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DeMarco was stunned when he didn't receive the decision. She expressed her desire to “spend more time with my family, especially with my grandchildren, and devote my energies to various advocacies, charity organizations and foundations.”. Forced into overt aggression by a quick, teasing Nietes he was walked onto persistent counters until one hurt him at which point an undisciplined Nietes – docked a point for landing against a downed opponent at the first knockdown – scored a sensational knockout win, half moving across himself as though to throw a left before booming out a disguised right. A prospect who squeaks by elite opposition generally chalks it up and moves on but Teraji is a different type of man. He ended the contest looking as if he had been in a Pier Six brawl and was taken to a hospital for an observation.

She said she is not satisfied having a world title. That allowed Mayer to unleash her typical combinations assaults on the Polish fighter who had held the WBO world title for five defenses since winning it in April 2018. Certainly Estrada would rocket to the top of the sport behind his superb effort against Roman, who he stretched to his seeming limit in taking a decision. Naoya has made minor adjustments since his thrashing of the experienced Hernandez, but this was the fight where his offence migrated from deadly to seemingly irresistible. This is where the limited value of speculations on head-to-head parameters come undone a little bit, but Nietes, with his own reams of experience, almost certainly wouldn’t have been outhustled by Budler; the raw stats feel more pertinent here then and the raw stats favour Nietes. That work began to tell in the fifth and by the middle of the round, Calderon, who moved as beautifully and consistently as any fighter on earth, was propping himself on the ropes and in the corner desperately trying to outfight a tormentor he could not master. It was a performance of maturity and authority from a fighter who was still inexperienced. But it all came crashing down beginning in the sixth round when Inoue belted him with a right. For now, a summary: Naoya Inoue fought too few fights against too few top men to be ranked #1 or #2.

Giovani Segura’s career barely overlaps with 108lbs in the decade to hand; he managed just 3-0.

Weight Class: | Last Weigh-In: N/A. Marixi Prieto, chair of the board of directors of the Philippine Daily Inquirer Inc., announced on Friday at the company’s annual stockholders’ meeting her retirement as chair effective immediately. For his next trick, Melindo outpointed the world class Hekkie Budler. Quickly it was apparent that Marshall gained almost complete control with her constant punching. Peak Ranking: 2 Record for the Decade: 16-5 Ranked For: 21% of the decade. Juan Torres (right) had his moments but was outworked by Hector Perez in a heavyweight bout. Less than a year later, he met divisional number one Adrian Hernandez and I would suggest this was the fight in which he summited. But it also opened up Ganigan’s body for his own right hand.

Veteran Antonio DeMarco (right) demonstrated from the start that he was no pushover against unbeaten Giovani…. Calderon, a Rolls Royce of a pugilist, may have been ready to be taken but someone had to do the taking and to break his thirty-four-fight unbeaten streak in the process. The two punches mentioned are something we really practiced in Japan a lot, and I was able to perform well and use it, and I’m very happy with that,” said Inoue. “The final punch, the finishing punch, I’m very happy and satisfied with that punch,” said Inoue. It proved successful for most of the fight. Nor is Nietes totally devoid of quality in his 108lbs resume, with three names ringing out: serial-thriller Francisco Rodriguez Jnr., and the ranked men Moises Fuentes and Ramon Garcia Hirales. In the first bout of the evening, a 6-round bantamweight contest, Robert Rodriguez advanced to 8-0-1 (4) with a second-round stoppage of Adrien Servin (9-1-1) who took the fight on short notice and was moving up in weight. Sadly, Taguchi squandered much of the momentum he built here on alphabet mandatories, many of them of little meaning, before tying up with Melindo in December of 2017.

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Japan’s Naoya “Monster” Inoue proved his mastery with a knockout win over Australia’s determined Jason Moloney to retain the WBA and IBF bantamweight world titles on Saturday.

Certainly Estrada would rocket to the top of the sport behind his superb effort against Roman, who he stretched to his seeming limit in taking a decision. Sekhniashvili took his victory over Jones in stride. It was a gutsy performance by Hubmayer who is originally from Germany. Yaegashi seemed finished and that is why it such delight that his best win, arguably his best in ring performance – the one that earns him the number nine slot – came a year later against the number two contender Javier Mendoza. Comparing that resume directly to Noaya’s, he clearly ranks higher for me; and comparing it directly to the man at #1 makes Roman a perfect fit for #2. Quite where Yaegashi produced the performance that followed is anyone’s guess. In truth, though, 108lbs was where he belonged, something he proved after the disaster against Roman Gonzalez by weighing in comfortably at 107.5lbs against Pedro Guevara – to whom he also lost.
It has been fast and the consequences have been brutal. After menacing Yaegashi around the ring with his left hand for ninety seconds, Melindo catches his man with a gorgeous left hook counter that sends Yaegashi stumbling and down; bringing him on and then driving him back after he rose, Melindo then dropped him again with the left, this time an uppercut; with all his experience, Yaegashi somehow did not know to run and after surviving a right uppercut double left hook combo, he was pierced by the Melindo jab and sent down for a third and final time by a cameo from the right hand. Juan Francisco Estrada, oddly enough, was not ranked at light-flyweight at the time he and Roman fought but their fight was a generational one between present and future pound-for-pounders at their physical peaks. He came to wreck, seeking to march down the older man, to bury him like Gonzalez and Guevara buried him. And I grabbed it with both hands.”.

The scores were 100-88 twice and 99-89 for Mayer. A combination of these in violent arrangement sent a hurt Satorn down in the third; an even more vicious orchestration neatly closed the blinds in the sixth. Lipinets was the aggressor and used an effective body attack. Mike d angelo wiki. Ramla Ali (1-0) used her abundance of talent to plow through the ultra-determined Eva Hubmayer (1-1) and win by unanimous decision after six rounds in a super bantamweight match. England’s Savannah Marshall slowly and deliberately dissected Scotland’s Hannah Rankin to win the vacant WBO middleweight world title by stoppage on Saturday. What has landed the immortal Roman Gonzalez at #2? Rossel, who had travelled a long way to Japanese territory to absorb this thrashing, managed to bank a couple of rounds late in the fight to keep it semi-respectable, but Taguchi’s jab had controlled him and allowed him to introduce right uppercuts and straights late in the fight. For the first three rounds Rankin was able to fend off attacks with head movement and sharp counters. Inoue quickly established his boxing mastery and overall physical superiority over Moloney who was stubbornly resistant to succumbing to the assaults. alias.

In the rematch, he produced a stunning adjustment. As such it was no small matter and clearly of greater legacy benefit than victories over Moises Fuentes and Francisco Rodriguez. She just could not match the physical advantages and skills of Ali who won 60-54 according to the judge and referee. Jared Anderson (7-0, 7 KOs) needed only 2:46 of the first round to knock out Luis Pena (6-2) in a heavyweight fight. 1 and diversify into different media platforms,” Prieto said. Juan Francisco Estrada, oddly enough, was not ranked at light-flyweight at the time he and Roman fought but their fight was a generational one between present and future pound-for-pounders at their physical peaks. At this weight, those two generational wins are more than enough for a top five placement. Nietes learned the lesson though and in a rematch, he drew his Mexican opponent onto a narrow pivot from which he could not recover organisationally as quickly as Nietes. Naoya and Roman staged forays into the 108lb division and departed for other divisions. The fight was barely 90 seconds old when Kaminsky sported a reddish welt on his right cheek. That decision win has been used by her and her supporters to point to superiority and other taunts. Or do you make room for how a fighter was perceived in the immediate wake of a contest? Ryoichi Taguchi glided onto the world’s stage in late 2015, defeating ranked contender Alberto Rossel. Segura finally folded him like old pipe in eight. Arum thought that Flores could become an equally big draw in his hometown of Stockton (pop: 312,000).
It did not work. The Filipino, who put bantamweight contender Joshua Greer down twice and won a majority decision in a 10-round bout, was a ball of tears afterward because he knew he had taken a significant step forward Tuesday at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Flores (18-0, 6 KOs) didn’t disappoint – he pitched a shutout, winning all 10 rounds on all three cards – but the wow factor was missing. In essence, Roman, like Naoya, has two wins that interest us but much more filler than Naoya; there is the beginning. In my view this victory qualifies as generational which outstrips Naoya’s victory over Hernandez, even though Hernandez was ranked number one and Estrada was not ranked at all. It was a formula that found success throughout the fight for Liverpool’s Skelly. The puncher had discovered how Calderon, the boxer, moved and it was only a matter of time. Marshall increased the tempo in the fourth round and began circling to the right and left while punching and creating angles for Rankin’s counters. But it also opened up Ganigan’s body for his own right hand. Rodriguez, from San Antonio, is a member of Robert Garcia’s Lone Star contingent at the Garcia Boxing Academy in Riverside, CA. Flores hadn’t yet turned pro. Two good wins, and throwing in a victory over a green Ganigan Lopez, rounds out a very decent decadal resume. In an echo of his match with Gonzalez, Yaegashi moved, rather well, before parking and foraging for punches.

Despite worries over Inoue’s inactivity the multi-division world champion showed little rust in dominating Moloney in front of a limited number of fans at the MGM Grand Bubble in Las Vegas, Nevada. Taguchi won almost every single minute of each of the first six rounds, then dropped Rossel twice with bodypunches while threatening to shut out the game Peruvian.

He was a commissioner of the Securities and Exchange Commission from 2005 to 2012. Greer, from Chicago, entered the bout with a 19-fight winning streak and was ranked #1 by the WBO and #2 in the IBF in the super bantamweight division.

Segura fouled him, beat him back, enforced his will and blasted Calderon out of the division, once more along the ropes, once more with that eye-watering body-attack.

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