mistletoe seed dispersal

2004). Seed dispersal by marsupials shaped the scale of mistletoe recruitment in two ways. British Ecological Society, 42 Wharf Road, London, N1 7GS | T: +44 20 3994 8282 E: [email protected] | Charity Registration Number: 281213. Los muérdagos son plantas hemiparasitas que a menudo dependen de las aves frugivoras para dispersar sus semillas; sin embargo, sus estrategias de dispersión son poco conocidas. 1986; Norton & Reid 1997; López de Buen et al. Fleshy‐fruited, parasitic mistletoes and the frugivorous vertebrates that disperse their seeds are ideal systems for testing hypotheses regarding the spatial consequences of seed dispersal (e.g. Durante el periodo de estudio, encontramos sincronía entre la abundancia de frutos maduros de P. schiedeanus y la abundancia de las aves Ptilogonys cinereus j Myiozetetes similis; sin embargo, este no fue el caso con Bombycilla cedrorum, a pesar del papel importante que estas aves juegan en la dispersión de este muérdago. At the broad scale defined by the PCNM, the path model on the predicted values of mistletoe adult abundance detected a weak, but positive and significant effect of host plant cover. Please note: Wiley‐Blackwell are not responsible for the content or functionality of any supporting materials supplied by the authors. Parasitic plant in natural Boswellia papyrifera stands at Humera, Northern Ethiopia. Patterns of resource tracking by avian frugivores at multiple spatial scales: two case studies on discordance among scales. Dromiciops gliroides Such a decreasing trend was also indicative of a gradient‐like structure in the abundances of dispersed mistletoe seeds and recruits. Gilbert (Loranthaceae) by frugivorous birds was examined in this study. Schupp et al. One approach to this question has been to explore the occurrence of a positive spatial feedback between adults and their offspring, that is, a spatial matching between fruiting adults and recruitment resulting from disproportionate dispersal close to adults, coupled with disproportionate establishment in high‐density seed clumps (Aukema & Martínez del Río 2002; Carlo & Aukema 2005). Juan M. Morales, Tomás A. Carlo, Javier Rodríguez‐Pérez, and Lorena Gómez‐Aparicio helped us to find ourselves in the scale labyrinth. Previous work at the same site has shown that c. 77% of seeds dispersed by the marsupials are deposited on branches or trunks of host plants, and less than 10% of defecated seeds fall to the ground (Amico 2000; Rodríguez‐Cabal 2003). Our study goes further than previous ones, in the sense that it integrates the comparative spatial information of the different stages of a plant population (i.e. In the Australian mistletoe bird defecation usually occurs 4-12 minutes after ingestion, and in the phainopepla 12-45 minutes after ingestion. Received 8 March 2000; revision accepted 22 August 2000. Please check your email for instructions on resetting your password. We checked the traps daily before dusk. Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN 37996, USA. We preferred PCNM to other multi‐scaled methods, such as bivariate point‐pattern statistics (e.g. Thus, the spatial matching between seeds and recruits (seed‐seedling concordance, García et al. the abundances of mistletoes and marsupials) into several additive submodels, which account for the spatial variability at different spatial scales within the extent of the sampling scheme. We summed the number of captures per plot across all surveys. If you do not receive an email within 10 minutes, your email address may not be registered, 3a,b). First, seeds are frequently dispersed together through sharing a dispersal bout’, such as the unitary dropping of a frugivorous bird or the unitary catch of a scatter‐hoarding rodent (Jordano 2000; Schupp et al. These spatial submodels were also multiple regression fits that considered the selected PCNM vectors as explanatory variables, while also providing additive coefficients of determination reflecting the percentage of spatial variability in the response variable accounted for by each portion of the gradient of scales.

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