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[They come across an unnamed governor suspiciously-reminiscent of George Wallace at the schoolhouse gates]. Two weeks before his final exams, he contracted a horribly contagious ailment which required him to be placed in a good old fashioned quarantine. Phil Ken Sebben: Now get out of here! var a = 8; posted by Mentok @ 11:06 a.m., else if(a == 1){document.write('1 comment');} *Mind-swap! Harvey Birdman, Reducto: [shouts] Objection! Freed from the Real or Pemnin's Aura on Merieke would allow you to machine gun the entire board. Boo Boo Bear: Well, no. I've got display shelves in my living room for my action figure collection (much to my wife's chagrin).Most of my superstitions revolve around Batman paraphenalia. The billable hours? Myron Reducto: [Opening statement] Ladies and gentlemen, I ask you: Do you think you are descended from... apes? You're wasting a ply. Candy maximizing is a tricky business, you know. Year in and year out, this seems to be the activity that makes the biggest impression on the guests, consistently leaving them rolling on the floor laughing.A great deal of work and stress goes into planning these parties.

We had duck last night. if(a == 0) {document.write('No comment');} Ohhh! Harvey Birdman: Our Founding Fathers... guaranteed us certain protections.

To this day, I have neighbourhood dads tell me that they've kept the CD and still listen to it.) And I said, well, maybe we should just call you White Fish. You're going to live in Tuscany with your mother... *and your boyfriend!

:symr::rate4::symb: Wort, Boggart Auntie Highlander. Oct 1, 2015 - The latest Tweets from Bearded for life!

Harvey Birdman: Plus, I don't think he understands English. Mentok: Zombie guards: SEIZE HIM!
Sixties Batman, Batman Returns, animated series Batman, even just the plain old Batman logo boxers have all turned into harbingers of bad days.It breaks my heart, I tell ya.And how about you, dear reader? Except one...One young woman stood out. else if(a == 1){document.write('1 comment');} Merieke Ri Berit aka Mentok the Mindtaker #1 Feb 16, 2009. No, he - ah! var a = 4; It's a slippery slope, Mr. Birdman, leading us inevitably towards chaos and anarchy. [a bird with a strangely shaped beak testifies against Fred Flintstone]. So much to think about.Over at the Contrast Podcast, they are running their Halloween special.

Tiles. Happy Thanksgiving, you turkey-logged Canucks.I've often wondered about the history of the Canadian feast day. Ernie Devlin: It says right here, "Diagnosis: Fractured Ass"!

You will raise poodles. Perma-tan. I'm watching him scratch his nose. Society just doesn't let you indulge yourself with a nice long bout of non-threatening illness. Ladies if your man ain't got one you ain't got a man!. Ooo-weeooo! posted by Mentok @ 12:03 p.m., else {document.write(a+' comments');}. Norweg...? if(a == 0) {document.write('No comment');} I think he understands pretty well! Phil Ken Sebben: I'm Phil Ken Sebben. It would be like someone driving up to my house in a Mercedes-Benz convertible and yelling "Hey, wanna go for a ride? Are you trying to say... Mentok: To hell with mind-taking, I'm taking up lip reading.
if(a == 0) {document.write('No comment');} [shows flashback of students beating up Sypro with baseball bats], [Fred tears off the monster's mask revealign Old Man Bakov]. A background check when you want to take up banjo? Bailiff: The right honorable Mentok presiding. Superman. Peter Potamus: [short pause] Check out the ha-has on Ms. Stenopad. I like to have a Batman branded item in every room of my house and I'm always sure to take some sort of Batman good luck charm with me when I travel.I used to have a set of good luck Batman underwear. "Early on in my party-planning career, I discovered a guaranteed crowd-pleaser: a little activity I like to call "The Cathartic Beating of the Adult".

if(a == 0) {document.write('No comment');} I didn't even pull it out yet. Phil Ken Sebben: Two heavily armed men in a bunker, fighting extradition. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. *Mentok! Attention employee! Even that Bailey bastard couldn't screw it up! Those Founding Fathers didn't place restrictions on these freedoms. I'm always happy to help.Now for the feedback part, dear readers: what are your birthday memories? posted by Mentok @ 10:17 a.m., You look absolute - [sees that she's pregnant] Gotta go! var a = 10;

Grok: An oracle foretold of a pink feathered man-bird coming from the sky to bring pestilence and death upon our tribe.

I would wear them only occasionally, only on days when I expected to really, really need some good luck.Those who've read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince know that the effect of the Felix Felicis potion is partly psychological. posted by Mentok @ 4:37 p.m., I did, indeed forget to post it, but I did on the other hand spend an hour on the day of her birthday sending her a number of ecards equal to her age, so that should count for something...right, honey?Anyway, for those of you who didn't know, please feel free to send her a belated greeting via her blog.

But Sebben & Sebben is so much more. It took a took a solid ten minutes of improvised comedy by Mrs. Mentok and me to get things back on track.Things did turn around and a great time was had by all. All those with business before this court, step forward and ye shall be heard. )That was, um, one of our more interesting parties.I was on the whole very pleased with the production values of the stage set. Harvey Birdman: So did Martina Navratilova, but that doesn't mean she wasn't macho in a many other important ways.

The Deadly Duplicator: Yes, sir. ", whilst looking at me all googly eyed.Right in front of my wife!

Got something much better. Baltimization.

Mentok: Or was it the other one; the, uh, "Now presiding," blah-de-blah-de-blah-de-blah...? You bad chinga, brother. We all have a few, even if they're small and subconscious. Apache Chief: [with annoyed deliberation] Hotness... Crotch... Ouch! [Addressing the gallery front row, containing the Founding Fathers, Funky Phantom, and Edgar Winter], [Starts crawling underneath the gallery seats]. Harvey Birdman: I'll take the case! Playaholics. else {document.write(a+' comments');}. Pyrotechnics, multi-media show ... hell, if I was deaf I would have still enjoyed it as much (possibly more).One very much gets the sense that these shows are all about Mick's obsession (and/or contractual obligations to Satan) and that the rest of the guys are just along for the ride, rather grudgingly. At the time, I was hooting and hollering like a lunatic. This, amazingly, became the most popular take-home item. As an angy teen, I used to listen to that album over and over as I thought black thoughts about everyone who was pissing me off, which was quite a few people at that age. Be sure to wear a costume.

*He'd* like to know. Myron Reducto: I've got a device... a body reshaper.

system. I was too busy counting money! The judge most often presiding over Harvey's cases, Mentok bills himself as a 'mindtaker', which often presents itself as mind reading. posted by Mentok @ 11:56 p.m.,

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