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Under scrutiny, the cartoon code is surprisingly complex, but it is not without logic.

The crescent-shaped eyes emerge as the cheeks ball up in mirth.

Thus the square-jawed hero becomes even more firm of jaw. With equal numbers of Republicans and Democrats, the only reason to oversample is to get a specific desired result.“. There was a time when public electoral polls actually attempted to determine which candidate was going to win an election.

The Master of Manipulation The press keeps taking Donald Trump's bait – and all the free coverage is keeping his campaign afloat. This modern picture manipulation is known due to a huge variety of its variants. The cartoonist radically "levels" what we usually see in our perceptual field. As if a seven percent beat down is not bad enough, remember the +8% Democratic oversampling still has to be accounted for.

22 August 2019. Objects and animals which look like humans are anthropomorphic.

It is often black and white rather than full color, retaining the outline of a figure with only a hint of the form's texture, shade and shape. The oversampling is not an accident or an error, it is media manipulation of the poll in order to ensure Biden leads Trump in the polls to discourage Trump supporters. A nationwide poll of the type that CNN claims Biden is leading is actually irrelevant in a Presidential Election because of the Electoral College. In elections, hacking and social media manipulation can be used to manipulate voters, according to election law attorney and BYU political science alumna Audrey Perry Martin. The larger-than-normal head produces at least two effects. But the whole picture is actually far worse.

It’s also critically important to remember that most of the 2020 Election Polls that will be reported by the mainstream media will be carefully crafted lies designed to manipulate voter opinion, not report it. An understanding of the impact of cartoons rests in part on an appreciation of the cartoon code, how and why it works the way it does. And, when corrected for oversampling, is an incredible 20% lead.
The results can be manipulated by the questions that are asked, how they are asked, or even in what order they are asked. It’s simple, the poll must have been favorable to Trump and detrimental to Biden. The Townhall article came through with. It’s not a national popular vote, much to the consternation of many on the left, it’s 50 state elections, And by no means are all 50 states in play. An obvious example is happy-ness which is communicated with the up-turned mouth. They are recognizable, yet they are unusual. Last week CNN buried the results of a large-scale, 2020 Presidential election poll so deep in their website it was hard to find. Distance, mass, precision, etc. All rights reserved, Media Manipulating 2020 Presidential Polls, And Here’s How, Leftist Media Manipulating 2020 Presidential Polls, “Biden tops Trump nationwide, but battlegrounds tilt Trump.” Interestingly, we have a rare opportunity to compare how Townhall Media reported the same polling data. With the 2020 Presidential election less than six months away, polls will once again become an important component of their political reporting. Oversampling Democrats when asking the questions provides results that favor Democrats. The headline for the CNN poll, if you could find it, was “Biden tops Trump nationwide, but battlegrounds tilt Trump.” Interestingly, we have a rare opportunity to compare how Townhall Media reported the same polling data. As wrinkles and minor features drop out, the expressive features of eyes, mouth and brows (features that move and are therefore the most informative in the human face) become more prominent.

Not to be confused with Animation Manipulation. If a 2020 election poll showed Trump trailing Joe Biden by nine points, it would be widely celebrated and would lead every evening news broadcast in America. The user can create, shape and manipulate animated art, including stop motion, claymation, cartoons, anime, CGI, etc. The election of Donald Trump and the great disruption in the news and social media.
These basic cartoon strategies can be most easily seen with simple demonstrations. The Townhall article came through with “New CNN poll shows Trump crushing Biden in swing states.” The same data produced a CNN headline that declared “Swing States Tilt Towards Trump.

And these simplified exaggerated faces tend to be "funny".

In this figure the human face has been "leveled" to a circular shape, two eye dots, and a mouth line.

Propaganda is a tool that’s used in media to spread a certain political perspective. The traditionally sexy "pin-up" is likely to have abnormally long legs. Copyright 1981, Sage Publications. The techniques themselves are not difficult, but to create a make-believe world which an audience will want to visit again and again - that is a challenge.

Domestic violence and manipulation over woman metaphorical isolated cartoon flat vector Manipulation … Nevertheless if a cartoon "works" the reader forgives any manipulation involved because of the insight gained. Polling results in the 15 battleground states that will decide the election have Trump up +7%. Research identifies half a dozen universally recognized facial expressions of emotion: happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, fear, and disgust.

In this figure the human face has been "leveled" to a circular shape, two eye dots, and a mouth line.

Mika Brzezinski, co-host of MSNBC Morning Joe is making…, Copyright © 2010-2020 Intelligent US Politics. Posted with permission. If possible the cartoonist does not use two lines where one line will do. One, it makes the cartoon figure seem cute and childlike. If they act like humans, the anthropomorphism increases. “The latest CNN 2020 election poll oversampled Democrats by +8%.

In sharpening, some items drop out so that the remaining items gather in importance. The more favorable a story is for Trump, the deeper CNN buries it. With a 19 to 1 reporting bias, is there any doubt that the media would slant polling results in the same manner. And, when corrected for oversampling, is an incredible 20% lead. Variation of Art Manipulation. As the 2020 Presidential Election heats up, it’s important to remember that you’ll be bombarded by media manipulating 2020 Presidential polls with such frequency that it will seem as if they’re using a fire hose to report them. Propaganda is not about getting the objective truth of a situation; it’s about spreading a message. In cartoon characters (Snoopy, Ziggy), the head is as big as body. The normal human figure is about seven or eight heads tall.

But those are stories for another day. Exaggerating these elements creates the look of youth, or sadness or bewilderment. While the cartoon code is a convenient shorthand, it is also a starting point for criticism of the cartoon as a form of popular communication: simplifying can lead to oversimplification; sharpening can unfairly caricature; exaggeration can become stereotype which perpetuates the worst racial, ethnic or sexist elements of popular culture. Presidential election polls are expensive and media companies usually promote new poll results every way possible to attract more readers and viewers, so it’s always fascinating when media companies don’t report their own polls. In other words, change the poll sample. In short, media companies determine so many of the factors that underpin the veracity of the poll, they can significantly affect the results of a poll before it is even conducted.

Animated Art with sentience can be hard to control. The enormous complexities of the human physiognomy have been reduced to their bare essentials, but they are not distorted. oversampled Democrats by 8%, so Joe Biden starts off with an 8% advantage before any counting is done. The leftist media will do everything in their power to avoid reporting news that is favorable to President Trump or Trump-supporting, redneck racists. When something travels fast, it may "disappear in a cloud of dust." They also determine what questions will be asked by the polling company. By Mary Kate Cary , Contributing Editor for Opinion Nov. 6, 2015 As if a seven percent beat down is not bad enough, remember the +8% Democratic oversampling still has to be accounted for.

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