, dealing itself out of the reform game and drawing a curtain on the Hawke-Keating achievements”. Contact us on: [email protected] or call the hotline: +61 (03) 8623 9900. Well, now we’ve got it.

Illness is a private matter – but surely a one par statement from Latham leader would have been appropriate. Labor has been on the missing list since the waves struck. I have spoken to Labor Leader Mark Latham this morning. A Google News search has her just offering these platitudes on December 27, “Labor’s Jenny Macklin says the opposition supports the Governments plans. Would you still be satisfied.2. Central to his campaign was a strategy of appealing to the so-called “aspirational” and “upwardly mobile” voters residing in the “mortgage belt” suburbs of the major cities. Deputy leader Jenny Macklin is on leave while Iron Mark enjoys his month off, apparently oblivious to his obligation to show some leadership and say something about the appalling tragedy unfolding in our region. That’s a swing of about 10 per cent since the last election. and call a spade a spade. Which doesn’t exactly smack of a party enjoying strong leadership, from anyone. Add this to the time he took off to regroup immediately after the election, and you have to ask the question: how much leave has Iron Mark been given in the past 12 months? Labor heavies will admit – off the record, on the QT and very hush-hush – that they have taken a calculated risk to renew and recycle their federal leader by keeping him out of media until Parliament returns next months. Is that even possible? And surely the Australian wouldn’t be so crass as to attack a sick politician for being missing in action while failing to recall Dennis Shanahan from his holiday?

Sections of the ruling elite are deeply worried, however, about the ongoing collapse of Labor and its political consequences for the two-party system.

Yesterday, days after the subject first came under discussion, Labor foreign affairs spokesman Kevin Rudd urged the Prime Minister to put pressure on Burma’s military regime to provide more details about the impact of the tsunami in the country. While Latham has an illness, his departure from the scene and his inexplicable silence at the time of one of the region’s greatest disasters is the culmination of a political crisis that has enveloped him since he led Labor to defeat last October.

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