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.-= Shannon´s last blog ..I wasted time… and now doth time waste me. I also wondered how Phyllis could live above her when she was on the third floor – oh well. Entertaining in a small space can be a hurdle to some, and Mary was never afraid to rearrange furniture to squeeze in a dinner party. It was a catch. The owners of the house got so tired of drive-by gawkers when the show was in its heyday that they hung an “IMPEACH NIXON” sign across the front of the house so the show couldn’t shoot new exterior shots to use in later seasons.

Jessica is a weekend editor at Apartment Therapy. (Afraid to say that I wore those goofy headscarves like Rhoda too!) Got a tip, kitchen tour, or other story our readers should see? So, for this season only it finally made sense that Rhoda lived upstairs.

Here I was imitating and didn’t realize it! Also the Low bookcase that they keep stepping over in the first season suddenly has a step cut into the center in the second season..

in plain, unfinished wood, and in the late-1970s they amended the packaging with “As seen on Rhoda.” I’m sure it’s in storage somewhere but finding it could involve a major archaeological dig.

I really identified with her – being young and single during those years. This will definitely help me, and I vow to pay it forward. I suppose the actors got tired of either going around to the steps by the door or stepping over it. It’s all sort of an alternate universe kind of thing after the first three seasons, as at some point Mary would have gotten home and realized her house changed — even to the degree of now being a two story building and having a whole floor missing. Oh my goodness, this is a fun one! This is a great post….it shows the birth of the “great room”. While she accomplished much in her decades-long career, many will remember her best as Mary Richards, the single, never-married career woman that was the center of Moore’s eponymous show. Can’t wait to see the inside of the Queen Anne House now.. Can someone explain to me how Rhoda managed to live upstairs from Mary, even though Mary’s on the third floor? Tara is Apartment Therapy's News & Culture Editor.

.-= Teri´s last blog ..Dragon and Kenya — Four Weeks Later =-. If you can get it, the book “Love is all around–the making of the MTM show” is great.

I LOVE that show, and can’t wait to see the updated interior shots (you’re such a tease!).

What a fun, nostalgic tour! A post shared by Mary Tyler Moore Memories (@marytylermooreshow).

My sons and the Sawin’s daughters, all small children at the time, were used as extras, lining the sidewalk as they watched Mary and her movers tote her worldly goods from house to van–for hours. You’ve done it again! I wanted to be just like Mary and run off to the big city. When you re-watch the pilot episode when Mary finds her apartment on North Weatherly and moves in, notice the timing of events. Susan .-= Susan´s last blog ..Twentieth Century New England Charm =-. As the episode progresses, she sees her apartment for the first time, meets Rhoda (washing the windows of “her” apartment), runs off to her job interview at WJM with Mr. Grant (“I HATE spunk!”), gets the job and is told by Lou to start the next day, and returns to the apartment to find that her furniture has arrived and been arranged by Bess. Thanks for the trip down a very impressive memory lane. Only Mary Richards could make a sleeper sofa cool.

The following is a complete pictorial list of the characters in AMC's The Walking Dead. They painted it for the show, but it was originally sold (for under $5!) And while it boasted many a disco-era decorating choice (hello, shag carpet), it also had tons of classic charm: exposed brick, built-in bookcases, vaulted ceilings, and exposed beams. I hated that storyline! We all wanted to be the girl who threw her hat in the air! The light brown shag carpet in the studio is perhaps the most obvious indicator of the sitcom’s time. Mary’s spacious studio was on the top floor of a Minneapolis Queen Anne Victorian, complete with Palladian windows and an iron balcony. A Wicked Metamorphosis =-. It was Watergate Summer, and that’s when she strung up the Impeach Nixon banner, making any filming impossible.

Enjoyed it, -susan .-= Love Where You Live´s last blog ..The Kitchen is The Heart of The home =-. Then, of course, when Rhoda and Joe move to their apartment in the same building there’s no window at all that corresponds to the set, so they just vaguely zoom in to the side of the building, never an exact window as they did with Brenda’s apartment on the second floor just to the left of the entrance awning between the wings of the building.

We thought that it was cool she was from the Twin Cities. Can’t wait to see the house as it is today. Love it!! Can you imagine not loving The Mary Tyler Moore Show?! “The Golden Girls” House Is For Sale: See Inside!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show—still do.

I watched it growing up as a kid, and always LOVED Mary’s apartment. In the third season they do a shot that indicates that Rhodas apartment is in the top of the tower. While she accomplished much in her decades-long career, many will remember her best as Mary Richards, the single, never-married career woman that was the center of Moore’s eponymous show.

Oh – and I would love to see two older movies, “Rich in Love” (gorgeous old house and on the water) and “Crimes of the Heart” (huge old house with beautiful huge bedroom and kitchen) – “One True Thing” – I better stop now, I get so carried away with this stuff:). Also note the side windows are narrow on these and completely different than those on the set. Copyright © 2020 Hooked on Houses Hosted on WP Engine | Built on the Genesis Framework Site Design by 3200 Creative, Meg Ryan’s Brownstone in “You’ve Got Mail”, A House to Kill For in the Movie “Mr.

Blandings…” since they are two of my favorite movies! As well as the continuity errors between the inside and outside shots of the house. In real life, those Palladian windows at the top of the house led to nothing but an unfinished attic space at the time. Thanks for all the info that went along with the photos.

By the time I saw the show, it was already in syndication and the furniture & rugs were horribly outdated. But if you ask people who watched the show (while it was airing or during its prolific reruns), Mary’s first apartment was a character in its own right—and very covetable. Didn’t see her Chemex coffee pot which I had to have (and do!) In the first script, there was a description of what the writers had in mind for Mary’s apartment, including “ten-foot ceilings” and “a wood-burning fireplace.” The set designers took this description and made the room a reality: In the first episode of the series, Mary Richards has just arrived in Minneapolis,

Another head-scratcher: where is that octagonal window, which you can see in this shot, on the front of the house?

Oh Julia! I still laugh when I remember the “Chuckles the Clown” episode! ), Even worse was the Rhoda series, where instead of going out and filming exteriors much they’d just zoom in on a flat picture of the building, and the windows would be selectively yellowed out for night time shots (unconvincingly) and the light underexposed.

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