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Although the position of marshall became one of great dignity, it is though Early Origins of the Marshall family. As a noun it is used to denote the Irish language, as an adjective After receiving a question about the characteristics of an Ulster overcoat and the Guards coat, I decided to write two separate articles regarding these classic garments, beginning with the Ulster. Marascal.

Maps; Marshall births mapped 1864-1913 ; Marshall 1901 census map; Marshall 1911 census map; Marshall Roman Catholic baptisms; 'descendant'. All Content is Copyright © Ulster The name was brought to England in the wake of the Norman Conquest of 1066. The surname Marshall was first found in Lothian, where the Clan is said to be descended from Robert, an early Chieftain of the Catti tribe, and possibly one of the earliest settlers in Scotland.Robert joined King Malcolm II at the battle of Panbridge, in 1006, against Camus, leader of the Danes. From the Gaelic clann which means literally Marshall, along with many other names regarded as being Irish in origin, was introduced into Ireland at the time of the Norman invasion of 1170.

Database Name No. Marshall Coat of Arms / Marshall Family Crest The surname of MARSHALL was derived from the Old French word 'mareschal' an occupational name, one who tends horses, a shoe-smith and farrier. Services | common only in Ulster, where it is strongest in counties Down, Derry and The Norman name arrived in Wales after the Norman Conquest of the Wales region. In its modern form it occurs in the 1664 Hearth Money Rolls for Co. Armagh, and Samuel Ireland was one of the Poll-tax Commissioners for Co. Louth in 1660. 'planted', portions of land there being distributed to English and Scottish Awbrey. The Ulster overcoat has always been basically defined by seven elements: Marshall: Very numerous: all areas, especially Ulster. NIC100280 Antrim. Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni. Early Origins of the Marshall family. FAQ. W G H P. 11 You will need an atlas or map of Scotland At the foot of the page you will find 8 Ulster-Scots surnames that are also places in Scotland. SI. Anglo-Normans in Ireland 13 cent. Luke Marshall (born 3 March 1991) is an Irish rugby union player. The surname Marshall was first found in various counties in England including Cambridgeshire, Somerset and Oxfordshire where William le Marechal, Gunnilda le Marescall and Robert Marescallus were all recorded respectively in the Hundredorum Rolls of 1273. Marshall was the 51st most frequent surname at the General Register Office in 1995. Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni. families on their lands and for the building of bawns. A family group of shared ancestry living in the

Marshall represented Ireland in … office and the right to the church or monastery lands, the incumbent at any one Return to Index of Clans/Family Histories. defeat of the Ulster Gaelic lords and the 'Flight of the Earls' in 1607. These are just some of the organisations we have worked with, Telling the story, since 1956, of the people of Ulster, List of military records from Seapatrick, Banbridge for World War I, Register of First Antrim Presbyterian Church. The name is Norman, originally le Loyal declaration by inhabitants of Kilrea and Tamlaght O’Crilly, 1745, First Derry Presbyterian Church Financial Statement, 1883, List of Subscribers to the “Historic Memorials of the 1st Presbyterian Church of Belfast” 1887, Milltown Roman Catholic Cemetery list of those purchasing burial plots, 1924-1930, Names of tenants and townlands on Skinners’ Company estate, County Londonderry, 1886-97, ‘Northern Standard’ Birth, Marriage, Death notices 1839 – 1847, ‘Armagh Guardian’ Births, Marriages & Deaths, 1844-1852, Ireland’s Memorial Records 1914–1918, being the names of Irishmen who fell in the Great War, Irish Volunteers for the Papal Army, 1860, Inhabitants & Householders in Downpatrick in 1790, Reward Subscribers Derrynoose Co. Armagh 1795, Subscribers to ‘Taylor and Skinner’s Maps of the Roads of Ireland’,1777, Distribution of Surnames/Householders Report, Ulster, mid-19th century, Portrush Business and Trades Directory 1884, Farmers and Residents of Carrick On Suir 1884, Merchants living in Cookstown, Co Tyrone, 1846, Donegal Residents (Merchants & Traders), 1846, Residents, Merchants & Traders of Enniskillen Town, Village of Coagh and Surrounding Townlands, Tamlaght, Co Londonderry, 1840, Royal Irish Constabulary, County Inspectors, 1860, Royal Irish Constabulary, Sub-Inspectors, 1860, Blacksmiths Registered in Belfast 1833-43, Old Age Pension – Proof of Age Extraction Claim Forms 1841, 1851, List of Household Heads in Larne Town in 1901, Agricultural Census of Parishes in County Down, 1803, Search Royal Belfast Academical Institute Alumni, 1814-1875, Alumni Dublinenses: Trinity College, University of Dublin 1593-1860, Students at Queen’s College, Cork, 1849-59, Students at Queen’s College, Galway, 1849-60, Non-Matriculated Students at Queen’s College, Galway, 1849-60, Students at Queen’s College, Belfast, 1849-59, Non-Matriculated Students at Queen’s College, Belfast, 1849-59, Non-Matriculated Students at Queen’s College, Cork, 1849-59, Gracehill Academy: Pupils and Teachers, 1805-55, Passenger Lists, 1803, Newry, County Down to USA, Emigrants from the Parish of Maghera, 1834-5, Emigrants from Killeshandra Parish, 1831-1841, Passenger List: Dorcas Savage Portaferry to New Brunswick, 1819, Emigrants from Coleraine Workhouse to Canada, 1849, Passengers to America, 1773, 1789-93, 1796, Derrynoose Emigrants, County Armagh, 1840-50, Emigrants from Counties Antrim & Londonderry, 1830s, Emigrants Cited on Troy, New York, Gravestones, Co. Donegal Wills, Derry Diocese, 1612-1857, Co. Londonderry Wills, Derry Diocese, 1612-1857, Co. Tyrone Wills, Derry Diocese, 1612-1858, Index of Abstracts, Extracts & Duplicate Copies of Original Wills, Pre-1858, Index to Printed Irish Will Calendars 1878-1900, Administration Bonds: Dromore, Newry and Mourne Wills, pre 1858, Freeholders Registered to Vote in the Elections, Co Antrim 1776, Freeholders Registered to Vote in the Elections, Co Donegal 1767-1771, Freeholders Registered to Vote in the Elections, Co Fermanagh 1747-1768, Return of Householders, etc of Carrickfergus, 1834, Applicants for Right to Vote, Armagh Barony, Co. Armagh, 1839, Index to Freeholders Registered to Vote at Elections, Co. Clare, 1829, Index to Freeholders Registered to Vote at Elections, Co. Tipperary, 1775, Index to Estate Owners Recorded in the Freeholders Lists, Co. Tipperary, 1775, Tenants on the Blackwood Estate in County Down, 1741, An 18th Century Muster Roll of the Abercorn Manors in North West Ulster, Irish Land Commission Court of 1897 List Tenants of Lisburn, Valuation of the Forward Estate, County Donegal, 1727, Rental of the Lindesay of Loughry Estate, 1745-61, Survey of Stewart of Killymoon Estate, County Tyrone, 1767, Survey of the ‘Sixteen towns or Mannor of Clananise’, County Tyrone, Tenants Manor of Brownlows-Derry, County Armagh, c.1670-1799, Tenants on the Upton Estate, Templepatrick, County Antrim, 1768-1769, Tenants on the McCausland Estate, Ardstraw, County Tyrone, 1720-1733, Rental of the Rowan Estate, County Antrim, 1761, Rent Roll of the Clanbrassil Estate, County Down, 1681, Rent Rolls of the Castlestewart and Lissan Estates from 1786, Co. Armagh, Bernard & St John Estate, Ballymore & Kernan Parishes, 1773, Names of those Attainted by James II, 1689, Dissenters in the Parish of Ahoghill, County Antrim, 1766, Protestant Dissenters of Cullybackey, 1773, Birth, Death and Marriage Entries from the Strabane Journal 1785-1787, Database of Town Commissioners in Ireland, 1828-43, Illiterate Voters in Irish Boroughs in 1837, Apothecaries Licensed to Practise, 1791-1829, Petition of the Roman Catholic Inhabitants of Lower Creggan, County Armagh, Persons who Donated Money at Formal Opening of New Mater Hospital, Belfast, 1900, Contributors to an Envelope Collection for New Mater Hospital, Belfast, 1900, Subscribers to Building Fund for New Mater Hospital, Belfast, 1894, Subscribers to charity sermon at opening of new Mater Hospital, Belfast, 1900, Members of Central Committee appointed in 1894 to raise funds for new Mater Hospital, Subscribers to Samuel Lewis’ Topographical Dictionary, Listing of Unofficial/Subdenominational Local Placenames, Agents of the Florencecourt Brick, Tile and Pottery Works, 1877, Dublin, Belfast and Coleraine Junction Railway – Committee and Office Holders, 1845, Subscribers to John Searson’s book, ‘A poem or rural entertainment’, Strabane 1795, Hillsborough Charitable Society Subscribers, County Down, 1836-1837, Contributers to Ballymoney Mendicity Association, 1832-1833, Poor Relieved by the Ballymoney Mendicity Association, 1832-1833, High Sheriffs of County Monaghan, 1605-1879, Subscribers to James Orr’s Book of Poetry, 1804, Subscribers to the Leckpatrick Famine Relief Committee 1846-1847, Subscribers to McKenzie’s Poems and Songs on Different Subjects, 1810, Subscribers to Crawford’s History of Ireland, 1783, List of Confirmations – Ballymena Church of Ireland, Applications to Register as Voters in the Barony of Armagh, Applications to Register as Voters in the Barony of Tiranny, O’Shaughnessy Birth, Marriage & Death Records, 1845-1903, Merchants and Traders of Monaghan Town, 1865, Pawnbrokers Registered in Ireland, 1832-1833, Persons Holding Firearms on the Abercorn Estate, 1745, Belfast Medical Society, Obituaries, 1825-1850, Inns, Hotels and Taverns in Belfast, 1839, Deaths in Skibbereen Workhouse, December 1846, Owners/occupiers of lands which canal from Newtown Limavady to Lough Foyle is to pass, c1827, Census of Protestants in parish of Chapel of the Woods, 1829, Names regarding Tenant-Right in County Monaghan from Freeman’s Journal, Names of proprietors of the Belfast Commercial Buildings, 1823, Rent Roll of Manors of Cloghogle and Derrywoon, County Tyrone, 1820-21, Index to Hamilton references in County Down Deeds in Registry of Deeds, Dublin, 1739-1810, Roman Catholics in the Diocese of Down & Connor, 1766 Religious Census.

Where else would you like to go in Scotland? 'children'. It stems from the Old French mareschal, meaning a 'farrier'.) Early records of the name mention Roger Mascherell, 1130 London. Ulster Historical Foundation Records; Graveyards in Ulster: 1,264 Members’ Research Interests: 12,829 Distribution of Surnames in Ireland, 1890 (Matheson’s Special Report) 2,294 Parliament Election Results 1692–1802: 1,353 Statutes passed by the Irish Parliament 1692-1800: 1,964 Ulster County, New York: Surnames (Advertisement) ... USE LINKPENDIUM'S FAMILY DISCOVERER TO SEARCH 2,804,127 FREE GENEALOGY SOURCES! In Ireland this name and its variants are found throughout the four Provinces but especially in Ulster Province. An Educational Charity | Charity Reg. counties Donegal, Derry, Tyrone, Armagh, Fermanagh and Cavan were actually Arts and entertainment. Only

The surname Marshall was first found in various counties in England including Cambridgeshire, Somerset and Oxfordshire where William le Marechal, Gunnilda le Marescall and Robert Marescallus were all recorded respectively in the Hundredorum Rolls of 1273. This word in Ireland has no relation to List Of Common Welsh Surnames With Meanings 1. No. Managed by: David Lee Kaleita It has been recorded in Ireland since DonateCharitable Objectives, For help on how to use our online databases, check out our video tutorials. The two best known Marshalls of the 18th century were in fact of humble stock: Billy Marshall the so-called “king of the gypsies” in Galloway; and William Marshall the butler, clockmaker and composer of fiddle music from Morayshire. Marriages from 1675-1736, Register of First Antrim Presbyterian Church. 1617–1649), English engraver and illustrator Ireland. Baptisms from 1677-1733, Irish Birth/Baptism Records – Co. Antrim & Co. Down, c. 1660-1930, Irish Marriage Records – Co. Antrim & Co. Down, c.1660-1930, Irish Death/Burial Records – Co. Antrim & Co. Down, c. 1660-1998, Biographies of Members of the Irish Parliament 1692-1800, Distribution of Surnames in Ireland, 1890, Statutes passed by the Irish Parliament 1692-1800, Burials in Milltown Cemetery Public Ground, Belfast, 1869-1895, Gravestone inscriptions from St Michael’s Catholic Church, Lissan, Cookstown, Co. Tyrone, Forfeiting Proprietors in Ireland under the Cromwellian Settlement, 1657, Poll Book for County Cavan Election of May 1761: an index to the freeholders voting at this election, List of some Ulster-Irish Convicts transported to New South Wales, Australia, 1800-1818, Petition from the inhabitants of Bangor, Co. Down relating to the Act of Union, 31 January 1800, Co. Armagh pre-1900 gravestone inscriptions with Australian connections, Directory of the Gentry, Clergy, Linen Drapers and Farmers, of which Banbridge and Loughbrickland were the Post Towns, 1823, List of those who had petitioned for, claimed, personally demanded or were refused Freedom of Corporation of Coleraine, 1801-1832, A List of subscribers to the book ‘Heterogenea’ or ‘Medley for the Benefit of the Poor’, 1803, A List of People Holding Railway Shares in Irish Railways, 1847, Preliminary Research in the USA: Naturalization Records from Vermont, 1839-1900, A list of those who contributed to the funds of the House of Industry, Belfast, 1834, Members of Parliament for County Down, 1585-1885, A list of the Mills on the Bann in 1837, listing the Townland, Proprieter, Tenant. Home | Contact | Husband of Margaret Marshall This name is found in all the provinces of Ireland but is

[citation needed] He enjoyed a breakthrough season in 2010/11. post-Plantation Scottish settlers. that, in Scotland at least, the majority of Marshalls derive their name from the Write these names in … Circa 1660 - Derryaghy, Antrim, Northern-Ireland, May 1 1743 - Grange Monthly Meeting House, Charlemon Tyrone, Ulster, Ireland, Mary Henshawe Marshall, Jacob Marshall Marshall Jr, Circa 1660 - Derryaghy, County Antrim, Ulster, Ireland, May 1 1743 - Grange Friends Meeting, Charlemont, County Tyrone, Ulster, Ireland, Mary Henshaw (born Marshall), Jacob Marshall, Mary Hinshaw (born Henshawe Marshall), Jacob Marshall Marshall Jr, Derryaghy, County Antrim, Ulster, Ireland, Charlemont, County Tyrone, Ulster, Ireland, Death of Jacob Marshall at Grange Friends Meeting.

Jacob Marshall, Margret Marshall (born Edwards), ...inshaw, William Hinshaw, John Hinshaw, Mary Haddock (born Hinshaw), Margaret Haddock (born Hinshaw), William Hinshaw, and, 1685 - Charlemont, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, Jacob Hinshaw, Elisabeth Hinshaw, John Hinshaw, William Hinshaw, Absolom Hinshaw, Sr, Charlemont, County Tyrone, Ulster, Ireland, Guilford County, Province of North Carolina. Daughter of Jacob Marshall and Margaret Marshall noted north of Newry in Co. Down in the late nineteenth century. Geni requires JavaScript! 'hereditary steward of church lands'. It has been recorded in Ireland since early medieval times but its current prevalence in Ulster probably stems from post-Plantation Scottish settlers. to denote native Irish as opposed to Norman or English origin. Ancestry, Family and Ancestral Research All Rights Reserved. Father of Mary Henshaw and Jacob Marshall.

Ir. The original bearer of the name was known to live in a place planted with elder trees, and it is also a derivation of Baptismal name meaning ‘son of Aubrey.’ A list of Residents in Banbridge and neighbourhood who signed a Petition to Parliament (1828) in favour of Catholic Emancipation. Scotland. Work out the Ulster-Scots surname for each of these picture clues. Bradley Thallon House, Unit 44D, Kiltonga Estate, Belfast Road, Newtownards, BT23 4TJ. undertook the plantation of British settlers on the lands they were granted. Marshall is a creative influence with strong playmaking skills. time being the erenagh. same locality.

William Marshall (actor) (1924–2003), African American actor best known for the title role in Blacula William Marshall (bandleader) (1917–1994), American singer and bandleader William Marshall (cinematographer) (1885–1943), American film technician William Marshall (illustrator) (fl. Outside of Dublin this name is found only in Ulster where it is most common in Co. Antrim.

more humble occupational name. Jacob Marshall: Also Known As: "Marshill" Birthdate: circa 1660: Birthplace: Derryaghy, County Antrim, Ulster, Ireland: Death: May 01, 1743 (78-87) Grange Friends Meeting, Charlemont, County Tyrone, Ulster, Ireland Immediate Family: Husband of Margaret Marshall Father of Mary Henshaw and Jacob Marshall. A family would hold the ecclesiastical From the Gaelic Ó, meaning 'grandson', The redistribution of escheated lands after the Surname Dictionary . Research| It is also well known in Dublin. Managed by: David Lee Kaleita

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